iPhone 5 Battery Replacement

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Remove the battery from your iPhone 5

Bring life back to your iPhone 5 with a new battery.

Edit Step 1 Display Assembly  ¶ 

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Edit Step 1 Display Assembly  ¶ 

  • If your display glass is cracked, keep further breakage contained and prevent bodily harm during your repair by taping the glass.

  • Lay overlapping strips of clear packing tape over the iPhone's display until the whole face is covered.

    • This will keep glass shards contained and provide structural integrity when prying and lifting the display.

  • Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from any glass shaken free during the repair.

Edit Step 2  ¶ 

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Edit Step 2  ¶ 

  • Before disassembling your iPhone, be sure it is powered off.

  • Remove the two 3.6 mm Pentalobe screws next to the Lightning connector.

Edit Step 3 iSclack Opening Procedure  ¶ 

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Edit Step 3 iSclack Opening Procedure  ¶ 

  • The next two steps demonstrate using the iSclack, a great tool for safely opening the iPhone 5 that we recommend for anyone doing more than one repair. If you aren't using the iSclack, skip to step 5.

  • Close the handle on the iSclack, opening the suction-cup jaws.

  • Place the bottom of your iPhone in between the suction cups, against the plastic depth gauge.

    • The top suction cup should rest just above the home button.

  • Open the handles to close the jaws of the iSclack. Center the suction cups and press them firmly onto the top and bottom of the iPhone.

Edit Step 4  ¶ 

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Edit Step 4  ¶ 

  • Hold onto your iPhone securely and close the handle of the iSclack to separate the suction cups, pulling the front panel up from the rear case.

  • The iSclack is designed to safely open your iPhone just enough to separate the pieces, but not enough to damage the home button cable.

  • Peel the two suction cups off your iPhone.

  • Skip the next three steps and continue on step 7.

Edit Step 5  ¶ 

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Edit Step 5  ¶ 

  • Press a suction cup onto the screen, just above the home button.

  • Be sure the cup is completely on the screen to get a tight seal.

  • If you're opening an iPhone with cracked glass, neatly lay a couple strips of packing tape across the front and squeeze out as many bubbles as you can. This will give the suction cup a surface to grab, and minimize the spread of broken glass.

Edit Step 6  ¶ 

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Edit Step 6  ¶ 

  • Make sure the suction cup is firmly attached to the front panel assembly.

  • While holding the iPhone down with one hand, pull up on the suction cup to slightly separate the front panel assembly from the rear case.

  • Take your time and apply firm, constant force. The display assembly is a much tighter fit than most devices.

  • With a plastic opening tool, begin to gently pry the rear case down, away from the display assembly, while you pull up with the suction cup.

  • There are several clips attaching the front panel assembly to the rear case, so you may need to use a combination of the suction cup and plastic opening tool to free the front panel assembly.

Edit Step 7  ¶ 

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Edit Step 7  ¶ 

  • Continue to pry up around the sides of the front panel assembly, detaching the clips along the left and right side.

Edit Step 8  ¶ 

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Edit Step 8  ¶ 

  • Do not try to completely remove the front panel assembly from the rear case, as there are several ribbon cables still attached at the top of the iPhone.

  • Once the clips have been released on the bottom and sides of the front panel assembly, pull the bottom of the assembly away from the rear case.

  • Lift the front panel assembly slowly up to about 90 degrees from the rear case.

Edit Step 9  ¶ 

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Edit Step 9  ¶ 

  • Remove the following screws securing the front panel assembly cable bracket to the logic board:

    • Two 1.2 mm Phillips screws

    • One 1.6 mm Phillips screw

      • This screw tends to not be attracted to a magnetized screwdriver. Take care not to lose it when removing, and make sure it gets back into the right place—a magnetized screw may interfere with the compass.

Edit Step 10  ¶ 

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Edit Step 10  ¶ 

  • Remove the front panel assembly cable bracket from the logic board.

  • User note: To ensure correct installation, make sure you clip the small hooks of the bracket under and then lower towards the outside of the phone.

Edit Step 11  ¶ 

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Edit Step 11  ¶ 

  • Use a plastic opening tool to disconnect the three front panel assembly cables:

    • Front-facing camera and sensor cable

    • LCD cable

    • Digitizer cable

      • When reassembling your phone, The LCD cable may pop off the connector. This can cause white lines, or nothing at all to appear when powering your phone back on. If that happens, simply reconnect the cable and power cycle your phone. The best way to power cycle your phone is to disconnect and reconnect the battery.

Edit Step 12  ¶ 

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Edit Step 12  ¶ 

  • Remove the front panel assembly from the rear case.

Edit Step 13 Battery  ¶ 

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Edit Step 13 Battery  ¶ 

  • Remove the following two screws securing the metal battery connector bracket to the logic board:

    • One 1.8 mm Phillips screw

    • One 1.6 mm Phillips screw

Edit Step 14  ¶ 

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Edit Step 14  ¶ 

  • Remove the metal battery connector bracket from the iPhone.

Edit Step 15  ¶ 

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Edit Step 15  ¶ 

  • Use a plastic opening tool to gently pry the battery connector up from its socket on the logic board.

  • Be very careful to only pry up on the battery connector and not the socket on the logic board. If you pry up on the logic board socket, you may break the connector entirely.

Edit Step 16  ¶ 

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Edit Step 16  ¶ 

  • It may be possible to remove the battery simply by pulling on the plastic pull-tab. A slow continual pull seems to work best. If this is insufficient, proceed with the prying outlined in this step.

  • Use the plastic opening tool to gently pry the battery up, only at the three points shown. Prying anywhere else, especially near the clear plastic pull tab, may result in damage to the logic board.

  • Again, do not pry too hard, and only in the locations shown; well above and below the clear plastic pull tab. Otherwise, you may deform or puncture the battery or damage the logic board.

  • Be careful when prying at the top of the battery. Do not insert the opening tool more than 2 mm under the battery or you risk severing the volume control cables.

Edit Step 17  ¶ 

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Edit Step 17  ¶ 

  • If necessary, use the exposed clear plastic pull tab to peel the battery off the adhesive securing it to the iPhone.

  • Remove the battery.

  • During reassembly, make sure the battery is seated firmly against the rear case. This will prevent any damage to other components when reinstalling the front panel assembly.

To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

For more information, check out the iPhone 5 device page.

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Comments Comments are onturn off

When I finished installing the battery, I put everything back together the way it should be but I have two small problems.

Problem 1: The top of the screen doesn't sit the way it did before I opened it. It sticks out more at the top than the bottom. I'm not talking much, maybe fractions of a MM extra?

Problem 2: The screen isn't as responsive as before. When I'm typing, it sort of lags and then it catches up really fast, sort of like when they phone is "busy" and then it catches up with what you're typing. However, it's not only during typing but scrolling and when tapping the screen. It is generally overall less responsive.

Any ideas?

jnflego, · Reply

If others have this problem like I did too when first changing the batter. Here's the answer not in the steps in the guide:

When reassembling the case after replacing the battery and closing the case you have to do the following. The top of the screen (where the cables to the LCD screen are connected) has to be slid in first, before settling in the rest of the case, so that there is no "bumb" on the top of the case. If you don't slide in the case correctly, you will get screen artefacts (after effects, ghosting) when pressing the screen in normal use. You'll notice this immediately and should notice it by the frame not being even on the top.

Fix: Just reopen the screen top, slide the screen frame top first in place, then close the rest of the case and test. Should be ok.


he cambiado la bateria tal y como lo describen pero cuando pongo la nueva bateria no enciende pongo a cargarlo y me sale la manzanita en la pantalla y se apaga asi pasa vario tiempo encendiendose y apgandose solo paraece la manzanita no se que pueda ser

Mario, · Reply

Super easy! I am not used to repair things on the regular but this was a breeze. The video was the perfect companion. Hardest part was removing the screen, then reapplying the cover for the three connections towards the top of the phone. The piece didnt seem to sit right, but jiggling it around a little helped and worked like a charm!

therise03, · Reply

While trying to gingerly open a gap with the suction cup, my entire display assembly released all at once and flew up. I think I must have damaged a trace on the flex connector going to the backlight, since I now have hot spots along the top of the display and it seems half of the what-seem-to-be 8 LEDs are dead. Brightness at full is noticeably lower than a friend's iPhone 5.

alexwhittemore, · Reply

Sounds like during the unexpected release of the screen, maybe you accidentally damaged or disconnected the LED light guides that spread the light over the screen? The light is stuck at the top, making hot spots.


Thanks, it works perfectly. let's see now if the battery life is better.

bertrandleresche, · Reply

I've replaced the battery and now when I plug my phone in, iTunes says it must be restored. I had backed up, so no biggy there, but now every time it says it's done restoring and reboots, iTunes says it needs to restore it again and it gets stuck in that loop. Could the battery be bad? Thoughts appreciated.

Brian, · Reply

Worked great! If you have problems I would suggest that you go over each step to make sure you have everything plugged in correctly. Not a tough repair at all and totally worth the DIY! Also, if you are damaging the phone while taking the battery out, you are doing it wrong and need to read the directions!

smyrr, · Reply

if you have any small cracks in your screen, be very careful! removing and replacing the front display can easily spread the crack or press it into the display w/ a little too much pressure

Good luck!

Franzworth, · Reply

The new battery install went well and the instructions were perfect. Since the screws and other parts are so very small I worked on top of an old T-Shirt to keep dropped parts from bouncing out of site. I also printed the instructions and taped each screw and other piece remove to the page describing the removal. Removing the battery from the underlying tape was a nightmare since I couldn't get any pry leverage and didn't want to puncture the battery (yes, they do explode when punctured). I made the removal much easier by making a loop of waxed dental floss and working one end of the loop under the connector end of the battery. It was pulled up the battery about 1/2" and then lifted up on the battery with the floss loop until the tape released it's grip. From then on the repair was quick and easy.

davepeters, · Reply

I skipped steps 6-9 and held the screen in one hand and removed the screws for the battery and the battery itself with the other. I did the whole process in about 5mins. Back up and running and at 100% charge. My wife's iPhone 5 is back and working. Hopefully the new battery solves the 50% to 10% instantaneous drops that her original battery was seeing after being in service for about 12 months.

Mike, · Reply

I tried this as well but I think you mean skipping steps 8-12? Anyways, good time-saver, just don't yank around the ribbon cables connecting the screen to the board and don't extend it too far past 90 degrees. Also, my battery was extremely well glued down and holding the screen removes a lot prying room from the top side but I was able to get around this by prying from the side that touches the outside case.


Oh god. The battery is stuck in my iphone, and wouldn't come out no matter how hard I pried with the plastic tool. I tried tugging on the batter connector and it ripped off. My battery is either glued in, or it's expanded and melted into the frame. I've just bricked my phone. I'll find out tomorrow at the Apple store whether its salvagable. My $50 saved may have just turned into $1000 lost to replace the !@#$ thing. Be careful!

Kevin, · Reply

I just replaced my IPhone 5 battery that is a year old and will not last more than 3 hours of use. Hopefully this is a quality replacement battery that I bought from ifixit. It costed more than other batteries so I hope it really is a good one. One word of advice, after turning on phone for first time after doing this guide the battery was so low it had to wait 10 mins before turning on but the scary thing was there was no signal, it said "searching" until I turned the phone off and turned it back on and then everything worked fine again!!! Phew!! I really hope this battery works better than other replacements I've had for older iPhones like 3 and 4s, they were worse than the worn out OEM!!!

robby1889, · Reply

Just a software bug. It can't sync with mobile network signals because the date in the phone (due to power loss) is wrong


I just replaced the battery in an iPhone 5. Upon booting the phone I was also greeted with the "Searching" notification. I simply powered the phone off and powered on. Signal acquired. phgaertig was right, just a software bug.

Walter Galan,

Same deal. Got the 'searching' and was a little nervous. Off and on again and we were back up and running. Thanks robby1889 and thanks iFixit! Another successful repair!


