Repair Guides

Repairs to Start Off Your School Year

The 104 days of summer vacation are nearly over! Textbooks, existential angst, and student loans loom on the horizon. What’s a student to do?  In our opinion, the best way to prepare for the impending academic session is with plenty of studying, lots of coffee, and fully functional school gear. To help, we put together some awesome back-to-school repairs that will help keep your gear running, without depleting the ramen budget.

Clothing Repair

hemming pants repair guides

A professor I once had told a story about his pants splitting wide open during the middle of a lecture. Teacher or student, that’s one back-to-school nightmare you don’t want to have. If your favorite threads are getting threadbare, we’ve got clothing repair guides to help you fix them. Whether you need to add a patch, replace a button, or otherwise restore your favorite jeans, grab your sewing gear and make sure you head to school in style.

MacBook and PC Laptop Repair

Mac laptop repair guides

Notebooks, pens, and pencils will always be essential tools for school, but most students we know couldn’t survive a week without a laptop. If your Mac or PC laptop needs a new battery or a larger hard drive, there’s still time for a few upgrades before fall. We have guides for hundreds of laptops,—ranging from screen repairs to fan replacements—that can help make your laptop too cool for school. You can even fix your trusty TI-84 calculator with the TI-84 motherboard replacement guide, courtesy of a few repair-loving college students.

Automobile and Vehicle Repair

Vehicle repair guides

Clothes and hardware won’t mean as much if you don’t make it to class. It’s helpful to have a set of wheels to get you to school or across campus. We have hundreds of auto repair guides to keep your car running, like the Honda Accord spark plug replacement guide. Try fixing the loose brakes or flat tire on your bike with some helpful bicycle repair guides. If you’re more inclined towards alternative modes of transportation, check out our skateboard repair guides or make sure that the handlebar and shocks on your Razor scooter are ready to roll.

Appliance Repair

appliance repair guides

Most of the students we know live on three essential food groups: coffee, rice, and ramen. A quick coffee maker cord replacement or a spring replacement on that broken rice cooker might be the key to surviving those late night study sessions. And we have plenty of kitchen appliance repair guides to enable your dorm-room dining.

Repair School

repairs skills guides

If a particular repair seems overwhelming, you can always sharpen your skills! Our database of Repair Skills has an array of guides that can help you master essential techniques like using a multimeter or sewing a zigzag stitch. Covering everything from soldering and electronics skills to in-the-field fixes, these guides will help you build the skills and confidence you need to take on the most challenging repairs!

Whatever your back-to-school plan, try fixing some of your broken gear before schools starts, and let us know how it goes! If you’d like to learn from your fellow fixers, check out our Answers forum for some sage advice from repair scholars around the world.