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  • Answer to: Reprogramming the NAND Flash and device ID on iPhone and iPad

    If there is no factory activation log on the server, Apple simply refuses to activate this product altogether, so just making up a new device ID cannot work. You can swap chips from another clean but broken device and assume identity of that device to activate, however you have to swap all major chips together since they are encrypted and matched to each other on both local and server end. Breaking these pairings will likely result in refused activation or immediate bricking. However there has been recorded events of new (not icloud locked) devices been locked by someone else, because iPhone 4 has been hacked enough to reprogram IMEI and other internal IDs. So malicious users can obtain IMEI/serial pairs, use the hacked iPhone 4 to trick icloud to lock other new and not locked devices, then scam money from the victims.
  • Answer to: Cellular Antenna Connection Location

    There are at least 3 antennas for cellular connection and at least 2 are used simultaneously. The lightning flex with the bottom bezel is primary Rx and Tx antenna, the top bezel itself is NFC, GPS, diversity Rx and secondary Tx antenna, maybe also for Bluetooth/Wi-Fi but I'm not sure, The antenna on the top left is like the top bezel, but I'm not sure how those two share the tasks.
  • Answer to: Capacity issues on 16GB iPad mini 2 (WiFi + Cellular)

    Because system files take up space.
  • Answer to: 2 TB time capsule

    Probably just tripped by a surge, check your power outlets.
  • Answer to: iPad mini LOCA Glued?

    No, not for ipad mini. However Apple glued ipad air 2 and imac, so you don't know about crazy.
  • Answer to: iPhone 6 plus Touch ID

    Home buttons are NOT replaceable, which cause the error first time. the second time is just because you damaged something, maybe it's just the connectors or bridging cables, which are easy to fix. If the home button is damaged, the phone is dead.
  • Answer to: Does apple reprograms touch id?

    Yes, if they replace the display, the Touch ID button has to be replaced as well, they must have a way to reprogram it. From what I know, they will replace the display assembly (the entire front half of the phone) altogether if: the display is broken, the top sensors does not work, the receiver still does not work after replacing just the receiver, Home button/Touch ID does not work. The cost for OOW display replacement is around $100, if replacing the display doesn't resolve the issue, they will replace the phone.
  • Answer to: Very weak wifi signal after housing replacement

    Check all screws, screw holes, logic board holding brackets and antenna RF cable sockets on the top half of the phone.
  • Answer to: Is there Diagnostic Software for all Apple devices?

    Yes however only Apple have access. For application level, each iOS device has built-in diagnostic functions, which can be activated by entering diags:/// in Safari. However a support ticket from Apple is required to activate it and the results are only sent to Apple.
  • Answer to: Touch ID Home Button Hot after LCD Screen Replacement

    There is just a flex cable, a button face and a sensor chip, that's all. For iPhone 6, since there is only one chip, the married part is the chip itself.


  • LG Watch Urbane Teardown

    Just replace the entire case with the display, it's pointless to peel them apart.

  • Retina Macbook 2015 Teardown

    Just replace the bottom case with the battery together. I don't see why you guys are so determined to pull the battery off the case when replacing it, it's just a cheap stupid metal bottom.

    Also pentalobe screws are no longer "proprietary" when you can get 10 for like 1 dollar.

    Apart from those. I agree this thing gets no more than 1 score on repairability though

  • Retina Macbook 2015 Teardown

    Just don't pull the battery off the case, replace those two as an assembly.

    Speakers and antennas are not so expensive either, but they are easily removable so not a problem.

  • iPhone 5 Display Assembly Replacement

    The compass is right next to it.

  • MacBook Air 13" Early 2015 Teardown

    Because nothing changes

  • iPhone 5s Home Button Assembly Replacement

    Unfortunately this will never work, the sensor is paired to the logic board. If you want to replace the defective tactile switch, remove all the plastic/rubber parts on the flex cable and resolder a new switch or disassemble the switch and clean/replace the metal dome switch. If you want to repair fingerprint function, just give up.

  • iPhone 6 Plus Home Button Assembly Replacement

    This guide is pointless, iPhone 6/6 plus home button is not replaceable, period.

  • iPad Mini Wi-Fi Teardown

    ipod touch and iphone 5 also have these plates. for structural and shielding purposes

  • iPad Mini 2 Teardown

    iPads are a pain in the !@# to repair, especially the glued up part and the open-up-and-wreck-up foam gasket around the LCD. I would have given that only 2 scores too

    But the Ifixit guys are a bit old schooled. They still believe the pentalobe screws are bad for repairs. Now the screwdrivers are $1 each. So much for 'proprietary' screws. And I actually support the trend of bonding the glass to the LCD. This actually toughens up the display module and eliminates dust under the glass panel. Which is a major headache when you open up the device to repair it

  • iPhone 5s Upper Component Cable Replacement

    This is actually the GPS/cellular DRX antenna connector, don't screw up.