Well I got the pro toolkit and replacement battery today and went to work. Following the steps with the ifixit app, I figured I was ready to go. I put the suction cup on and pulled firmly, only trying to get the bottom clips to open so I could use that opening tool to gently release and pry the rest of it open, as to not damage those ribbon cables. Well instead the whole front unhinged and I tore two of the ribbons clean off and I don't know if the third is still good even though it cips back on. I'm pretty !@#$%^, not at ifixit but just at how ridiculous this situation is. I bought these tools (which are great) to fix it myself but now I'm going to have to go to the Apple store tomorrow anyway to get them to diagnose it and !@#$% the damage (I hope it's fixable). Anyway I figured I might as well replace the battery so I did. Phone turns on but obviously the screen is black. It did make a repetitive sound though as if I'm plugging it into the charger over and over. Not sure what that's about.

cyfi444, · Reply

I am experiencing the same problem. Did you have your phone fixed? What was the problem? Thanks


The trick with the old battery is to lift the edge with the pry tool, NOT have the look lean against the circuitry to actually PRY it off. use lifting not leverage. This will avoid applying force against the logic board and potentially breaking something. Something that should be added in the guide is that the battery cable doesn't actually clip and old into it's socket: it's actually held in place by the bracket! Otherwise, great guide and just finished doing mine with the ifixit supplied battery and tools. It works great so far!

justinribeiro, · Reply

False. The battery connector does click back into the socket.


Tip: to make the battery a bit easier to pry off, try warming up the battery and the phone under a hot blow dryer for a couple dozen seconds.

After I replaced the battery, my phone wouldn't turn on. I plugged it in and and got the Apple logo, but it kept turning on and off. I put my old battery back in and it powered on without it needed to be plugged in. Battery was DOA. Hoping to get a replacement for my replacement to see how it'll work out.

weakspirit, · Reply

Did everything right, but now my screen has a high speed flicker to the bottom edges. How do I fox that? HELP

Colt Sammons, · Reply

My phone did this same thing after replacing it, did you ever fix it? if you could let me know that would be awesome, thanks ryanrotundo@aol.com


Phone looping through apple logo after install of new battery. Then when I place the old battery back in it works as it should. Has anyone else had issues with this?

Stanley , · Reply

I'm having the same problem... iPhone won't charge + it reboots after every 5min or so... Switch back to the original battery and everything works... (Except I have to recharge every 4hours...)

Kristof Briers,

I purchased 2 batteries and a tool kit for my wife and for my IPhone 5's. Did mine first as my wife was not about to have me possibly ruin hers. LOL. Mine went off without a hitch. Hardest part was getting off the screen. The ribbon connectors you have to pull off and put back on are extremely tiny so if you're old like me a magnifying glass would be a great help so you can see what you are doing. I then went to do my wifes phone but after about 20 minutes of trying I was unable to get her screen up far enough to stick the pry tool in and pry the screen up. I put it back together and will attempt another time.

malbea, · Reply

15-20 minutes is not a realistic time estimate for this repair. Figure more like 30 minutes to an hour depending on how careful you want to be. You want to be VERY careful. A couple pointers from someone who just did this successfully:

1) The suction cup by itself doesn't work. The pry tool won't help you until you manage to get a connector undone. I used a thumbtack to help pop it open. Not saying you should do this, but that's what I did.

2) DO NOT PULL TOO HARD. You cannot force it and if you do, the display is going to come flying off and you're going to rip the 2 small, ribbon cables holding the display to the backing.

3) The glue holding the battery is a bastard but it will give if you just continuously work around it with the pry tool. Do not actually PRY the battery. Just try to shove it between the housing and the battery so that the adhesive gives.

4) When putting the phone back together, do the top brackets first. If you do the bottom first, the top will bulge and not fit properly.

dmhenderson76, · Reply

I just finished replacing both my iPhone's battery and home button. In terms of the battery and home button, everything was a success - my iPhone is charging now and home button works very well.

Unfortunately, I must have somehow damaged my screen's digitizer during the process, most likely when trying to get the screen off with the suction cup. Obviously I must have applied too much force that led to my screen being damaged.

So now I have an appointment made for tomorrow morning to have a professional iPhone repair team replace my screen + digitizer. It's unfortunate to have spent the time and money on the self-repair when I'm left with a phone that can't be used now and requires professional repair anyways, but again, this was my own fault. The kit from iFixit was complete and steps were very clear.

willislizhao, · Reply

Everything went according to the instructions. I'm passing this pone on to my wife and hopefully it won't suffer from the 50% to 10% battery dump that kicked in after about 12 months.

Thanks iFixit!

info, · Reply

I damaged my LCD following these instructions ($160 for replacement). There is NO need to disconnect the LCD to replace the battery. Instead, carefully open the case as shown in steps 1- 4 without prying up at the end opposite to the home button at all (this region contains a ribbon cable for the LCD that is very fragile). Raise the LCD screen no more than 90 degrees (see photo for step 7) and follow steps 6-7 and 9-12 (skip steps 8 and 9), pull up on the plastic tab to remove the existing battery (do not follow step 13), insert the new battery, and replace the battery connector and bracket (reverse of steps 11-12). Press the LCD back into the case and replace the Pentalobe screws. That’s it.

A Simen, · Reply

Completed the replacement, it was easy enough but now if I use my screen for any length of time (internet, gaming) vertical bars begin to appear across the top of the screen then the screen begins activating by itself. Guessing theres too much pressure at the top of the screen or a connector isnt seated properly so I have to go back in.

deraynged, · Reply

It was pretty easy for me. My 10 year-old son did most of it for both my and my wife's iPhone 5. First one took about ten minutes, the second about 2 1/2 minutes. Had to pry out the old battery using a dull kitchen knife. A little trouble snapping the glass front in on the first time because I didn't angle it in enough and get the latches to hook in the case. Had to pry everything out and try it again. Second phone went perfectly.

Especially liked that the tools that came in the kit from ifixit.com were lightly magnetized to hold onto the teeny tiny screws. The kit was a great deal! Both batteries I ordered had enough charge to turn the phone back on and verify the repair went well. Thanks, ifixit!

smithao, · Reply

The only thing I would remove from this guide would be the plying of the battery on the logic board side. Once battery is uncliped from logic board apply a little heat to rear of the case this will make life so much easyier and battery should come out with hardly an effort..

con, · Reply

Replaced my iphone 5 battery, and now the charging sound keeps playing every five seconds or so and the phone will not power on. I tried resetting the phone by holding the home and sleep button, didn't change anything. Tried another wall charger, no change. Running iOS 7.1 now; could that be the issue? Recommendations? Do these batteries work with iOS 7.1?

Alan Smith, · Reply

Replaced iphone 5 battery. Now phone won't charge or power on. Phone just plays charging sound over and over again without turning on. Tried two different wall chargers and tried resetting the phone by holding the home and sleep buttons. Could it be because I'm running iOS 7.1? Thoughts? Are these batteries MFI certified?

Alan Smith, · Reply

I experienced the same problem. After changing the battery, phone won't turn on and when in charging, it dings every 5 second.


Had no problems. Used hair drier to warm up phone. I also skipped steps 6 thru 9. If u do, then you have to prop up or have someone hold the top part of the phone, but at least you'll have less things that can go wrong by not having to remove the top clips.

mat, · Reply

This wasn't as easy as the video makes it seem, but it worked. Now I have a new battery in my iPhone 5. The parts that were difficult; the suction cup didn't work at all, it wasn't strong enough, but I eventually got it to pry the screen off just enough so that I could slip a guitar pick in. Once I got the pick in, it was easy to get the rest of the screen off.

The screws are small as !@#$, and I have huge hands, so just keep track of them, they'll vanish in your carpet if you drop one.

The connectors at the top of the case come off really easily, make sure you press down on them all to make sure they're seating before reassembling.

Getting the battery out was !@#$, its stuck to the frame with some adhesive, you just have to get a guitar pick under as much of it as you can to separate it from the glue, then use the plastic tab to pull it out.

Both of my blue separator tools broke almost immediately.

The Tall One, · Reply

Tried last night. Battery is in and working but now the screen is unresponsive at the top part and has a white line going down just right off center. Why they felt the need to glue the battery in is beyond me. I thought automotive engineers were vicious. As I can't get into notification center or type the letter "N" I'll be buying a new phone tonight and try to salvage this one as a spare. Shame Battery is working mint now. Hopefully it isn't FUBAR and it's just a connection issue.

Bill DeVoe, · Reply

I completed this within 15 minutes. It's actually quite simple.

I chose not to disconnect the screen and simply lifted it up.

I held the screen at 90 degrees while I changed the battery.

Once all back together, the phone kept searching for a network.

To fix this, all you do is put the phone into "Flight Mode" and off again.

A brilliantly detailed and easy to follow guide. Thanks iFixit!

Ben, · Reply

Can anyone tell me why steps 6 thru 9 couldn't be skipped and the front panel be secured in place while removing the battery?

Bob, · Reply

Not everybody has a third hand. :) All kidding aside, they recycle a lot of steps from other fixes, you can see if you look at other guides for the iPhone. It was probably just easy for them to tell us to remove everything rather than explain how to hold the screen at 90° while working on all the other delicate steps. You are right though, there's no need to disconnect and then do the tricky reconnections, which probably account for most of the complaints you see here.


It's probably because it's hard to get the battery out, I initially tried to do it without removing the screen, but then couldn't get the battery out, and didnt' want to break it while fussing with it.. so decided to remove it.


If your phone still displays "searching" after rebooting, check the Date and Time are correct, doing this then rebooting again fixed my network connection.

Leigh Ellis, · Reply

My wife's iPhone said "Seaching" the first time I turned it on after battery replacement. Turning it off then turning it back on got that squared away.


Everything went well, except it took 2 people and 1 hour, much harder than other ifixit "moderate" tasks that I've done before. Everything worked great, the "new" battery was 1.5 years old, but unlike some cheap alternatives, at least had all serial #s and dates. I'm back to having 24 hours of moderate use per charge.

Everybody needs to understand that these fixes are intended for people who really enjoy hacking around. There is serious risk of damaging your phone, you have to accept that before you start! We followed a user tip to have a white cloth to hold all parts, just lay them from top to bottom in order. Also, we used tweezers to manipulate the small screws that were not magnetic. We accidentally disconnected a small cable right next to the battery cable, but it popped right back in. All cable connections were challenging to fit back in, just need to wiggle gently until you hear the click. Having that extra hand is very helpful to hold the screen assembly, whether you choose to disconnect it or not.

josephlo, · Reply

1.5 year old "new" battery? My original battery is 1.5 years old. The new ones I just installed say they were manufactured in January 2014.


Important to note:

1) If you pry off the top silver panel near the camera, MAKE SURE that all 3 connections are firmly back in place before the repair is finished. if not, you'll have issues with the display

2) be very careful with the suction cup step (VERY VERY CAREFUL). you want to make sure to get your opening tool under the entire display, and not just the screen.

If done correctly, the repair works great. If you are having issues, you most likely messed up one of the steps. Just go back through the process from step 1 and ensure everything is done properly and you should be fine

brudelson, · Reply

Just finished! Had to redo the screen cables, when you put them back on make sure they all are completely down and plugged in. Also the bracket that goes over them kinda hinges from the left side, make sure this is in properly. If the cables pop out you will get white bars on the screen.

brentcurran, · Reply

Less than 10 minutes and battery was at 74% when I switched back on. Hardest part was getting the tiny screws back in on the battery connection cover, my old eyes couldn't see them very well. A pair of tweezers to get them in the holes and that was me done. Thanks for giving my phone we life ifixit.

Gareth Williams, · Reply

Installation couldn't have been easier. The front came off with just the suction cup, did not have to use the pry tool. I did not remove the entire display, I simply held it to the side and then used the plastic pull tab to pull the battery out. The only thing I used the pry tool for was to disconnect the battery connector from the logic board. Just make sure to pull firmly on the suction cup but keep your other hand right over the display as well so you don't rip the ribbon cables. Then do the same for the battery itself, pull carefully but firmly on the plastic pull tab and it will slowly give way from the casing. I'd say the entire process took 15 minutes, and my new battery is charging now!

hawkeyefan80, · Reply

Just replaced THREE iPhone 5 batteries over the weekend - mine, my wife's, and a co-worker's. I did mine first, and the hardest part was getting the screen to release. I figured out that all you have to do is pull up slightly on the suction cup, and a little slot will appear near the lower left corner (by the headphone jack) that you can get the spudger tool inside. After that it's cake. However I could NOT get the screen to release using the suction cup alone, and I didn't want to chance cracking the screen or ripping cables. Just a slight tug, get the spudger in there, and then you're good.

