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My website is my company is iHeartMacs Consulting LLC. I love what I do and I do it with ethics and pride. Mainly an I.T. and Network guy for big companies I've started working for myself helping small businesses and home users....

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Hi, I'm a single Papa who's been supporting my son (9) by myself in CA so I must be doing something right! I have greater experience with boutique setups-custom VM's on Mac's to run QuickBooks POS, Software fixes - HD Data Recovery. I finished the Practical Board Repair Workshop with Jessa and wow it was the extra insight I needed to get over the plateau I was having with reading schematics. Now I feel like Sherlock. Nowhere near Jessa still but I'm making progress. I'm being more active in the community and I'm making a video on how to use PADS and a neat hack to emulate ZXW. Mostly just how to install it and change the color patterns and get rid of unnecessary layers. Oh also how to use Wine to run Pads on a Mac without a VM which I'm already doing for Openboard view. Hey I should make a video for that too. I just bought a Cannon DSLR and a photo box to make guides (Help please) .... hopefully one day I can return the enormous favor iFixit has done by creating a beautiful and informative site.!! :). I've mainly been an I.T. and Network Guru for bigger companies. Now I'm focused on small businesses and home users. One of the best things I learned from Jessa is that my soldering skills are on point. I've been doing miracles I guess with a god damn Aoyue. As soon as I got behind a real machine I was lifting BGA's and connectors without a hitch. Now I'm hating it because after using a JBC hot air I had to have it!! Once you try the best it's hard to go back.

I've been fixing water damage, doing HD Data Recovery, iPhone Data Recovery, Custom it can't be done VM + Hardware setups. I do Watchguard and Meraki firewall setups. I even worked with a White House Staffer to stop Russian hacking of his social media accounts. I reverse phish hackers to get clients their email accounts back and more identity theft post clean up and prevention.

Brooke Johnson