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No-Brainer Repairs for No Brainer Day

Today, my friends, is a holiday. A holiday for you. A holiday for me. A holiday for people who need to take a little mental breather. Today is No Brainer Day. No, seriously, it’s a real holiday—or at least that is what the internet says. And you can’t lie on the internet.

How does iFixit plan on celebrating the day? With some no-brainer repairs. These fixes are so simple, anyone can do them.

First no-brainer repair of the day: Battery replacement. Batteries die. It happens. But that doesn’t have to mean giving up your favorite device. Unless the battery is slathered with glue, it’s usually easy to swap an old battery out with a new one. Take for example, an iPhone 4 or 4S—the battery replacement is only 7 steps. Or try any of our MacBook Pro battery replacement guides, which only take about 15 minutes a pop (sorry, Retina folks. Your battery replacement will take a bit longer—because glue).

Not feeling power hungry? That’s okay, we’ve got plenty of other no-brainer repairs.

Whether you are a cyclist, motorist, or scooterist, consider doing your own maintenance before you roll into a shop. From fixing your key fob to washing your car floor mats—simple DIY car maintenance is a no-brainer.

car key fob battery replacement for no-brainer day
Swap out the battery in your key fob. It’s what you’d call a “turnkey” solution.

Keep the repairs rolling by fixing your bike tube, scooter handlebars, skateboard trucks, or changing the oil in your Vespa. Be sure to capture your journey when you replace the battery in your Go Pro.

easy tire repair for no-brainer day
Keep on rolling with some road bike tire repairs.

Need more easy repairs? Goof off this holiday with more storage in your PS3 or PS4. Manage your munchies after you replace the fan on your popcorn maker. Heck, while you’re at it, replace the lamp in your projector. Then you can enjoy No Brainer Day with a full-blown movie night.