Also I did NOT remove the screen completely. Don't even try it. I was easily able to remove the battery screws and battery with my right hand while holding the screen up with my left hand. And the battery itself came out on all 3 phones, without too much trouble using just the pull tab. No prying required. Just use gentle, constant pulling pressure until you start to hear the adhesive releasing.

drivin165, · Reply

I replaced the chargerport/bottom mic without removing the battery - it does not need to be removed!

I pulled like heck for 10 minutes, pried, tried everything. Snapped a pry tool trying to remove the battery. It wouldn't come out.

Finished the job and phone is working great! $260 repair down to $15 and 2 hours of work.

Guessing that the battery got stuck after water got in my phone - maybe the adhesive turned to rock after it was exposed to water, then dried, then the phone got hot after some intense use?

Hopefully I don't have to remove the battery anytime soon - and if I do, I'm hoping a heat-gun will work.

Benjamin Chernivsky, · Reply

Excellent guide, Is a fairly precise job and the suction cup that came with my battery wasn't sucky enough but I got there. Very clear instructions, just follow them and be gentle and all will go well. In response to the moron who broke the clips on the logic board prying out the battery, your an idiot. The instructions show you where to pry and your supposed to use the plastic pull tab to apply most of the force.

Lyndon Black, · Reply

I ordered the tool kit with this battery. While the pentalobe driver was magnetized, the philips screwdriver seemed to almost be reverse polarity and pushed away the screws which made this very challenging. It's much easier to install the pentalobes without magnetism as the screws are so much longer than the itty bity philips screws on the inside.

markingilbert, · Reply

Takes quite a bit of force getting the top od but after that it was simple. Put it back together and it worked plus the screen was flush against the fram as before the fix. Now I just have to see if the battery life has improved.

Svend Ole Nielsen, · Reply

Was able to get the battery changed without major problems, it really is stuck down good though, so that was the hardest part, thankfully I didn't damage the logic board as some people suggested can happen if you pry in the wrong places.


The ONE issue that I do have after powering things back up, is there is a small backlight bleed at the top of the screen.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Anyone know what caused it to happen?

I've been looking on the interwebs and it looks like a common issue that many iphone 5's were initially shipped with.

It's not super major, and I can probably just live with it if there's no fix for it, I'd just like to know what caused it, as if it was going to happen I'm glad it happened to my own phone and not a friend or family members phone.


Matt, · Reply

I wrote in my blog about my experience in following this guide. The guide here is not ALL bad but there are some issues and I do point them out.


Chad K, · Reply

All working, thanks for a awesome guide!!!

BSB Corp, · Reply

For me, the hardest parts were:

*Getting the screen off with the suction cup

-You definitely need some force to get this baby off, but not too much to damage the phone. The first time I did it, the whole screen came off at once. My heart sank a bit, considering I didn't need to use the plastic tool almost at all to get the screen off, but, thankfully, I didn't damage the ribbon cables.

*Prying the battery away from the logic board

-This is worse than getting the front display off since the battery is literally glued to the inside of the phone. I did a little bit of prying with the plastic tool (in the three designated prying spots), but stopped after fearing I'd damage the logic board. Instead, I pulled on the plastic tab that says "Authorized Service Provider Only" just enough until I could use the plastic tool more. After I lifted the battery up enough, I just used my fingers to pull it out from the phone.

*Putting the tiny screws back in

-Not necessarily the hardest, but definitely the most frustrating.

tcadii, · Reply

It took some time, but my phone is up and running again! No longer do I have to deal with it dying every 30 seconds after unplugging it (aka it dying at "100%"). I haven't had any issues with it so far :)


Oddly enough did the repair and the phone seems to work. Took only half an hour. The updated repair guide was super helpful especially showing where to pry if you are having difficulty removing the battery. I splurged on the magnetic repair mat. It probably saved me a bunch of time, didn't loose any screws or mix them up.

kensegel, · Reply

The replacement battery is not working after the installation, it just stayed at 20% so I installed the old battery and it worked. Is it because of the new ios 7?

jbbrionesone, · Reply

I just changed out the battery on my Iphone 5 with a ifixit battery and my phone keeps rebooting every 3-4 minutes!! Its showing that the current battery only had a 18% charge. When plugged in it seems to be charging but I'm not sure because of the restart problem! Has anyone else had this issue?

ANother thing, right before it turns off the screen fades a blue-green color and distorts the screen. Then i see the apple logo. I was very careful installing the battery, didn't have any issues except that when attempting to remove the front screen with the suction cup, the screen came off very fast...but i was still holding everything close and no damage could be seen on the ribbons towards the top of the screen. Please help!!


Just put the old apple battery back in, no more restarts, what gives iFixit? Did I receive a faulty replacement battery?


i've expirienced the same problem. need some help on how to get the phone working again


Exact same thing here. Replaced the iFixit battery with the original one and all's good again. What gives?


For everyone who is experiencing this problem—yes, it does seem you got a bad battery.

I had this happen to me too, wrote iFixit and they sent a new battery that works perfectly. Honestly, this is almost a reason to do the whole thing without detaching the screen first. You can keep the screen bent less than 90° that way and as long as your old battery pops free easily, it allows for testing with the phone partially open to make sure it can run 10-15 minutes before buttoning it all back up, which is how I did it the 5th time I tore my phone apart to install the second replacement battery lol.



I just bought iFixit battery kit for Iphone 5.

After Reboot everything worked except I had no GSM provider, so I decided to restore my iPhone.

But after 10 tries, impossible to restore, error 1669...

Could you help please?



vphan, · Reply

Oh my word... I spent a good hour working on this... Props to whoever can constantly put these together... I've got nimble seventeen year-old hands and I was shaking like and ninety year-old. My hardest part was getting the cables to reattach to their proper receptacles. I actually had to go through the process twice, as my phone wouldn't turn on afterwards. It was in fact the battery cable that wasn't completely attached. This was definitely not easy. I miss the days of the iPhone four where I popped the back off and switched out the battery. I would recommend to anyone to do this on a white piece of paper, as the screws are EXTREMELY small. I mean small. No bigger than a flea. The other thing I recommend is to go slow and not rush, make sure all the cables are completely attached before you put the phone back together. Oddly, when I turned my phone on, the backgrounds were all blurry, however, everything functioned as it did before, I changed them and they went back to normal. Anyway, good luck!

colwynmartin, · Reply

I did manage to successfully remove & replace my iPhone 5 battery. But since then, my screen flickers a little at the bottom & it also just randomly turns off now & then (obviously this could be an issue caused by the actual battery that I replaced the original one with) - and it is obviously in no way, ifixit's fault.

But I just thought I should comment & let people know that this is NOT an easy task, and it is VERY EASY to accidentally damage other internal parts of the iPhone whilst completing this task, so if you're going to do it, then follow the instructions VERY carefully - or have someone a bit more 'tech savy' do it for you :)

Sarah, · Reply

I was able to skip steps 6-9. When it came to removing the battery from my 15 month old phone, it wouldn't budge. I heated the back of the phone with a hair dryer for 5 straight minutes and the glue finally loosened up. I took the opportunity to clean the funk off the edges of my display and get any dust out of my phone before sealing it back up. The new battery I purchased from ifixit fit perfect. Using the BatteryLife app (only available on jail broken phones) the battery shows 1329 out of 1430 mAh (93%) usable capacity. For comparison, my 15 month old battery was down to 63%. Overall I'm satisfied with the ifixit experience.

Adam, · Reply

The repair itself was pretty easy...a little overwhelming, but the instructions were clear and very helpful. I didn't even really have an issue getting the screen to pop off, just apply consistent pressure and use the lever where you see the gaps opening up instead of cranking blindly. I did have an issue with the screen initially (it was making noise, but the screen was black) but I called customer service for customer support/moral support and he guided me to just try it again, paying close attention to make sure all the connections were snapped down. Third time was a charm, and all is well. Overall, even the struggle was well worth it.

berghlau, · Reply

The last teardown I did was on my father’s lawn mower in middle school. It did not end well. We loaded the excess parts into his pickup and had the lawn mower repair shop and they put it back together.

Well, my iPhone 5 battery was acting flaky so I purchased the replacement kit and gave it a go this evening. The good news is I won’t be taking it to Apple to put it back together. Your kit and instructions are spot on.

iFixit – YOU ROCK !!!!!!!! This n0Ob will be back ! I have more i devices to repair.

jeffdinco, · Reply

Replaced with success. I read through this guide very carefully and did the steps just as written. I dropped two of those very-very-tiny screws and still found them. They are salt grain sized. I used my reading glasses through the whole process.

johnestabrook, · Reply

Done in 15 minutes! I read the instructions, then all the comments and this is what I did. The suction cup did the job of raising one corner of the bottom edge of the screen. I was careful to insert the pry tool under the entire display not just the glass. I used the business card they included in the kit to hold one corner up while I worked on the other. Once both corners were loosened, the entire display opened easily with little force. Then I skipped steps 6-9 and instead had my partner hold the screen at a little less than 90 degrees. Removing the battery proved to be one of the difficult steps. I pried from the outside edge opposite of the lower pry mark indicated in the instructions. With a little constant pressure it finally loosened. Re-attaching the new battery connector took a little patience too, but once it snapped in place, my phone was completely reassembled in short order. It looks and works exactly like it did before except that the battery does not die at 30% at 11 AM. Thanks Ifixit!

bradley, · Reply

I tried my very best, went slowly and carefully, and I'm honestly not sure what I did wrong, but obviously something has gone wrong as I have seriously messed up my phone. It won't turn on unless plugged into power, and when it is plugged in and does turn on, it only will show the apple over and over again, never getting any further.

Truthfully, I feel that I have learned a hard lesson about trying to save money and that I wish I had just payed $80 to have my battery replaced by a professional. I am now going to have to pay significantly more to have my phone fixed.

katerarick, · Reply

After doing all the steps, now my iphone doesnt recognise the sim card, and it just says Searchering... and the modem firmware its blank in settings, what should i do? any advice?

madeline111, · Reply

I just replaced my battery and it went just as described in the instructions. Thanks for the great experience iFixit!

Jeff Buckingham

jeff, · Reply

Works perfectly, thx ifixit.

Tips: I couldn't open the front display without extra muscle help, mine was completely stuck.

Look for a gap at lower left corner, near headphone jack, it's the weakest point where you get your plastic opener in.

Skip the display disassembly step. Ask for a help of second person who's gonna hold the display assy about 70-80 degrees, so you won't get any risks about screen.

For battery removal; after getting of the connector, use your hair dryer in mid heat from the back casing, don't hold it actually into the phone, heat the rear casing so glue will be much much softer. There is a gap on the left side of battery, which is located just across the connector, there is not any chips or electronics. You can pry the battery up from that gap with plastic opener, much easier to remove because you re actually getting support from the frame, which you can't bend or harm, aluminium is tough no worries. After hearing some teared glue sound, pull the plastic tab and get battery out.

ugrasiz, · Reply

Just replaced my battery, about 10 minutes. Left the screen attached, pried battery from the case side as noted above (agree instructions should be changed) and it came out with a little bit of effort. Put everything back together and the phone works fine. Thanks iFixit!

tcox, · Reply

Hi, I replaced my battery in my iphone 5 but it would not turn on. I went back and put my old one back in and the same thing. It just will not switch on. If I connect it to my Mac it is recognised by itunes but it just keeps making a buzzing noise every few seconds, you know the noise it first makes when it starts to recharge, but no recharge and the phone gets very hot. I can't see an obvious problems with the disconnection. Any ideas?

