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Cal Poly, Team 8-9, Regan Spring 2011

Student Team

Team Tag: CPSU-REGAN-S11S8G9

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Guide Image

Canon EOS A2 Control Dial Replacement

This guide will instruct you on how to remove the control dial on the Canon...

Guide Image

Fixing Pop up Flash Receptacle

The Canon Eos A2 utilizes a pop up flash in order to light up dark...

Guide Image

Canon EOS A2 Battery Replacement

Your battery may be the cause of many problems. Knowing how to access it is...

Guide Image

Canon EOS A2 Top Cover Replacement

Removing top cover of camera to give access to LCD screen, control dial, and...

Guide Image

Canon EOS A2 Front Cover Replacement

Removing front cover to give access to lens housing.

Guide Image

Canon EOS A2 LCD Screen Plastic Cover Replacement

This guide will show how to remove and replace the plastic piece protecting...