Teardowns I've Worked On




  • LG Watch Urbane Teardown

    Just replace the entire case with the display, it's pointless to peel them apart.

  • Retina Macbook 2015 Teardown

    Just don't pull the battery off the case, replace those two as an assembly.

    Speakers and antennas are not so expensive either, but they are easily removable so not a problem.

  • Retina Macbook 2015 Teardown

    Just replace the bottom case with the battery together. I don't see why you guys are so determined to pull the battery off the case when replacing it, it's just a cheap stupid metal bottom.

    Also pentalobe screws are no longer "proprietary" when you can get 10 for like 1 dollar.

    Apart from those. I agree this thing gets no more than 1 score on repairability though

  • MacBook Air 13" Early 2015 Teardown

    Because nothing changes

  • iPhone 6 Plus Home Button Assembly Replacement

    This guide is pointless, iPhone 6/6 plus home button is not replaceable, period.

  • iPhone 6 Teardown

    The antennas are actually metal side bands, the plastic bands are there just to separate the antennas and the main case.

  • iPhone 6 Plus Teardown

    It involves the entire top frame, looks pretty complex.

  • iPhone 6 Teardown

    They are using a multi-driver speaker, trying to improve the sounds maybe.

  • iPhone 6 Teardown

    I'm curious about the antenna design, how did they fit wifi/bluetooth, GPS, diversity and NFC into the top area?

  • iPhone 6 Teardown

    They were together since the iPhone 5, so what is the point?