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iPad Rehab--Microsoldering, Mail-in Repair, Data Recovery

We are the microsoldering experts! We do board-level repairs on mobile devices and data recovery. Our customers are mostly other repair shops that prefer to outsource their micro soldering repairs, and we also serve the DIY community.


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We can help DIY customers that run into board-level trouble get back on track to complete their iDevice repair on their own.

You can read detailed testimonials, reviews, and all about the mail in repair services that we offer at ipad rehab

More recent reviews at

Pry damage repair

Replace board connectors

Antenna sockets

Backlight repairs

Custom microjumpers

Water damage reflow

Any knocked/loose/missing components

Custom troubleshooting

From the website, click the link to get a quote, buy a service, or read how to mail in your device for service.