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  • Answer to: LCD won't turn on after repair.

    many times folks with no image on mini retina are trying a mini original lcd, and not a mini retina lcd. this won't work even though the connectors are the same. unlike many parts, it is rare for a replacement lcd to just not work out of the box. so if that is the case, then this will be a simple backlight fuse job. for mini retina, you'll need to send it out for backlight repair---unless you are a capable microsolderer. if you need some microsoldering support--feel free to click my name and find your way to my mail in repair biz. jessa
  • Answer to: I cracked my screen, HELP!

    For 6 plus the Apple store is your best bet for sure. Even folks that are professionals that do nothing but glass only repairs haven't seen enough 6pluses, if any, to offer a quality LCD refurbished product. Trying to do a glass only repair on a 6plus as DIY is absolutely foolhardy in my opinion. jessa
  • Answer to: Front Glass with home button

    iFixit sells really great screens as well....and i *love* their free resources that help us all learn to fix. show them some love...
  • Answer to: My iPhone 5C works perfectly except the screen is black

    it is possible that you've blown a backlight filter--but since they are under the black waterproofing, we won't be able to tell from the picture no matter what. this is common if your replacement screen has the three solder lines on the backlight flex exposed---instead of covered with tape. the backlight flex exposed can easily short to ground on the frame and blow a backlight filter. really the best way to tell is to try a new screen--if also no image, then it will be backlight filter---send out for repair. jessa
  • Answer to: Overall Screw Size and Location Diagram

    You can buy a ScrewMat to help keep track---don't mess them up. Like in the 5s, if you put a long screw into the short screw bracket on the iPhone 6 you can damage the board---it will present as no backlight.
  • Answer to: Screen with White Lines

    Tom--your white lines in your display are definitely due to your damaged digitizer connector. You'll need to send that out for replacement if you want to fix this 5c. The rest of the screen abnormalities are probably just poor connection, static--which will fade, or a bad screen. You're right that your cam connector was just dirt. Make sure that you are certain this phone will clear the iCloud activation lock before you put too much more time into it. You realize that in a disabled phone that you don't know the passcode for to unlock it will have to be put into recovery mode and restored. After restore, the activation wizard will require you to enter the original owner's Apple ID and Apple passcode. You'll need to know this information, or have had the original owner clear this device from their account before you can use it.
  • Answer to: I've just got finish replacing my screen

    These guys are right---bad displays are really common. You'll have to rule that out first before looking for board damage which can also cause this.
  • Answer to: iPhone 5s Broken resistor on logic board. Can't turn on~

    C381. It is not a resistor. Shorting the pads together will short out your whole phone, so yes--will be a problem. This component is unlikely to cause a no power problem in the 5s. Try prompting your phone to boot by plugging it into the charger. Give us more details about your specific problem and the history of the phone and we can give you some guidance. jessa
  • Answer to: What did I break?

    This could be a lot of things. Step one--you're going to need to open that sucker up and get familiar with a multimeter and start doing some serious measuring for diagnosis. Board repair will involve microsoldering. Your first challenge is to dissect your motherboard out of the machine and figure out the 820-number of your board. This will guide you as you search the internet for schematics that you'll need to guide your troubleshooting<wbr />. If this doesn't sound like fun, you can send it out for board repair. jessa
  • Answer to: iPhone 5 logicboard problem

    The amount of heat required to pull that coil off the board would have certainly done in the PMIC. I would not consider that board a good candidate for repair.