Battery does not charge but power source works


After a tumble from the top of a chair to the floor, MacBook Pro seemed to be okay. However later noticed that the battery was not charging. The power indicator said that it was charging, but the battery charge did not change (or noticeably).

Left plugged in over night the battery went from ~48% to 64% charge. After rebooting the computer the battery will not charge at all. The power connects fine and [so far] everything else seems to functioning properly. I reset the SMC for what it's worth.

The impact was on the corner of the bottom case, the same corner as the right hand rest area. That corner of the case is visually impacted.

Does this sound like an issue of a connection being disrupted or something more serious?

Does the laptop work when it is unplugged? Just trying to determine if the battery is connected to the logic board.

Robert Ciaccio,

If it wasn't then it just wouldn't power on.


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First try another charger, or try the charger in another computer, if it works or another charger produces the same results, then this coupled with the visible damage points to needing a new DC-in board. Here's the install guide.

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Just got it back from Apple - they apparently tried replacing the battery, mag-connector, and "battery board" to no avail, suggesting it was damage to the logic board itself. Also realized the keyboard backlighting no longer works. The battery *will* charge but extremely slowly, and so far has peaked out at 75% or so.


The repair they made was BS. Call them and send it in explaining you don't trust the service center any more.


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