Angela, · Reply

I followed the video step-by-step and it worked like a charm. I did have a little more trouble screwing the tiny screws back in place though because the screws kept on getting magnetized to the screwdriver.

jason6733, · Reply

Thanks for the guide. Feels great to put the phone back together and everything works. Just take your time and don't drop any tiny screws! I use a magnetic tray and label the screws with the Step number as I disassemble.

Feature wise, the iPhone 5 is the best camera I've ever had, but I've had it less than 2 years, and have had to replace the battery, rear camera, and this audio control ribbon cable. Fortunately, all of these parts are very affordable.

This battery replacement is very easy. Removing the old battery from it's adhesive is the most difficult part, but just be patient and don't force anything or use leverage against the motherboard, and you'll be fine.

Dean M, · Reply

just replaced the battery. Powered on like a champ. Only now the lightning power plug isn't charging it. Tried another lightning cord, still no luck in an AC outlet or connected to my Mac. Anyone else have this prob or any suggestions?

rod767, · Reply

I just replaced the battery in my husband's phone. Everything seemed to go well. We put it on to charge (lightening plug), but it will not charge. Used a different lightening plug, but it did not work either. Did you get an answer to the problem you had?


These instructions are spot on. Using the suction cup to remove the screen is the hardest part and I had to find a bigger cup to apply a bit more pressure before I could get the separator tool in but after that it was a breeze. Definitely skip steps 6-9. Thank you.

Mick, · Reply

I changed my battery having brought the ifixit kit and am glad I did.

The new battery makes it feel like a new phone.

The whole thing is rather scary and my advise would be,

read all the notes and comments,

have a pc in front of you available to look this up as you are doing it

Very importantly, do it slowly and take your time.

My battery was very well stuck down but eventually with continuas pulling it came out.

Also make sure you know which screw came from where as they are different sizes for the same parts!

Martin Kander, · Reply

I succeeded following this guide and replacing my battery and phone is working without problems.

However there is a few things that this guide does not include, and i think is very important to mention them in this thread.

1 Be careful when you use a suction cup to lift your display from the chassi, if using to much force the display will violently pop off the chassi.

2 When removing battery, try to slide something small under the battery to release it from its glue on the chassi, i had to use alot of force to get it off, i thought about giving up because it looked so easy removing it in the guide.

As somenone suggested it maybe better to use a hairdryer or a heatgun to apply heat to the battery before removing it.

3 When you have completed all the steps and assembled it back together. Reset your network settings and connect the phone to a wifi network then the phone will get the signal back.

*TIP If you arent getting signal, check that the antenna cable is connected in the logic board!

Henrik, · Reply

The screen was really hard to remove. To avoid accidents, you can actually leave the screen attached while replacing the battery. To get the battery out of its slot, I simply pulled on the plastic tab really hard and it came out, the pry tool didn't help me though.

Stanley Chen, · Reply

It tooks me 2 hours to finish and in the end I have a not working iPhone without even the chance to close it:

1) during the opening I accidentally damaged one side of the metal structure attached to the screen and it doesn't come again inside.

2) Removing the old battery was REALLY hard but in the end I did it, on the other side I tried to switch the iphone on still opened and it worked, at the beginning, but after few hours it doesn't work and charge anymore...

Tomorrow I'm bringing it to an authorized assistance.

Giorgio, · Reply

Replaced my battery following this guide. Had to use the iSclack double-suction tool to get the screen off. After replacing, the battery wouldn't charge. So i opened it up again, detached the battery and blew dust off the cable connectors. Now it's perfect.

joakimm, · Reply

-I completed all the steps as told, the battery is in place but i still have two major issues with the phone.

1) The phone keeps fading out black and reactivating without the phone starting up

2)The screen (if not fading out) will display some type of codes and will not allow me to do anything except force shut off the phone

-Any insight as to what the problem may be? Really need this phone fixed.

jonny, · Reply

UPDATE: I got rid of the codes still need help with the screen


Just successfully changed my iphone 5 battery! I read all the comments beforehand and used the guitar pick method to get the phone open initially. I used the plastic tool to pry by the headphone jack while my sister shoved a guitar pick on the opposite side while I pulled the suction cup. That was the hardest part.

Then, I went ahead and did not disconnect the screen since my sister was helping and could just hold it open. It was tough to get the battery out and the old one got kind of warped, but it wasn't working anyway. After that, just plopped the new battery in, clicked the connector in and screwed everything back in place. I turned my phone on and my battery immediately had 70% power, whereas before it wouldn't charge past 37% and kept turning on and off. I've got it charging now and am hoping it works like a brand new phone (since I previously factory reset it to try and fix my old battery)!

auuuuudrey, · Reply

So I started this project after reading everyones reviews and I took the advice on the magnetic project mat which is a definitive must have. I also used the pro tool kit. All in all this fix took me about 25 minutes start to finish. Everything works just as it did before. Already performed the functions checks and even checked my photo album which still contains all my photos that I had prior to beginning the project. I think anyone is capable of doing this. Simply sit down in front of the video start and stop and rewind as you need for guidance and you will be good to go. Thanks ifixit!

Keith, · Reply

Worked like a charm for me. Used the ISClack tool to open it and glad I did. When it POPS its very sudden. The ISClack limits the gap, so I didnt have to worry about yanking on any cables. I can see that you really dont need to remove the front panel. Just support it at 90 degrees. Safer to remove it though, in case you end up in a wrestling match with the old battery. The new battery connector didnt "click" into place like the other cables. A click would have been reassuring. But I think its making contact. Phone works fine and now I have it on the charger to make sure it charges.

Being a IT guy, I need to go thru a whole use case before I can be sure all is well, but its an easy repair. Just take your time, and if it doesnt seem right, it isnt. So back track and redo any steps. You should never have to force any of this stuff into place.

Ed A, · Reply

The bracket in step 10 is very important. I tried reassembling the phone with the bracket slightly out of its seat, but screwed in, and the phone was stuck searching for a cellular connection. I opened it up and checked the cellular antenna connection, and it was good and tight, but the bracket wasn't. After fully clipping that in and reassembling, the phone began to work completely.

julian, · Reply

I installed a new button and battery today with no troubles with the tools they recommended. Found out I need to replace the lines that go to the power button because my button wasn't faulty after all. But it's easy if you follow the steps.

crosscountryt, · Reply

Just replaced battery on my iPhone 5. I skipped the step 9 thru 12 and just gently held the top display while removing the battery which just popped out after very minor prying out. I guess the glue was not so sticky. Put the new battery in place , connect the connector, 2 screws, pop the lid back in the place, 2 more screw next to charging connector and 10 min later, the surgery is done and new battery which had 2014 year manufacturing date on it is in. Worth the extra $$$. Ebay/amazon sells these batteries for around $10, but no manufacturing date on them??? I did spend extra money but I think its worth it. You know what you getting here.

aignath, · Reply

Everything went fine with my screen installation. Works good, only problem I have found is with my camera. Rear camera works fine, when I switch to front facing camera it freezes up, wont allow to switch to recorder, square, panorama, etc. Also will not allow to switch back to front rear camera. I took the phone apart and re attached all the camera components to make sure I had a good connection but still no change. What could the problem be?

rubenromero76, · Reply

Hi guys, I just finished changing my iPhone 5's battery using this guide and the iFixit Replacement Battery kit. Everything went smoothly. The hardest part was getting the display to lift off the phone. I asked a friend to help me, so I pulled on the display and he slid the plastic opener tool into the opening crack by the headphone jack. After this was done, the rest was simple. Battery came out without any problem. I just pulled a little and instantly heard a "pealing" sound when it came loose from the glue. I did not remove the display cables. Thanks iFixit!

Thomas Schanzer, · Reply

Succeeded in changing the battery, but now there is a brown blotch at the top of the screen. What's more, the side just above the sim card does not now sit snugly into the frame.

Declan Chellar, · Reply

Re-opened the phone and re-set the cables again. That sorted out the blotch on my screen.

Declan Chellar, · Reply

Considerably more difficult than people are claiming, and I'm handy with a screwdriver and open computers daily. First, the supplied Ifixit suction cup is not strong enough to remove the screen. I had to go buy a stronger 3rd party suction cup to get the screen off. Second, as others have mentioned, the replacement battery doesn't fit quite right; the cable is about 1mm too short so the bottom end sticks up a bit. I ignored this and managed to get the two tiny screws (which despite iFixit's claims seem to be exactly the same size) back in. However, upon powering up my formerly flawless screen now just consists of vertical black and white stripes; nothing of use can be seen on the screen. Beware trying to do this fix yourself; it's not child's play at all. Probably worth paying $20 to someone who's done it before.

ktappe, · Reply

Excellent service from iFixit, my battery and fix kit arrived just a couple of days after ordering.

I found it pretty easy to replace the battery, the most difficult part was replacing the metal plate covering the battery connector as the screws are tiny and the plate kept moving around due to the magnetic screwdriver!

I was pleased to see that by using the free trial of iBackupbot ( http://www.icopybot.com/blog/check-ipad-... ) the new battery was indeed new, with a charge cycle count of just 2, however the full charge capacity of 1200 is slightly less than the original battery which supposedly is 1440mAh.

Here's a link to the before and after screenshots of my battery status and a time lapse video of me doing the replacement!

I took a little extra time removing the gunk that was around the edge of the screen, from almost 2 years of usage!

Hope this helps others :)


Johnnie, · Reply


I have received the replacement battery, anf followed the instructions and took around 20 minutes the most difficult par t was remove the battery after disconnecting its cable, it is well glued to the back, in order to avoid damage to the battery of the other pieces I used both plastic pry tool and litle by litle remove the battery.

after I removed the battery and see the adhesivde tape I thought that I could have used Isopropilic Alcohol to loose it and make the battery removal easier.

While I was changing the battery I ate the Haribo Goldbären Bombons that come with the battery, that very is important to succeed

Now I am charging the Phone and see how it goes.

jacostaperu, · Reply

literally took me 10 minutes, I opted not to disconnect the lcd ribbon and just held at an angle, battery took a little prying with the spudger but came off fine, only issue I ran into was that I did not seat the top of the screen first when placing back together, this meant I had to repry the screen back off to seat properly, then the bottom met some resistance and I gave a gentle nudge to the bottom screw brackets and it seated perfectly

kahlichj, · Reply

Should be very simple fix. The hardest part is the screen coming off. I managed to damage the screen a little during the applying pressure phase.... Definitely try not to apply pressure on a particular point on the screen. TAKE ALL THE TIME. If you rush this you will f-up something.

Pointers -

1. No need to take the screen off completely can perform with screen attached easily.

2. Skip step 9 completely.

3. Definitely be careful of screws, short circuiting.


Easy fix but needs 30 mins.

hsuklee, · Reply

I had a difficult time removing the battery. The installation went okay after that but putting back together was a challenge for my "old" eyes. I used a table magnifying lamp to get the screws on the end of the screw driver and the for the placement of the screws. I had trouble with the cables but used my fingers to feel when they snapped in correctly. Buy phone rebutted and it said it had 76% battery. Everything looked fine until I needed to recharge it. It will not take a charge & now it just reboots continually (as others have said). I took it apart again and checked everything. Another hour taking the screws out, checking the cables and putting it back again. Same issue. I'm seeing that others had a bad battery. I didn't put the old battery back in as it bent coming out and I don't want to take a chance that it was damaged. So now- do I take it apart again and send the battery back? Any other suggestions??

llmorrison, · Reply

I successfully changed my battery today, but I was surprised that my new battery was completely discharged. I put it together and tried to turn it on. I got no response. I thought I had wrecked it. I headed to the Apple Store to buy a new phone. They were out of the 64 GB iPhone 6 for Verizon. When I left the store I continued to try to turn on the phone, and I got the dead battery indicator. I charged it up, and it has worked fine. Those tiny screws were very hard to work with. It took my 20 minutes to get it back together.

procario, · Reply

I replaced the battery and a screen, and got the repeated sound problem on startup. I FIXED IT by upgrading the iphone ot 8.1

ahaavie, · Reply

Yeah! The first battery I received wouldn't charge. I ordered another battery and put it in this morning. Everything is fine; battery is charging!

llmorrison, · Reply

Ok, let me say that I've never done anything like this before.

