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  • Bolts on a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta?

    Hello, A friend of mine recent got a new 2003 VW Jetta, and his birthday is coming up. I thought a I would get him a set of a...
  • Overvoltage protection fuse existant?

    Hello, I received the weirdest case I can think of, someone managed to plug their phone into a 110vac socket with no dc conve...
  • What kind of plastic do dumbphones use?

    I have had multiple people ask if I can remove scratches from their dumbphones, and I always had to turn them down because I ...
  • DS lite flashes then shuts off

    I am fixing a friend's Nintendo DS lite. The top half is nearly separated from the rest, only the two black/grey cables are h...
  • A few questions about iPhone 4

    Hello, I have a few questions regarding the parts inside the iPhone 4 CDMA. 1st, what do the two "grounding clips" at the top...
  • Power Surge damages on tv

    We recently had some storms in our area, and a neighbor didn't have a surge protector on his tv. I replaced the power supply ...
  • iPod screen not sitting well

    I just replaced a screen for a friend on their iPod 4g. it is my first iPod repair. The screen does not sit properly, it push...
  • LG Revolution screen replacement

    I am going to be repairing a friend's LG Revolution. I found this guide, but I was wondering if anyone from iFixit had tips o...


  • Answer to: When I removed the battery contact clip I pulled 4 pins off?

    I don't see pictures. But did you pry carefully and remember to unscrew stuff? If you did rip connectors off then you need to have mad skills with soldering to repair it, although I have seen people advertise that they repair it on ebay (don't know if they are good though). If you fix the images, I can be more help.
  • Answer to: Is there any way to get photos/video from dead I-Pad?

    it's stored on flash memory, not a flash drive (same technology, different interface), and if apple is correct about the logic module (which to me means Motherboard), the is little hope. It could be something else though, apple has been wrong before. You can try looking at the charger if you're desperate, or maybe water damage, (I don't know specifics of how it failed, so I'm shooting the wind). But if it isn't one of those I'd be surprised if you can get anything off
  • Answer to: help I can't start my computer

    Sounds like a corrupted install. NTLDR basically means it doesn't know how to boot from your hard drive. if you don't have files that are important you can do a reinstall, or if you have files you want, you can plug the hard drive into another computer and copy those files to the good computer, or create a partition when you're installing and it'll save your files. let me know if you need help with any of those steps. Hope this helps.
  • Answer to: Good quality replacement parts?

    originals aren't always easy to find (I don't know for the note 2 specifically), but on ebay, if I try a new seller, there are a few things I look for. it isn't from china/east asia (tend to be defective and slow to arrive too), must have 99%+ positive feedback. must be tested parts, it will save you trouble. not all parts listed as oem are oem, so be wary. if you can, open up your device and look for little things on the part you want, like type of glue, or details on the cable to compare to the product you're buying, sometimes you can verify if it's original or not by those features in the picture (but it's usually hard).
  • Answer to: What can I do because I could cut myself any time?

    I assume you're saying it could cut you because the glass is cracked, and not because it's a sentient, knife wielding emo phone (or for another reason). clear scotch tape if a good temporary fix until you replace the screen, which is a releasable task for any iphone.
  • Answer to: How do I fix my black screen

    triple check the connections. shine a bright light at it to see if its the display or back-light (you'll see some faint colors if its a back-light issue).if you want to be really thorough, plug your old screen back in. there is a small chance it's defective, but test it thoroughly before you ask for an rma.
  • Answer to: How do you fix a cracked iPhone screen without paying for it?

    Unless you steal parts, you'll have to pay for something. there is no way to mend cracks on gorilla glass (the glass they use on most phones), so you'll need to buy a screen. the cheapest ones are on ebay, but there are also some of the worst there so be careful. ifixit sells some nice screens. After buying the screen,and assuming you have the proper screwdrivers and such, follow this guide. iPhone 4 Display Assembly Replacement
  • Answer to: None of my screws are coming off...

    the screws on the battery? do the look stripped? I assume you used the proper size philips. sometimes if its not 100% stripped you can manage to wedge a flathead in there (keep pressure so it doesn't strip more), or if you have the right pliers you can get lucky. if the screwdriver if the right size, and none of the tricks work, you may need to try a screw extractor. Precision Screw Extractor Set In the future if the screws are stripping, apply a bit more downward pressure, and there is slipping, don't try unscrewing more until you can figure out why. if its the screwdriver, and you don't want to wait, I love the masterforce micro screwdrivers menards carries, the price is good too. A good micro shot of the screws could help us out a bit more too. Sorry I can't help more :(
  • Answer to: Front Panel, screen broken by accident

    ifixit is more about fixing it yourself than finding other people to do it for you. the iphone 5 is an easy phone to fix, so you're in luck. parts can be bought here, or I buy my parts on ebay for price reasons. check out his guide, it will make you want to try it yourself, and fixing feels great! iPhone 5 Front Panel Replacement
  • Answer to: iPhone 5 Overheating after Water Damage and cleaning

    Try replacing the battery, that is the most likely failure point with water. that should fix the overheating. as for the touch screen, try a new battery first, id that doesn't fix it all, clean the two sockets connecting to the screen again, if it still doesn't work you may need a new screen