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Released September 16, 2016. Model 1660, 1778 Available as GSM or CDMA / 32, 128 or 256 GB / Rose gold, gold, silver, black, and jet black.

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iPhone 7 Home button extension ribbon - Where to buy one?


I have separated the lcd from my iPhone 7 but I was a bit to harsh on the little guy and I ripped the home button extension ribbon. Now I am having trouble to find a seller online. Does anyone have one for sale or know where to get one?

Does somebody also have a picture from the ribbon cable? The cable runs underneath the backlight so I can't get it out without damaging my working LCD. I am curious how it looks like. It would also help me out in looking for it online.


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they sell flex cable.. does anyone tried this?


@ron2020 This part is absolutely useless, countless people have tried and verified.


I was told once this cable is torn the home button will never work with the phone again due to a chip-pairing from the button to the phone - not even as a home button (let alone being used for Touch ID). Can anyone verify?


Do you mean it doesn't help to replace it? Or that the product is poor value? @tomchai


I’ve replaced my 7 plus ribbon cable once before. I ripped the original by accident while replacing the battery. I wasn’t sure on what the cable itself was called and I’m still not. So I ordered a really cheap lcd replacement kit and ruined it just for the cable. It restored the touch I.d and home button function. You have to have to original home button that came with the logic board. Otherwise you’ll only get that function back with the help of Apple


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Heres a teardown guide

iPhone 7 Teardown

And heres the home button cable

[linked product missing or disabled: IF332-002-3]

Hope this helps

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I am looking for the EXTENSION ribbon cable. Not the Home button itself. It's one of the two cables that connect on the motherboard, the other one is a lCD+Touch cable.


As you can see in the guide:

The bottom is the Home button extension cable, the above one is the lcd+touch cable. If I am correct the extension cable runs underneith the lightbox towards the home button. This part can't be found anywhere and there is no picture of it on the internet how it looks like, at all.


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It's built into the screen, not a separate cable.

You have to buy a new screen.

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For practical purposes---it is part of the screen unlike earlier models. As of July 2017 the price of replacement LCDs are far cheaper than trying to McGuyver a screen to replace just the home button flex.

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You can actually replace the home button extension cable but you'll need to desolder the backlight film from your lcd because if you don't , you'll lose fingerprint id . If you don't care for fingerprint, just replace the whole 3D touch + backlight film + home button assembly. This sits behind your lcd and is solderd to your lcd . You will desolder and re solder the new backlight into your lcd with the contacts underneath the backside of the lcd cable underneath black tape.

ALIEXPRESS SELLS THE IPHONE 7 3D TOUCH + HOME BUTTON Assembly for about $80. The whole screen will cost $350 +. So if your good with a soldering iron, you can save money.

"LCD Screen Display 3D Touch Film Module Part Flex Cable Ribbon Backlight Film Back Light Replacement For iPhone 7 / 7 plus 4.7""

I ripped this cable when disassembling, but worked after soldering new 3d touch assembly in.

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