But it was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. It was nearly impossible to get the screen off with the suction cup. I couldn't figure out where to hold the phone from and kept accidentally turning the phone back on.

The things you pry off the motherboard are like little clips. I heard little snaps on the ones I connected.

The battery gave me the same amount of grief that the screen did. I had to jam that plastic tool all the way underneath. I think it was dangerous as the battery could've been punctured, but I didn't care anymore and it didn't.

When putting the screen back on keep the top really tightly in place and push the top corners down otherwise the screen won't go on right.

Now that it's over I'm glad I did it. Saved $50 and it worked out.

The video here is good but youtube a video with better angles.

Good luck!

jendegorter, · Reply

The pentalobe screwdriver immediately stripped the screws. Very disappointed. Any suggestions would be appreciated

thomasljordan, · Reply

I did It in half an hour !!

I skipped steps 9,10 and 11. I requested my wife to hold the display in a 60 degree position, and just have to remove 2 screws holding the battery connector.

The hardest part was removing the display, but after that, it all was a walk in the park.

alejandro, · Reply

Took me about 15 minutes to do the replacement. All goes well. I didn't disconnect the screen, merely lifted it up and prayed the old battery from the sticky pads. The sticky pads are very strong and I managed to bend the old battery, but it's ok because I won't be using it anymore. Put the new one in and reseated the battery cable, close up everything and turn the phone on: no signal! Searched on web and found out that you just need to connect it to WIFI network to re-sync the clock and restart, did that and all goes well!

ndawinteractive, · Reply

I broke my screen glass by pulling up on the screen with the suction cup! I was using minimal fore and had not even created a gap to put the plastic lifter tool in. There were no visible chips or cracks in the screen prior to attempting this repair. I was able to replace the battery easily but now I need to by a new screen replacement.

roblarke, · Reply

Very simple to do. There is no need for steps 9 to 12. Simply hold the screen vertical, taking care of the flexible cables that attach it to the phone. Use a screwdriver to hold the screen up.

Filip Cesar, · Reply

Done without any problems in 15 minutes using the recommended tools (and the normal suction cup). Good advice not to remove the screen. I propped it up at 90 degrees and left the connectors attached and there was no problem removing the battery. Constant and gentle pressure on the pull tab was enough. Battery working well now and no issues to the screen.

Fantastic guide and good video. Feel justified in buying the tools now as they've already paid for themselves.

Alex, · Reply

Just completed this today in about 10 minutes. Here's a few tips:

I did not remove the screen. Simply held it at a <90 degree angle and continued with the process.

The battery adhesive was not super strong so I was able to pry on the left side and remove the battery after hearing the adhesive rip.

I then reassembled the phone and turned it on. iBackuprobot showed the battery as having a 1300 mAh with 14 cycles. Not a brand new battery (definitely not OEM) but I guess iFixit had to test it somehow. Can't complain and the process was fairly simple. The money saved from getting it replaced from Apple was definitely worth it. Now to pray that the battery last longer than the previous one...

wux, · Reply

changed battery in the phone.. battery was abit hard to remove.. I didn't disconnect the lcd screen only the home button.. anyway, phone is on charge but won't turn on. won't even register on my iTunes in the computer.. any help?

Mary Marsh, · Reply

I was terrified about doing this. But a £1.50 set of screwdrivers and pry bars off the bay of e did the trick nicely.

All up and running within 5 minutes.

Time will tell if the replacement battery is any good.

But I couldn't believe the amount of crusty nastiness that was around the edge of the screen.

Just from a hygiene perspective it was worth pulling the screen off!!!

Alan, · Reply

Did it within 5 min. As others have done, I didn't bother unplugging the screen. Simply separated it, removed old battery, installed new one.

Only "scare" I had, in the video it shows the screen slowly separating from the frame, using the pry tool to help it come loose. Well mind didn't budge at all, pulled nearly as hard as I could (suction cup barely holding) and the screen just completely popped off.

As for re assembly, make sure you line up the top of the screen first before you try to clip it all in. I just centered mine the first time and the top didn't clip in properly. Took it apart again and lined up the top first and went perfect.

gregjaros, · Reply

My iPhone5 was having the short battery life problem where the battery drops rapidly and sometimes will go from 40% to less than 20% or shut down all of a sudden without warning. Running my serial number through apple's website, it shows to be eligible for a free battery replacement. However my phone was jailbroken and I didn't want to wait for the store/shop to repair so I did it myself by ordering a battery from iFixit. Followed the guide for the replacement and now my phone pretty much lasts me through the day. Points to take caution is removal of the battery connector from the socket and removal of the battery from the chassis. Dont stress on the motherboard components for leverage when prying on the battery, it might be helpful to heat the back of the phone with a hairdryer instead to soften the double sided tape that holds the battery. Also to make it easier to grab the plastic battery removal tab, I stuck some tape on the tab to make it longer which I found to be much easier to get a grip on it.

dannycylam, · Reply

I would like to thank you the Ifixit team. After having ordered the IPhone 5 replacement battery kit, I followed the instructions given in the video. I was able to do it in 5 minutes. I'm not used of this kind of manipulation and was able to achieve it with success. No issue during the intervention.

duboisf, · Reply

**REMEMBER to LIFT the battery using the tools and not pry.**

Just completed the battery replacement and all seems well.

Rather than using the pry tool to remove the battery I used essentially a guitar pick. I started on the top of the battery and rather than prying I used a turning motion on the pick to slowly (very slowly) lift the battery free from the adhesive holding it in. I was careful to only use the pick in the spots identified in the guide and all went smoothly.

I have magnetized the two screwdrivers I used to make removal and installation of the screws a little less frustrating.

Great guide! Watching the video first helped tremendously.

James Creighton, · Reply

Wonderful guide! I had already torn down my iPhone once prior to this walkthrough so it wasn't as hard the second time around, lol. But with the battery replacement I received from this very same site, I was in and out within 20 minutes. Easy peasy :) Guide was very detailed and elaborate, I'm quite impressed with this walkthrough and the site in general. It's the perfect place to feed my desire to tinker with, and fix, electronics :3

raidon63, · Reply

SUCCESS! HO-LY balls that was stressful! No issues as of yet. Thank you ifixit for all the help.

kiley, · Reply

Akkutausch problemlos, vorher Handy rückseitig mit Haartrockner erwärmt um Klebung hinter Akku zu lockern. (Sauger bis an den Rand setzen, Homebutton überdecken). Display nicht komplett demontiert - 15 Minuten alles erledigt. Danke für die guten Tips. Lieferung innerhalb 2 Tage. Perfekt!

Florian Reiss, · Reply

Did it yesterday and everything seems to work fine, but it happened to be really hard for me.

Separating the front panel was the most difficult part, the clips held it so tightly that the glass itself started separating from the plastic frame on the left side, I freaked out a bit, and was very frustrating. In the end, I managed to separate the right side by slightly moving the suction cup to that side and then I could pry the front panel open with the plastic opening tool. This was hard too, the left side was real tight.

After that, the only problem I had was separating the battery, that glue is a pain in the @%^ and it's not easy to pull without damaging the components. I had to use a metallic tool as a lever because the plastic tool kept bending, and I still don't know how I didn't damage something.

This tutorial was good, but I'm never gonna try this again on my iPhone.

jonnyveo, · Reply

Wow, that was tricky. I can't believe how small the 1.2mm screws are. I almost inhaled one. Read the directions twice before starting. Read the comments too as they will show you areas you may mess up. Prying off the battery is really hard. Prying off the glass is hard too. I'd get one of those glass removing clamps the iSclack. Getting the screws back in is hard because the magnetic screwdriver pulls them back up after you carefully align them. I'm not sure I'd go through that again.

ericrose62, · Reply

I was able to succesfully replace the battery in my daughters phone and get it working again. Although, %#*@ near ripped the cables out with the suction cup as the whole screen flew out all at the same time. I was expecting it, due to how hard I had to pull, so all good. Also, the Apple folks over did the battery glue because it took about 20 minutes to work it loose. I was even able to find and figure out where an additional screw went after the glass popping out. If I have to do another one, hopefully it will go a little smoother. PS Ifixit shoudl show the whole battery removal process as it is not nearly as easy as they make it out to be.

steveflath, · Reply

There is NO NEED to remove the screen. There is multiple guides on here and the one I read before didnt take it off. I didnt know I had the wrong guide till after I took it off. I spent 30 mins just trying to get those 3 screws back in.

IMO, gently holding the screen you can remove the batter, saving the extra time it took me to reassemble the screen twice, since it had white lines.

Kevin, · Reply

Got the kit a day early, cleaned off a space on a glass table and grabbed a desk lamp,

this was my first time doing something like this and the only problem i had was with getting the screen off but if you work at one side for a few mins (not too hard) it slowly comes up. buying the 2 piece set of plastic blue tools like in the pics helped a lot for only 3$ so i recommend them as i didn't use the green tool it came with much cause the blue ones worked a lot better. my battery like most of you, had that sticky stuff under it holding it down... but after a few mins of gently loosening it up, i got it out. being patient/good lighting will do you wonders in the end.

Ryanblizz78, · Reply

I noticed one problem that three other people had with no solution - and of course, that is the problem I am having too. When I charge phone, I keep getting the charging sound and vibration every 5 seconds and the phone does not come on. Tried putting in the old battery - got the same problem so it isn't the battery. What did I do wrong?

docviki, · Reply

I successfully changed the battery. I had three troublesome spots.

Steps 16-17. The battery was super hard to remove. The battery ended up twisted and bent by the time I got it out. The tab pulled off too. I used a bit of solvent carefully applied with a Q-tip to loosen the glue.I'm grateful the instructions told me where not to pry or I would have ruined something in my attempts to get the battery out.

Step 11. It took me three tries to get the LCD cable back on the connector such that the screen did not show white stripes.

Steps 6 and 7. I had trouble getting the screen to seat correctly. I'm grateful to commenter jaakkohyry on December 31, 2014 for the suggestion to slide the top of the screen in first.

DrMarc, · Reply

Replaced my iPhone 5 battery and it went perfectly. Took about 20-25 minutes. As others have mentioned I did not take the entire screen off. I worked carefully supporting the screen and the bottom of the phone in one hand and worked with the other. I figured only having to unscrew two screws and taking out a battery would keep the connection problems to a minimum. Battery took a little time, but slow and steady coaxed it out. Went back together in a snap. Turned it on and started up without issue. Full charge lasted me nearly three days. Much better than the two hours I was getting. Could not be more pleased with outcome.

robduane, · Reply

I was able to get through replacing the battery pretty easily. However, when I put the LCD assembly back in, somehow I managed to shatter the screen. Maybe I should have taken the suction cup off. I don't know. Now I have to order the LCD replacement. Other than that, everything seems to be working. I just hope this $30 battery replacement doesn't end up being a $400 new phone cost.

caseylcrisler, · Reply

It would have been helpful if the notes for step 16 (prying out the battery) had mentioned that the Audio Control and Power Button Cable is fragile and behind the top of the battery! I was gently prying out my battery from the top when I tore the power button ribbon that I could not see. I just ordered a new one and will be digging even deeper into the phone when the part arrives.

Titus, · Reply

Everything throughout this guide was going smoothly and I successfully replaced the battery, but during the very last step of putting the screen back on I shattered the glass. I don't think the screen was seated properly and just the force of me pushing it down cracked the whole screen. Just a word of caution for those looking to do this.

Well, looks like it's time for me to just upgrade to the iPhone 6...

timmayy22, · Reply

I had my battery replaced in store and my internet(both wifi and cellular data) has been slow and won't load videos. Is it possible that when they replaced my battery they somehow did something to make my internet this way??

Kianna Owen, · Reply

I have never opened up my iphone before and am relatively new at this but I bought a kit off amazon that had tools and the battery. I used this guide and the advice of a couple people:

-After opening the casing, I jumped straight to step 14, removing the battery cover plate.

