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  • Answer to: Is my wife being ripped off by repair shop?

    Please direct this "repair person?", to this question. He needs a peer review. Have him explain to us exactly what he is doing.
  • Answer to: Got a few drops of water on my keyboard

    Sounds like you may have shorted out the keyboard. The replacement keyboards can be found on eBay. Just make sure to correctly identify your machine before buying one.
  • Answer to: Hot apartment + fridge melted = is it broken?

    Condenser Coils are Dirty How it Works: If the refrigerator is not cold enough the condenser coils may be dirty. The condenser is like a radiator and must stay clean in order to dissipate the heat which was removed from the inside of the refrigerator. As the coils get dirtier the refrigerator becomes less efficient, which makes it work harder to cool down. If the coils are dirty enough, the unit will never be cold enough and will not be able to cool the inside of the refrigerator to the proper temperature. Evaporator Fan Motor How it Works: If the refrigerator is not cold enough, the evaporator fan motor might have failed. Every refrigerator has a set of coils called an evaporator. The refrigerator may have one or more evaporator fan motor(s) depending on the model and evaporator locations. The evaporator fan motor circulates the cold air from the coils thru the compartment. If there is only one evaporator it is in the freezer side. If the fan is not working, no cold air will get to the refrigerator compartme...
  • Answer to: ice maker not working

    Here's the first thing to look at: Water Inlet Valve How it Works: If the refrigerator ice maker is not working the water inlet valve might be defective. The water inlet valve is an electro-mechanical valve. The coil can show good for continuity and still not let the water thru.
  • Answer to: Consistent leak creating brown spots on driveway

    Here's an excellent article on determining where different types of driveway stains are coming from: http://thecarguy.com/articles/fluids.htm
  • Answer to: spark plug blew out

    Here's a video on how to handle the problem: http://www.denlorstools.com/home/dt1/pag...
  • Answer to: Thoughts on repair after lightning took out modem and iMac

    Get a pile of cash about equal to twice the original cost of the machine. Understand the concept of "cascading failure": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cascading_... Quit when the stack runs out. In my opinion, the whole thing is worth what you can sell the stand for.
  • Answer to: How to retrieve data from SSD (MacBook air 13 inch 2014)

    Looks like you bought the same machine. Switch out the SSD card, have an external backup hard drive. Move the data onto the external drive. Replace the SSD drive with the new one and plug in the external and move your data. MacBook Air 13" Early 2014 Solid-State Drive Replacement
  • Answer to: Why won't my dryer start?

    Drive Belt How it Works: Every dryer has a belt, and if the belt breaks the dryer won't turn. The belt is usually a very long, slender belt that wraps all the way around the dryer drum, around a tension pulley, and then around the drive motor. Over time the belt will break from normal use. A quick way to see if the belt is broken is to reach into the dryer and try to spin the drum by hand. If it spins very easily the belt is probably broken. Some dryers have a belt switch on the idler pulley arm that will not let the dryer start if the belt is broken. When a dryer won't turn, this is the first part to check. Drum Roller How it Works: If the dryer won't turn, and the belt is not broken, the next thing to check are the drum rollers. Every dryer has either 2 or 4 drum rollers. Over time these rollers wear out and can prevent the dryer from turning properly. Drum Roller Axle How it Works: Over time the drum roller axles can wear out, causing the rollers to bind. If the dryer won't turn, check these axles to be ce...
  • Answer to: How to upgrade RAM

    RAM Type: PC2-5300 DDR2 Min. RAM Speed: 667 MHz Details: Supports 667 MHz PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM (200-pin SO-DIMM). Standard RAM: 1 GB Maximum RAM: 6 GB* Details: 1 GB of RAM is installed as a single SO-DIMM module. *Apple officially supports 4 GB of RAM, but third-parties have been able to upgrade the system to 6 GB of RAM using one 2 GB and one 4 GB memory module. 1) Here's how to install it: iMac Intel 20" EMC 2133 and 2210 RAM Replacement


  • Repairing Apple Wireless Keyboard without destroying it.

    What was the total time to do this repair? I did the original tear down but didn't think this was even possible. Congratulations on your resolve to succeed. You'll do well in life if you don't waste to much time ;-)

  • MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display Late 2013 Upper Case Assembly Replacement

    A link to that video would be appreciated.

  • iMac Whiteboard

    Angela, I tried contacting you via twitter, would you click on my icon and email me. This is about my possible relocation to Ecuador .

  • Approximate replacement time 2hrs 15 mins

  • This was probably the first guide I tried writing. I'm sure I made some errors and one is the order 7 should be before 6 but I don't know how to change it. You're more than welcome to try to improve it. These things aren't written in stone and most have contributions from many people. I'm done this many times without damaging any wires. You damaged the wires when forcing, I clipped the tabs off so that it wasn't forced, after all the thing is held on with screws.

  • Thanks for a much needed guide addition! Great work!

  • As the glass may be broken on these, I found that putting Duct tape across the broken screen helped keep it together better for easier removal. Also you might want to watch the small suction cup that comes in the kit as the metal pull ring melts right out, I had to use my bigger suction cups.

  • Great idea! How about adding an attachment to the bottom of the stand to hold a book open. Maybe use the speaker case cut to size. Affix it using the holes for the RAM access plate.

  • I was very surprised to find this guide and very pleased. Good work.