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USF Tampa, Team 1-2, Leahy Fall 2016

Student Team

Team Tag: USFT-LEAHY-F16S1G2

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Guide Image

HTC Ozone Rear Battery Cover Replacement

Removing the rear battery cover.

Guide Image

HTC Ozone Frame Replacement

Removal of the plastic frame in order to gain access to internal components.

Guide Image

HTC Ozone Motherboard Replacement

Remove motherboard from the plastic phone casing.

Guide Image

HTC Ozone LCD Display Replacement

Remove the LCD display from the phone.

Guide Image

Opening the Case

How to open the case of a Nikon Coolpix 4100

Guide Image

Dell Optiplex 745 Motherboard Replacement

Replace the motherboard of your Dell Optiplex 745.

Guide Image

Samsung BD-H5100 Media Controls Replacement

This guide will teach you how to replace the media controls in the Samsung...

Guide Image

Samsung BD-H5100 Power Cord Replacement

This guide will teach how to replace the power cord.