Teardowns I've Worked On




  • LG Watch Urbane Teardown

    Just replace the entire case with the display, it's pointless to peel them apart.

  • Retina Macbook 2015 Teardown

    Just replace the bottom case with the battery together. I don't see why you guys are so determined to pull the battery off the case when replacing it, it's just a cheap stupid metal bottom.

    Also pentalobe screws are no longer "proprietary" when you can get 10 for like 1 dollar.

    Apart from those. I agree this thing gets no more than 1 score on repairability though

  • Retina Macbook 2015 Teardown

    Just don't pull the battery off the case, replace those two as an assembly.

    Speakers and antennas are not so expensive either, but they are easily removable so not a problem.

  • iPhone 5 Display Assembly Replacement

    The compass is right next to it.

  • iPhone 6 Plus Home Button Assembly Replacement

    This guide is pointless, iPhone 6/6 plus home button is not replaceable, period.

  • iPad Mini Wi-Fi Teardown

    ipod touch and iphone 5 also have these plates. for structural and shielding purposes

  • iPhone 5s Upper Component Cable Replacement

    This is actually the GPS/cellular DRX antenna connector, don't screw up.

  • iPhone 4S Battery Replacement

    DO NOT remove the battery unless absolutely necessary. If the battery is removed from the phone, DO NOT reuse it, ifixit does not seem to understand the importance of safely handling the battery

  • iPod Touch 4th Generation Teardown

    Yes, for better performance

  • PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement

    Why is it the wifi antenna if the cable is connected to the cellular board? it is the primary cellular antenna. the wifi antenna is the 2 small antennas in the upper half of the back case