Overview ¶ 

Teams are collections of people with similar interests pooling their reputation and contributions together. Visitors to a team's page can see information about the team and its members. Members of a team are able to freely edit each other's guides.

Forming a team can be incredibly useful. Companies form a team to work on guides together without the delay of permissions and patrolling. Teams can also be used to partner up with different members that work on similar content. By pooling knowledge people can more efficiently create accurate guides.

Whatever the use, anyone can start their own team to work with others, be it co-workers, trainee partners, or just like-minded folks.

To view, create, join, or edit teams, click on the Teams tab under Contribute.

What Happens When I Join a Team? ¶ 

Once you join a team, the team name and avatar will be displayed underneath your name when people view your profile. Joining a team also allows you to freely edit guides created by other members of your team, regardless of permission thresholds. Once a member, you can edit a team's information in the About section of the team page, and view all other members of your team.

Parts of the Teams Tab ¶ 

Once you are on the Teams tab, there are a few different things you can do.

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View or Join an Existing Team ¶ 

To check out one of the teams that already exists, click on a team name or team avatar. This will take you to that team's profile. The tabs across the top allow you to navigate between the different parts of the team's profile in the same way you would on an individual's profile.

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  • The "About" tab contains all of the information about the team. This usually explains why the team was formed, talks about the people in the group, and contains pictures.
  • The "Contributions" tab automatically updates with everything that each member of the group contributes to the site.
  • The "Activity" tab automatically updates with a list of recent activities performed on the site by team members. Clicking on an activity will take you to the page that was changed.
  • The "Members" tab shows a list of every member in a team and allows you to go to their individual profiles by clicking either their name or avatar image.

On the right side of the team's page is the team name, picture, stats, summary, and a "Join Team" button (the button will say "Leave Team" if you have already joined). This button will not be visible if you are already a member of a different team. If you want to join the team, simply click the "Join Team" button.

Search Teams ¶ 

On the right side of the "Teams" tab, there is a search bar. You can use this to search for a specific team name or part of a team name. This is one of the reasons to create a descriptive team name—it helps it turn up in search results.

Create a New Team ¶ 

Feel like making a team of your own? Click the "Create a new team" link to get started.

  1. Type your desired team name in to the "Team Name" text box. This name can be anything you want, but a name describing the purpose or members of the team usually helps guide new people to your team.
  2. Write a short description—usually only a couple sentences—about your team in the "About Your Team" text box. This is not the information that will show up under the "About" tab; it is the summary that will appear on the right side of your team's page underneath your team picture. This should just sum up who your team is for or what its purpose is.
  3. If you want the team to be open to anyone, leave the "Invite Only" box unchecked. If you want to require a code to join, check the box.
  4. Click "Save" to commit these edits and go on to edit your team.

Editing a Team ¶ 

After you create or join a team, different editing options will become available.

Edit the About Section ¶ 

Any admin or member of a team can edit the team's "About" section. First, click the "Edit" tab on the top right of the team page. This will take you to the following page:

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In this area, include all of the information or images that you want about your team. This is the main part of the team page and will be the first thing that people see when they view your team page. It should contain the full description of your team's purpose and anything else you think is important. You can also upload images and documents to this page. For more information about uploading images and documents, check out our page about Using Media.

After adding to the "About" section, you can choose to preview the new version by clicking the "Preview" button, view the differences between the new version and the old version by clicking the "Diff" button, or save the page by clicking the "Save" button.

Edit the Profile Information ¶ 

Admins and the creator of a page can edit the team's profile information under the "Profile" tab. If you are able to edit this page, click on the "Profile" tab on the left side of the page after clicking the "Edit" tab on the team page. This will bring you to a page that looks like this:

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From this page, you can change the team name, team summary, privacy settings, team location, and avatar image.

  • If you want to change the team to be "Invite Only," check the box under "Privacy." After saving your changes, the code to join your group will appear under the "Invite Only" box.
  • To set the location of your team, or secret team headquarters, drag and drop the placemarker in the Google map at the bottom of the page to your desired location. You can zoom in, zoom out, scroll, and check out street view using the buttons on the map screen.
  • Dragging a picture to the "Avatar" area will set that image as the avatar for your team. This is the avatar that appears next to your team name in search results and on the "Teams" page. For information on image uploading, check out the info page on Uploading Media.
  • Be sure to save all edits to commit them before leaving or refreshing the page.

Delete a Team ¶ 

Only admins and page creators have the ability to delete a team page. To do so, simply go to the "Profile" tab while editing the team, then click the "Delete Team" button. This will erase all of the information about the team and remove all members, but will not delete anything from any individual's page or reputation.

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