-I also used warm air to help make the battery removal easier, and after 30 seconds it popped up with minimal force

mike, · Reply

Had an issue with the iPhone 5 battery I recevied from iFixit, posting it here to help in case someone is facing the same thing:

I noticed that my battery was charging fine with the little battery port cover removed, but as soon as I screwed the cover on, the battery wouldn't charge, even though the iPhone was indicating that charging is in progress. Figured that it must be some electrical issue, and upon closer inspection, I saw the plastic insulator on top of the battery connector was flaking off. So I put a little piece of plastic tape on top of the connector and screwed the cover back on. The battery is now charging fine, I suspect the cover was causing a short with the connector that allowed the charging current to escape.

So overall, not very happy, since I paid more money to get a battery from iFixit expecting decent quality. At least the phone is charging fine again now, let's hope the new battery turns out to be a decent performer at least now.

konradsa, · Reply

Took me about an hour. Getting the screen to start to separate was the hardest, followed by prying out the battery. The tools were great, and I feel ready to replace a cracked screen any time.

The battery was manufactured 12/2014 and had 75% charge when I installed it. Looks like an Apple part.

dwhilsdorf, · Reply

So far so good! Actually finished 5 minutes ago. Only problem was the pentalobe screw driver sent with the kit was to big, ended up using the philips screwdriver.

ajk242, · Reply

The instructions for taking things out worked great. Someone should have explained how hard it is to put the 5 tiny screws back in with one person. You might suggest you have a buddy with you to hold the screen up while you put the tiny tiny tiny screws back in with the magnetic screwdriver.

imrmuckle, · Reply

This tutorial is a complete joke. I am very mad that the video ends with "just slide the battery in place." Also the fact I paid $10 extra for a plastic worthless "prying" tool is upsetting as well. There were no directions on how to correctly reassemble the phone which would have been nice.

meganmccoun, · Reply

Worked really well, and it's easy to do.

The new battery is a big pleasure, i'm happy i've done it.

For the guide: You don't have to make the steps 9-12, hold instead the upper part vertically and don't disconnect the screen.

mermod, · Reply

Thanks iFixit! I very much appreciated that the video said that the screen would be hard to get off (it was!) and that the battery could be hard to unstick. Both videos I watched made those parts look like a total snap. I was really intimidated by the sound of the battery adhesive de-adhering, which is how I found the iFixit video. This video addressed that issue, and particularly was useful in showing where to apply leverage to the battery and where to avoid! I was at first confused by the suggestion to remove the screen all together, as the other video I watched just showed the guy holding it the whole time. But, with the sticky battery adhesive, I'm glad I went "all the way" and removed it. I got more leverage and not be worried about whether I was torquing the display cables.

Like others, I struggled at first with getting the screen to snap back into place uniformly. I had to remove it again and start over, but was able to get it all snapped back as it should be, starting from the top of the case.

dmuzik1090, · Reply

The battery of my iphone 5 would last 1 hour max 2 and it was so annoying. I decided to change the battery with fixit and it turned out to be super easy. Following the step by step guide, took me 8 min to change it and now my battery easily last all day!!

Carlos Ferreyro, · Reply

Having completed this repair using the rear camera part from Ifixit I have to comment that the camera is noticeably lower quality. Its not huge - You don't notice it looking at the photos scaled down to fit but viewing one for one there is significant detail lost. My staff member has an Iphone 5 bough at exactly the same time as mine so I was able to take a photo side by side on his and mine after my repair and when you view 1 for 1 pixel in product boxes on mine the text was just a colored blur where on his although you couldn't read the text it was more obviously text. Overall though its still better than having a camera that wouldn't focus at all and being that Apple seem to refuse to supply genuine spare parts (Which there has to be a low against??? - Imagine if a car manufacturer did that) its still good buying one from someone who gives good support. At the end of the day its a phone camera not an SLR and its still better than the older Iphone 4 camera.

matt, · Reply

If you want the same quality parts but cheaper prices. Go to saintphoneshop.com! They have the same Retina Display. No discoloration, No dead pixels, and no scratches whatsoever. Hurry and get 10% off with the coupon "take10" (without the quotes)

Nick, · Reply

Many users don't know how to fix grayed out Wifi on iPhone. Below are the ways:


Turn off the airplane mode by tapping Settings > Airplane Mode, then do the network resetting by tapping Setting > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings, and finally restart the iPhone 4S.

If you have tried the above solutions, but still face the iPhone 4S Wifi issue, you can check if your 4S is upgraded to the newest available software. You can restore the iPhone 4S after checking the software updates in Apple iTunes.

Besides, you can use iPhone Transfer to solve the Wifi problems.


helenuser, · Reply

This is a great guide. However, I'm having a hard time popping the screen back into place. Everything works but I'm afraid of putting too much pressure least I crack it again. Any advice?

amciotola, · Reply

I would recommend keeping multiple pieces of double-sided tape for each step that requires removing screws. Also perhaps label them, or take notes, so you know which piece of tape (and the screws attached to it) go with which step number. It's easy to confuse screws, especially if you go past these instructions to remove everything required to replace the ribbon cable that is necessary for the buttons.

irwin fletcher, · Reply

Ordered and received the Phillips #00 Screwdriver ($5.95 · 50+ In stock). It is a tiny Philips screwdriver. The screws next to the lightning port have tiny star-shaped holes. I will have to find a different screwdriver.

jacklingwood, · Reply

Unfortunately, the kit I ordered that was to come with a suction cup didn't include one; thanks for quality control, ifixit. Tape doesn't work. Now what?

btarver, · Reply

I'm sorry to hear that. I have a suction cup being sent out today (Tue 3/11/14) and it will be there tomorrow for you.

Scott Dingle,

I've managed to replace the battery successfully in my iPhone5, but something went wrong with a friend's (battery status is stuck, sometimes the phone reboots for no reason).

So, i decided to open it up again and reseat the ribbon cables in case they came loose.

I can't open it now. The Pentalobe screwdriver is worn out! I can't open these screws no matter what. I don't know what to do now as I can't be sure I haven't worn out the actual screws themselves, too. Any ideas?

Saltank, · Reply

I seem to be having a similar situation. Attempting to open the phone again and either the pentalobe screws or the screwdriver itself is stripped. Any suggestion is welcome for removing the screws.

Battery replacement went well and works great. But I must have a loose (hopefully not damaged) display ribbon.


Saltank, thanks to your comment I didn't overtighten those little screws! I would try to get a better quality driver from a local hardware store to see that helps, the one ifixit sent are not very good quality. If that doesn't work, you may have stripped the screws.


Wish I ordered a back case as well with my repair being so easy!

Daniel Hatton, · Reply

my phones screen displays the dead battery sign and the plug below it sign too, when your phones battery is dead. Bought a new battery and charged overnight...... any ideas?

Steve Freed, · Reply

Step 4 is a bit dangerous, as the Display is pulled out very fast and (depending on the position, the suction cups are placed at) it could stress the cabels connecting display and mainboard. So, please, hold the phone with finger and thumb at the top, to avoid the display is pulled out to fast.

Guido Dampf, · Reply

I sure wish they did a better job showing in the video how hard it is to take of the front screen without the iSclack tool!


I had to position the suction cup _over_ the home button in order to get the screen far enough away from the frame to slide my trim tool in there. Putting it down above the home button just wasn't working at all...

tparkinson, · Reply

I found it was easier to start opening from the top left of the display and working straight down towards the home button as there are no clips in this particular area. I realize there are cables on the right side right next to the area, however, this way requires less force as a starting point. Let me know what you think.

boxerbc, · Reply

I think that's not a good idea as the top of the display is held in place with plastic tabs.

If you apply to much force they can break.

Johnny, · Reply

This part was the most frustrating part of the guide, granted I didn't do the whole thing. I was expecting to slip the plastic separator tool in-between the case and the display. This did not happen and I ate away at the tool in the process. For me after much pushing on the top edge of the case and pulling the screen away it released all of a sudden. I managed to make a dead stop at 90 degrees, but felt like I almost ripped off the ribbon cables(I didn't).

maxturkewitz, · Reply

No matter how hard I tried, I could not get the screen to separate far enough to where the pry tool could get it. Reading through some of the other comments, I followed 2 other people's advice to work the bottom left corner above the headphone input and then use a pushpin at the same time. (this is not recommended, but it worked!) I made a couple of hard to see marks in the corner but was finally able to get the screen off. I also did NOT take off the connectors to the screen and skipped the next few steps all the way down to step 14. Looks like a lot of people damaged their phones that disconnected the top screen.


The suction cup didn't work, because of my destroyed front glass.

So i take "tesa powers trips".

With that help, i had enough force to pull up the front display from the rear case.

ulrichstumm, · Reply

Suction cup didn't work for me. I tried for half hour with my nerd biceps. In the end, I inserted an xacto blade below the home button to create a gap big enough for me to put in a guitar pick and finally able to pry it open. In the process I scratched the frame so you have to be very careful if you decide to take this approach.

Meng, · Reply

Where can you buy "Tesa Powerstrips?

latraelmayo, · Reply

The glass on my phone was completely destroyed, making the suction cup entirely useless. I was pretty close to giving up when i tried putting a strip of clear packing tape on the screen and squishing out all the bubbles. Put the suction cup on this and it worked perfectly.

chriscopass, · Reply

Thank you. I broke the front glass with this technique..

Olivier S, · Reply

Used a suction cup from my Garmin Navi. The one you use to stick it to your windshield. It has a nice plastic "handle" and made things a lot easier... almost too easy that I nearly pulled the screen off the cables. Go easy on this step.

michaelychien, · Reply

I'd Advise Against The Suction Cup Here As It Will Separate The Glass From The Black/White Framing That You're Actually Supposed To Pry Under. I Found When Using The Suction Cup, The Glass Came Up, But The Framing Stayed Stuck. If You're Replacing The Entire Display It's Not As Much Of A Problem, But If You're Installing Any Other Part Or A Custom Housing, You'll Notice Your Screen Has A Bit Of "Play" When Pressing Down.

Mitch, · Reply

While holding down on the lower sides of the iPhone, I found inserting the plastic separator just to the right of the audio jack while gently applying pressure down and back from the edge popped the bottom of the display assembly up. Keep in mind to do this while pulling back on the suction cup ring, like the guide says constant, but gentle force at the same time. Another note is to have the suction cup ring vertical to align with the length of the display, that made the process much easier.

Canis Lupis, · Reply

You rock! I was having trouble getting the thing to budge, but the moment I put the plastic tool near the audio jack, the screen immediately popped up.


This should be in the guide. The front panel is actually recessed a bit here making it much easier to get a tool in at this point. No way I would have opened it without this tip. Thanks!


Thank you so much! This should DEFINITELY be added to the main guide.

After struggling for half an hour and nearly giving up, I was able to easily lift up the screen once I tried to wedge it near the headphone jack!

Thanks so much!


I've been using a metal flat opening tool along with the suction cup to pop these bad boys open - remember the tape on the screen trick if you have a smashed screen - so the suction cup can grip and stops the glass going everywhere!

Ben Watkins, · Reply

Definitely a difficult step. Make sure not to pry the screen from framing. Also, I kept pushing the power button on while attempting separate the frame. Keep your fingers clear from the top of the phone because having it turn on while the casing is popped is a little nerve racking!

Andrew, · Reply

I had trouble with this step too, since I had to apply quite a lot of force on the suction cup when pulling up on the screen while holding down on the frame with my fingernails. Eventually it popped free, but came almost to 90 degrees before I was able to stop it. No damage, but nerve-wracking, and if there was a better technique, it would be good to figure it out and share the information here.

Adam Engst, · Reply

Be very gentle! I overdid it and, though the repair was successful, there's now a bit of play when pressing on the top right quadrant of the screen.

plasticpool, · Reply

When i was reassembling, the screen broke form the pressure. I recommend putting the screen towards your working surface and press your phone downwards. That way your screen is always straight.

Kenichi Haramoto, · Reply

My front panel flew right off after some puling on the suction cup - no prying was necessary.

Fortunately, no cables got damaged. Take care.

Leonid, · Reply

I can confirm, the Garmin sucker cup worked like a charm. Within 5 seconds it popped open.

Nolan, · Reply

everything worked but i got a problem i hope anybody can help me very fast !

when i lift the screen up it just lift the glass up not the whole display ....

what should i do ??

thanks in advance

edis, · Reply

Need extra careful while pulling the screen.

