Repair Guides

3rd Generation iPod Nano Repair Guides

We’d like to announce our all-new repair guides for the 3rd Generation iPod nano!

Replacing parts on the 3rd Gen nano can be quite difficult. We’ve found that removing the rear panel is the hardest step, and chances are slim that you will open the nano without destroying the panel. Unfortunately, you must first remove the rear panel to access any of the device’s internals, so customers are advised to purchase a rear panel if they plan on replacing any of the internals.

The most important aspect of replacing the rear panel is patience. Take your time when working the opening tools around the perimeter of the nano, and make sure not to get cut. Although the iPod opening tools are not sharp, having one slip off the side of an iPod can definitely do some damage.

Our new guides enable you to:

  • Replace a broken display.
  • Solder in a new battery, sparing you the astronomical Apple repair service charge.
  • Upgrade the logic board (including a pre-soldered battery) with a higher capacity unit for more storage capability.

iPod Nano battery replacement repair guide

You can also troubleshoot your nano using our troubleshooting guide.

We invite you to take a gander at the new guides, and we hope they help keep your nano in tip-top shape for years to come!