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Is there any way to get photos/video from dead I-Pad?

It's dead. The Apple store says it's the 'Logic Module". As I understand it, all my photos/videos are stored on an internal flash drive which backs up to the cloud during charging. Is there any way to bust into this thing and access the memory where the photos were stored and get them out? This thing died when I plugged it in to charge and back-up, just after the delivery of my 2nd grand baby! No backup to the cloud!

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Even though there isn't a little flash drive buried in your mini that you could take off to grab those precious pictures, a motherboard itself is just a bunch of little Legos that all do a job. There is no theoretical reason that the logic board can't be repaired--it's just not a DIY thing, and sometimes the time to troubleshoot makes the repair not feasible even when it may be possible.

From my experience, I have two comments

1.) Apple Genae have a limited script for troubleshooting problems--they consider "motherboard problem" a big black box that they don't touch. You've come to the right place to get much more thoughtful advice.

2.) I would bet this iPad could be saved. In the absence of water or a drop, these devices just don't suddenly fail. Have you tried a hard reset--hold down the top power and bottom home button simultaneously fit 10seconds. If no, then I bet your battery is either not charging or not talking to the vbatt line--a technician could open your device and see what happens if the device is hooked directly to a DC power supply.

There are definitely things that can be tried. Feel free to contact me via my profile if you have any questions.

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I was thinking the same thing. The information is in there and I've never dropped the thing or gotten it wet, I've only ever used the charging cable that came with it, and it is undamaged.

I'm not anywhere near qualified to crack this thing open myself, but there is a computer repair guy here in town who says he can probably recover the pictures/video. I'm debating about asking him to try to repair it. I'm told he doesn't like Apple devices because of the difficulties working with their systems but maybe he'll give it a shot.

by Sandy

It can be hard to find someone with experience in this area---I prefer to shop local myself, but I know that not every locale has experience with board-level repairs. Be sure that the person you choose has specific experience with the iPad mini, this one is a bit of different beast even among iDevices. Much of what I see everyday are iPad mini repairs in particular coming to me from other repair shops.

I'm sure that he knows that if he were to put the device into a situation where iTunes would require the iPad to be restored, that once that content is erased it truly can not be recovered. Not to sound too spammy, but you might want to consider finding someone for a mail-in repair for best results.

best of luck!

by jessabethany

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Hi, your problem just like another problem on ifixit, but the guy is using iPhone. You need to get your iPad repaired first. If the iPad cannot be turned on, no apps can help you to recover your data like your photos, videos, etc. Just have a look on this question, it may help you, good luck. Photos disappeared when battery replaced. Can they be retrieved?

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it's stored on flash memory, not a flash drive (same technology, different interface), and if apple is correct about the logic module (which to me means Motherboard), the is little hope. It could be something else though, apple has been wrong before. You can try looking at the charger if you're desperate, or maybe water damage, (I don't know specifics of how it failed, so I'm shooting the wind). But if it isn't one of those I'd be surprised if you can get anything off

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It's not water damage. I took the pics and video at the hospital went home and plugged the ipad in to charge and backup. I got the little tone you get when it's charging and walked away. My ipad never woke up again.

by Sandy

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If you have iCloud backup enabled or you back up using iTunes regularly, there is no worry, your data is safely backed up. If you don't have these backup, your only option is trying to repair the original logic board as it is IMPOSSIBLE to extract data from a dead logic board or swap the memory chip to another board and try to extract data.

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I did a back up 10 days before it died. In fact, that's what I was trying to do when it quit on me. I had plugged it in to charge and back up (to the cloud) and that little "bling" was the last sound it ever made and it never woke up again. Unfortunately it must have died right around that time because the back up never happened, according to the guy at the Apple store.

I'm hoping the board might actually be okay, I know those things don't fail often. More likely it's a connection somewhere. Maybe between the battery charging port and the battery or the board and the battery, who knows?

by Sandy

Even if the problem is small, they can't save your data. Apple actually consider the entire ipad to be a black box. They never repair the ipad hardware, they just give you another one.

by Tom Chai

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This may be a silly answer but have you tried using a different charger? Perhaps it was the charger that failed (as mine have done so many times) and your iPad is just out of juice. Good luck!

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spammyour6, read the question "It's dead. The Apple store says it's the 'Logic Module"." your superduper spamware ain't gonna work for that.

by oldturkey03

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