Once there is a gap between the screen and the frame, insert the plastic opening tools and move it around the screen. But don't use it for top area (near to power button) as there is a location for flexible ribbon cable.

Once the bottom part is free, the screen will pop out easily.

Ardi Purwalaksana, · Reply

Suction cup is very difficult with a cracked screen. Stick something in the ear jack and carefully push it and the edge of the screen will pop up. Use the plastic stick to open it.

Julie To, · Reply

I had trouble opening the screen due to a warped suction cup that was bent up at one spot and also due to my cracked screen. My solution: used double sided tape between the suction cup and the glass. I had some command strips, but I think any double-sided tape could work.

earthhasassri, · Reply

Use needle its a best way

imran, · Reply

I could never even get the case open. Waste of $30.

dpetronis, · Reply

The suction cup will hold if you put a piece of tape over the cracked screen.

prattdesign1, · Reply


-The repair went horribly wrong during this step, for me. I pulled-up on the suction cup, gradually increasing force. Instead of just opening a gap to get the plastic prying tool into, the whole thing gave way at once. This damaged the connection between the display assembly and the rest of the iPhone.

-During this step, I would recommend placing a rubber band around the phone, over the home button and one near the top of the iPhone for good measure. Even better, invest in the "iSclack". In my case, it would have saved me about fifty bucks and three days without a functional iPhone.

-When I reassembled, The screen was blank, but I could still sync with iTunes. I may have been able to replace only the cables, but I wasn't sure how extensive the damage was and I was done messing around with it. I replaced the whole display assembly, and now it works just fine.

-This was STILL cheaper than buying a new phone, and I learned a lot. Overall, it was a good experience.

peterthemick, · Reply

while opening the front panel, i lose control and it gone so fast. And now, after putting it back, the screen is not working. What am I supposed to do? I dont have any other phone in hand and I need to repair it immediately.

yakbu, · Reply

as I wanted to close the display again, the sealing ring wasn't attached to the edge of the glass anymore. did someone have the same issue? thx for help!

luc, · Reply

When reinserting the screen, be sure to start from the top and insert the plastic tabs on the screen into the case before advancing the rest of the screen into place, finishing at the bottom. The screen will snap into place once lined up to complete the insertion.

jeff, · Reply

This is actually very important, I was having trouble getting the front panel to go on by starting at the top. I started from the bottom instead and the bottom ended up secure, but not the top. I then tried to take the front panel back off, but because the top portion was already loose the force required to pull off the bottom led to one of the ribbon cables at the top of phone breaking.


When reattaching the screen, please start from the top. BEFORE you try to push the bottom of the screen down and snap it in, use some pressure from the bottom edge to push the screen towards the top of the phone. I suggest that by the time you get to the middle of the phone (starting from the top), you do this. It will allow for getting the clips at the bottom by the sync cable clipped in and will sit nicely and allow for you to use overall pressure to make sure the whole screen is secured. I didn't do this and I damaged the seal on the right side of the phone and almost separated my screen from the digitizer trying to reseparate it to reattach the screen. Be very carefull to follow these steps I listed. If you do this while reattaching the screen, you'll have no problem.

zhunterzz, · Reply

I also agree with it being not necessary to remove the complete front panel. I just kept it attached and kept it at an angle as I pulled with gentle, continuous force (at a 45 degree angle as suggested) on the battery pull tab. It eventually came loose, I set the new battery in and everything works perfectly.

Jen Robinson, · Reply

That's the way I did it too. I put a piece of packing tape from the screen, over the top of the phone, and onto the back. That kept me from putting any pressure on the ribbon cable should the phone slip and the whole screen try to lift away from the backing.

Ed Chapman,

I'm having trouble removing the screen and the silver protective cover. When doing the suction cup and prying, the screen came right off, but the protective cover remains. I've tried gingerly prying on the silver cover, as well as using the suction cup directly, but have had no luck. Any ideas? See the picture:


Justin, · Reply

Be careful taking the front panel off. I tried to pull it very careful but it ripped. One of the cables was damaged but luckily, it was the cable that goes out with the old front panel. It also ripped 4.1 mm Phillips screw from step 13 and it jumped to the floor. I was lucky and recovered it from the floor.

In the end everything was fine and phone works great. But remember to be super careful.

drummerMarkku, · Reply

Anyone have any idea why the 1.6mm screw is not magnetic? Just wondering why this screw seems to be made of aluminum, its the first screw of its kind as far as iphones go.

crevz, · Reply

The compass is right next to it.

Tom Chai,

I'd recommend if they made that clearer in the guide, luckily I put them back in right, its the one with the little bit of blue on it if i recall that isn't magnetic


is it necessary to disconnect the front panel assembly cables fore removing the battery ?

or can you leave it on wile replacing the battery ?

aardappel, · Reply

I just finished this process using the battery replacement kit from ifixit and it went easily. I did NOT remove the entire screen but rather just had someone hold it at less than a 90 degree angle until I got the battery out. I found it took a while to slowly pry the battery out. Take your time and alternate between gently using the plastic tool and pulling on the plastic pull tab that says "for authorized use only" or something like that. It was MUCH easier than disconnecting the entire screen for the process. Hope this helps.


Rule #1 on electronics repair methodology: to prevent damage to the electronics, power should be the first thing to be removed and the last to be restored. I'd disconnect the battery before touching anything else, a slip of the screwdriver or a loose screw could cause a fatal short circuit.

andrewcilia, · Reply

It's no need to remove front panel to change battery. I just skip to Step 10 and successfully changed battery, and it works well. And THANKS TO ifixit.com, IT IS AWESOME!

sorrowboy, · Reply

I skipped steps 6-9. leaving the screen attached to the phone makes it that much easier and quicker to repair

Frank, · Reply

Mon téléphone a pris l'humidité et présente un fond d'écran d'aspect granuleux. Du coup l'éclairage n'est plus uniforme, nuisible pour une bonne lecture de l'écran.

J'ai démonté l'écran, une pellicule grasse et collante entre le LCD et la plaque métallique. J'ai nettoyé à l'alcool. Tout remonter avec la crainte que le téléphone ne fonctionne plus.

Le téléphone s'est rallumé, tout fonctionne normalement mais j'ai toujours ses traces sur le fond d'écran. Il faut le changer!

Mes difficultés étaient de remettre les petites vis aimantés, difficiles à remettre!

Merci à IFIXIT pour ce tutoriel très explicite.

Patrick Rosa, june 23 2014

pkrosa, · Reply

So, of COURSE I dropped the screw that you are not supposed to lose. I was being careful, but as I did not want to lose track of it, I attempted to put it back ing the phone FIRST. Bad idea. This makes the plate kind of springy, and my screwdirver slipped, and the screw popped up, spun in the air, fell between my legs, bounced off my padded chair, and clattered around on the floor. I searched for an hour, and could not locate it. BE IT KNOWN, at least in MY CASE, the screw WAS INDEED attracted to my magnet (I keep a powerful round magnet stuck to the shaft of my drivers to provite the magnetism, far more powerful than a regular magnetic screwdriver. This being the case, I WAS able to provide a substitute fron a bag of iphone 4 screws, and my compass calibrated flawlessly upon power-up. YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY, but I thought I'd add my experience.

stevesontheroad, · Reply

Be warned, the 1.6mm screw is exceptionally easy to strip. I haven't been able to get it out yet (already tried rubber band trick and a few others) and am on the verge of giving up. The #00 screwdriver that comes with the set did not do a very good job of catching.

joseparra947, · Reply

Were you ever able to get it out? Mine seemed stripped from the get go, rendering my attempt to troubleshoot my blank screen fruitless. Rubber band, glue, flat-head all did not work for me. Buying a soldering iron tomorrow to try that.


I did the repair without disconnecting the screen. I skipped down to step 13 and carefully held the screen while removing the battery. Adds a small element difficulty, but helps prevent all the issues others are having when reconnecting the screen.


The non-magnetized screw was very difficult to install. This is how I ultimately succeeded:

Install the two magnetized screws first. They are easy because the magnetized screws will stick to then end of the screwdriver. They will hold the cable bracket in place.

Place the third, non-magnetized, screw on the center of the cable bracket. Take a toothpick and nudge the screw toward the screw hole. The threaded part of the screw (the shaft) has enough weight that it will fall into the hole, and the head of the screw will be pointed upward. You will then be able to use the screwdriver.

alsmith1928, · Reply

One of the screw is completely stuck and I cannot remove it! What can I do?

stefanoclearmounth, · Reply

My iPhone 5 (1428) model don't has this bracket and replacing the earpiece don't fix my problem (don't hear anyone).

plyhell, · Reply

Great Guide, Any idea what else could be wrong if Ive replaced the screen with a working 1 and the phone still has no display?

Thanks for any insight in advance.

Raistlin, · Reply

When you reverse step 7, make sure you clip the little hooks of the bracket under and then lower towards the outside of the phone. If you don't, the phone won't snap back together properly.

Dirk, · Reply

I've misplaced this metal plate AND the three screws and two pentalobe screws. I think my wife threw out the ziplock I had them in. Any chance you can tell me where to get them? thx

Don, · Reply

Don't forget to clip this in flush, my phone couldn't get a cell signal when it was slightly out-of-place.

julian, · Reply

Remember to put this plate back such that it's sitting evenly. The side towards the battery some times tends to stick up a bit, this in turn will put pressure on the backplate of the screen. After putting everything back together, you see a small yellow smear just to the left of the battery % indicator, you have not put that plate on correctly. Open up the phone, remove that retention plate and put it back such that it sits properly!

AGS, · Reply

The part itfixit sent only has two cables: the digitizer and LCD are combined into a single cable. (And the guide is great! Thanks!)

baileyswanson, · Reply

After replacing the screen I was presented with a no image screen (but backlight was ok), so I refited the shartered one, same issue, no image, but backlight. thinking I might damage the pcb, I just did a power cycle (disconnecting the battery) and now it's fine.

so... always powercycle :)

poseido, · Reply

Be very careful here, at this point the phone power is live! a slip of the connectors or a loose screw could let the magic smoke out of the chips (chips won't work without their magic smoke, you know :-)

I'd disconnect the battery before messing with the connectors.

andrewcilia, · Reply

This is a troublesome step, since the LCD connector is particularly difficult to reconnect, and know that you've gotten it on. And thanks to the note claiming that if it's disconnected, if you might just get a black screen, you're left with having to disassemble the entire unit again, without knowing if it's powered off (since you presumably tried to power on). That's also nerve-wracking. I had this problem and disassembled and reassembled the entire phone, only to have the problem again. On the second try, I plugged the phone into power, and after a little bit, got the dead battery screen showing. So the problem was that the battery was discharged, not that I'd biffed the LCD connector.

Adam Engst, · Reply

The hint to disconnect the battery was very useful for my successful repair. After rebooting the phone everything was working just fine. Thanks!

benjaminjrichter, · Reply


Take a good look at that camera loosely sitting there. It is possible that it will be slightly offset when shutting the assembly back into place. This causes it to not properly focus on closeups. If you don't move it around you will probably be okay.

Also, look at the display assembly, it has three small locking tabs that can bend easily if not pushed in at the right angle into the iPhone frame. Be careful not to be too forceful. Good luck.

info, · Reply

I am having issues removing the white lines on my screen. I made sure to connect the digitiizer connector was seated all the way and I also power cycled my phone several times. Anyone else having this issue?

eric51redding, · Reply

When I was reassembling this the front facing camera cable was a bit longer than the previous one. I had to kink the ribbon cable a bit to get the connection to line up. Everything seems to be working but I wanted to note that the part might be slightly off spec.

Aaron Martina, · Reply

Actually I prefer to remove battery connector before taking step6

christmas, · Reply

Skip the part about taking the battery out for vibrator replacement.

cptrene, · Reply

My phone is "searching" for my wireless provider. Has anyone had a problem like this?

graceyang, · Reply

Someone else had a suggestion that helped me. The date and time were wrong on the phone after powering up with the new battery and once I fixed that and shut off the phone and powered it back on it was able to connect. I could not set the year manually but connecting to wifi automatically set it for me.


try connecting it to a wireless network. after setting the right time and date automatically, it should connect to the network.

