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  • Antwoord aan:MacBook Pro does not start up

    zzz, is really down on these older machines. As he gets older maybe he will not be so ready to trash older things, but he is of the disposable generation. There were recalls and class actions law suits on the nVidia 8600m GPU which have now expired. I did not see many issues with the Radeon X1600. Many of these machines were erroneously diagnosed as GPU issues because it was easy to do and the real culprit was the I/O board. If you have the money to buy a newer model, consider doing so. If not, I will try to help isolate the problem but we must have that serial number to get you to the correct part and guides.
  • Antwoord aan:Why is my SSD booting from USB and not from SATA

    Did you first format the drive for Mac, make it partitioned GUID and MacExtended Journaled?
  • Answer to: Where I can buy rear sensor panel for ps vita 2000

    How about here: http://www.westingames.com/productList.a...
  • Answer to: Why is my computer running so hot?

    First, lets get some facts. Please give us the last four figures of your serial number so we know if it's a '57 Chevy or a 2015. Next has it ever been opened and blown out? What is the history of the machine? Where specifically is it getting hot? Are you using it in bed with a pillow under it or is it getting proper ventilation?
  • Answer to: Why does my nerf gun make a fart like noise

    If a produce fails after one day of use, return it and get another one and test it before you leave the store. If it does have a warranty and you try repairing it, you will probably void it.
  • Answer to: How replace water line from rear of the filter housing to wall

    The manual PDF may help you: http://www.searspartsdirect.com/partsdir...-model/Kenmore-elite-Parts/Refrigerator-Parts/user-manuals/manual-downloads/Model-10674206401/0583/0166000?modelNumber=106...
  • Answer to: Kenmore HE2 plus washer Cycle Signal Won't Turn Off

    Unplug it for at least 5 minutes to allow it to reset.
  • Answer to: Why is the washer drum banging in the spin cycle?

    I've already answered this question: https://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/1329...
  • Answer to: ignition key buzzer won't turn off

    It may be the glow plug timer relays. There are two and they are located in it the small fuse box just behind the big one under the hood. To confirm the fault, look at the front of the engine where the intercooler pipe (a big black one) goes down onto a metal block square in shape. On the right side of this block are two connections: connect one end of a jump lead onto this connection and the other end onto the positive terminal on the battery. Count to ten then remove the lead from the battery. Do this again and have a assistant start the car it should work.
  • Answer to: Where can I find OPO charging block?

    You can get the UK model here: https://oneplus.net/oneplus-usb-power-adapter