Riddim Riddkofski,

Manual date/time fixed it for me as well.


Quick tip: Once you connect the new battery, try to carefully peel off the very small rubber looking insulation on top of the battery connector of the old battery and stick it back on top of the battery connector of the new battery. Once done, only then do you screw back on the metal battery connector bracket.

I didn't do this the first time I replaced the battery and noticed that call quality was a bit choppy. I was trying to think what might be causing the issue and guessed that this insulation must be doing something to insulate the connector from the metal bracket. I opened it up again and put on the insulation and it appears that the usual good call quality has now returned!

vyuhico, · Reply

Had the same problem with the signal provider! the tip with seting the time & date worked perfect! Thank you! :)

Jimmy, · Reply

Just wanted to add to these comments, the clear plastic tab (says Authorized Service Provider Only on it) is the way to go. The plastic for this tab goes under the battery and around and through the adhesive, if you pull it at a 45° angle the battery comes off without the need to pry on it at all. You will want to pull with a constant force, as the adhesive is very strong, but it starts fairly easily, and comes up evenly-- you'll be able to see the glue releasing as you pull.

Scott Denowh, · Reply

Depending on exactly where your battery is glued, you will (or you won't) have enough room for the plastic opening tool. I didn't and had to leverage off the other side. Unlike the front cover which required surprisingly little force to remove it (almost ripped the flex cords joining the front and the back), the battery required superhuman strength to remove, destroying the two spodgers (parts yet to be found they flew off with such force) and deforming the battery (which personally I would have no use for reusing in any case).

oz, · Reply

Reading other comments of how applying too much force caused breaking of components I was too timid and the battery removal process was very time consuming. I recommend watching the video in the battery replacement guide. I was able to see how much force was being applied to remove the battery. I found that the opposite end of the plastic removal tool was bitting into my hand, which was more sensitive to the required pressure than that applied to the components. The adhesive was quite strong and I used the point end of a spudger to gradually pry up the battery where it was most stuck at the bottom right. As useful as the comment about using the plastic tab was, mine was slightly cut by the edge of a flat cable, it split and the tab came off, making prying the battery necessary. Being mindful of the balance of force is what makes the removal successful.

Canis Lupis, · Reply

I use credit card and put wider side to pry battery this make batter not deform easily

christmas, · Reply

do not pry on the logic board side pry for the volume keys side this

con, · Reply

I can confirm with con (mar 4). The adhesive was pretty firmly holding my battery down. So I used a metal screwdriver to help leverage the battery out from the top of the battery. Not knowing that the ribbon for the volume button and switch from the left side of the phone were under there. I severed the ribbon and now those buttons don't work anymore. But I was able to replace the battery and everything else works fine. I just have to learn how to live without those buttons anymore...

mknight, · Reply

*My plastic tag ripped while trying to pull the battery out.

*I then used a spudger type tool to GENTLY pry the battery out from the LEFT side of the case in the middle of the battery.

*Turns out all the adhesive is on the plastic tab side underneath the battery, so it is MUCH easier to leverage the battery out that way without causing damage. There is nothing you can really hurt on the left middle side either so I recommend this way if your plastic tab does not work to pull the battery up.

kjfolgner, · Reply

I couldn't pull the battery out after pulling on that tab for over 10 minutes. I used a knife on the left side where it seemed nothing was and luckily the battery slid right out no problem.

sleepycali07, · Reply

Try heating the phone at the back where the battery is with a heat gun or hair dryer (what I used) and then pull the tab, and if you still can't get the battery to start coming of give it a little nudge with a prying tool at the top.

jeru, · Reply

The battery was really glued down tight, and pulling the plastic tab eventually ripped the tab off and I could no longer use it. After 15 minutes of gently lifting with the plastic opening tool and getting nowhere, I followed the suggestion about using a hair dryer to soften the glue. I blew heat on the back of the phone where the battery is for about 30 seconds, and then used the plastic tool on the side of the phone with the volume buttons, and it lifted out with very little resistance.

I want to stress that it was not a ton of heat--I held the phone in my hand while using the hair dryer, and it was hot on my hand but never so hot that it burned me. The point isn't to cook the phone, just to warm up the glue so it gives a little.

Prying from the volume side will also reduce the chance that you dislodge the GPS connector.

bill, · Reply

Well, the battery was really giving me problems when trying to remove it. I had no chance just using the plastic tag so I had to pry it loose. I would not recommend prying the upper side of the battery as shown in the pictures due to the audio control and power button cable running just under the upper edge of the battery. I was not aware of this cable and ended up damaging it when the plastic removal tool slipped under the cable when prying. I believe this cable supplies power to the vibrator as well since that's what ended up not working when everything was back in its place. Fortunately this cable can be replaced but it looks like a bit of a hassle but i'll try. Try using the hair dryer before prying too much would be my recommendation.

Anders Fagerstedt, · Reply

I put a bowl of water in the microwave with a plate on top. Once the plate was mildly hot, I took it out and placed my iphone on it to heat up the adhesive. I tried pulling the plastic tab, but nothing would happen. I noticed that there is an ideal prying point on the opposite side of the battery from the plastic tab (an inch below the volume buttons). There are no ribbon cables or circuits there, and there is a cutout large enough to fit the plastic pry tool. Pry gently there against the case (once the phone is warmed up on the plate) and the battery comes out very easily. It really seems like that cutout is there just for that reason.

flyingsherpa, · Reply

The word "pry" should not appear anywhere in the this section as the damage others have experienced witness. LIFT instead with the end of the tool. hairdryer really helped with softening and loosening the glue.

gdomnick, · Reply

Just an advice:

I think it is needless to remove the battery at this stepp. I have remove the battery at last.

Hunt3rDe, · Reply

It would have been helpful if the notes for step 16 (prying out the battery) had mentioned that the Audio Control and Power Button Cable is fragile and behind the top of the battery! I was gently prying out my battery from the top when I tore the power button ribbon that I could not see.

Titus, · Reply

This step is the toughest one. My old battery glued on the board stubbornly and refuses to come out. It took me half hour or so to pry it out. It has deformed and way beyond usable state. The key here is to pry from all allowed angles (refer to the pictures and video), and pry patiently. Mine starts to come out after prying from the top.

wengkeeteh, · Reply

I have removed the battery in many iphone 5 phones to repair other issues and never had a problem with reusing the battery.

dlash, · Reply

Hello from Cyprus there ...i have a problem when i open my iphone white lines appear on the screen so i disconnected the battery and then connect it again and the screen got black i mean black 'light ' no image appear at anyway ... Anyway i listen the sound when the phone open or change ... Any help to get reed of it?

Stelios, · Reply

Charge *. .

Stelios, · Reply

I can't recommend changing the battery, I did everything as shown but my iPhone doesn't work anymore. If I connect it to itunes it wants it to restore and when I do that. It sets itself back in recovery mode. I did not break anything and used only plastic tools to remove the parts. Even after I put the old battery back in it still shows the "connect to iTunes"

Does anyone have an idea what to do?

Patrick, · Reply

Have the same problem... Have you found any solutions?

Tadas Berlinskas,

Hi, I thought that when I prised the battery out, I'd knocked 2 chips off the logic board, chances are this is what's happened to you too... They need to change this tutorial to use the plastic tab to remove the battery as I've seen several people with this issue. The only way to fix this is to get 2 jumpers soldered onto the logic board. For now, I used tinyumbrella to get it out of recovery mode & I have enable to assistive touch options.

Lewis Spears,

Any luck finding a solution to this? I replaced my battery and the repair went relatively smoothly... but now it's stuck in an endless loop trying to restore the firmware. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

nathan domeij,

Quick tip: Don't completely peel away the plastic from the base of the phone. The plastic has a mechanical (but not electrical) purpose and should not be removed. The step directions make it seem that you can peel away the plastic, but don't do that. Peel and pry the battery out but leave the plastic in place. I made this mistake and Apple wouldn't repair my iPhone because the plastic was missing. The guy said that the plastic holds the circuitry in place and away from the battery. Do not remove the plastic.

tedgarey1, · Reply

My iphone 5 keeps switching from vibrate to ring randomly on its own. Do you think this would solve the problem"

dconnelly15, · Reply

Well, I followed all the instructions...took some time/muscle to get both the cover off and the battery out. I followed all the instructions and when I put it back together, all I get are white lines on the screen. shoulda paid the extra $50 for apple to do the battery replacement.

notlad1974, · Reply


Ok Everyone that is damaging their board by prying the battery out from the circuit board side, (Don't Pry from that side) You need to pry from the left hand side of the battery by the frame of the phone. This way you won't damage anything on your board. I was following the directions just like everyone else and I noticed that it was going to potentially damage the board if I went that route. Doing it this way the battery just popped right out with no problems.

IFIXIT: You need to change this part in your instructions so people will stop damaging their phones.


John Buckley, · Reply

Everything appeared to go great but now im having GPS issues. Is the GPS connector on the logic board? Has anyone else had this problem?



After replacing my battery on iPhone 5, my GPS was shotty and couldn't pinpoint my exact location. Opened it back up and realized that that longer thiner cable running the length of the battery on the circuit board side wasn't clipped in its spot. WORKS LIKE A CHARM NOW!

Dan Hohlfeld,


After replacing my battery on iPhone 5, my GPS was shotty and couldn't pinpoint my exact location. Opened it back up and realized that that longer thiner cable running the length of the battery on the circuit board side wasn't clipped in its spot. WORKS LIKE A CHARM NOW!

Dan Hohlfeld, · Reply

Be careful to make sure your replacement battery gets put in the case seated at the bottom, if not when you close up the front facing camera will be on the battery and if you force it (not realizing) you will damage the front camera

Mike Hebert, · Reply

Hi Mike Hebert. Thanks for the suggestion. I went ahead and added a warning on step 16.

Walter Galan,


The first time I put the phone back together, I turned it on but had a black screen. I took it back apart and put it back together again, same thing. I thought that I must had torn something but kept tinkering with it. I discovered that some of the foam adhesive strip that goes on top of one of the wiring harnesses that snaps the screen back to the phone had come off and was actually on the receiving side of the wiring connector bracket (probably not using proper terms here). I used the plastic tool that came with the kit and removed it (I was careful not to touch with my fingers for fear or oil getting on the harness). Tried again still nothing.. thankfully I did not give up as it turns out that connector on the far right of the screen connection harness is tricky. I thought I had heard it click before, but I really looked at this time and realized I had to turn it slightly inward to get it perfectly straight, and then it clicked. Success! Hope this helps someone.

clongjax, · Reply


I have done everything correct, but I have 2 problems, the power button and the home button is not working anymore. Can somebody help. Thanks

Roberto, · Reply

have u fixed maine also not working stuck in recovery mode and home power button not working


I have the same problem. I need help

Juan Fernando Escamilla,

The recovery mode problem as ive found so far is unfixable apple geeks said its toast as well as att. Ive tryed redsn0w and tinyumbrella to kick it out of recovery mode and it does but restarts right back into it. Itunes fails to update or restore. This is a significant risk to be sure, i had no problems changing the battery no clips broken no unnecessary prying and its well powered brick now.on the plus side im gonna leave it plugged in cause im hoping the added power drain will end the zombie apoc sooner.


I may have did something wrong, but anything can go wrong if you try and do this yourself. I was experiencing the same issues with my battery on my phone, basically couldn't leave the house because it died to quickly. So, I ordered a new battery online with a toolkit from Amazon. The reviews all were saying "It was great!" "Easy to fix!" So of course I wanted to fix my phone.

I did everything correct, with some technical issues of the battery sticking to the back of my phone. Also the screwdrivers I got from Amazon didn't work all the time when I tried getting the screws up. Once I finally thought I finished installing the new battery, after an hour and something of tinkering, I finally put it all together to only be rewarded with a black screen and a recurring vibrate whenever I plugged it in to be charged.

I advise whomever to not try installing it yourself but to go to an apple sore and have it professionally done. Instead of having to pay 500 something for a new phone.

kyla, · Reply

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