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  • Answer to: Replacing the side panels.

    Using parts of this guide you should be able to do it.
  • Answer to: water damage caused screen to go black

    You might be screwed and have to buy a new display or cable, but try first a bag raw rice for a day or so, if that doesn't work I've founded opening it up, cleaning with ethanol, and drying carefully does the trick.
  • Answer to: A1226 Maximum Memory Upgrade over 4GB

    According to Mactracker the max is 6GB, so you'll need this and this.
  • Answer to: Kindle 3 g Repair

    Make sure that battery is connected properly, I'd bet your messing with it disconnected it or similar. I'd advise leaving it to charge for several hours, to ensure it's charged. Then go for a hard reboot, hold the power switch and keep it held, after 30 seconds or so (sometimes more than a minute) the device should reboot, which almost always works. If all this still doesn't work, I'd advise getting a new battery (though before buying one I'd suggest contacting amazon's customer support, often they'll just do this stuff for free).
  • Answer to: powering on/file folder w/question mark

    That means it can't mount the hard disk. Most of the time this means the hard disk is damaged and you'll have to replace it, however, you can try a few things. First you need to boot up from your Mac OS X install disk (hold C at startup to boot from the dvd drive). Then open disk utility, and try to verify and repair the disk. If it repairs it, you're good, if not, read on. I always try DiskWarrior first, as it almost always works, and unless the drive is completely gone, it'll work. Since you're using a very old computer, I'm guessing it still has the original drive, and it's not at all surprising for an HDD of that age to just give like that. So you may want to just skip this, although DiskWarrior really is a steal at $99, it's saved me a bunch of times, and the bootable disk is always in my travel bag. If none of the above work, you just plain need to buy a new hard drive, which you can get from iFixit right here. You can stick that in your laptop easily and be up and running in no time. The main problem i...
  • Answer to: What lcd is interchangeable with my MacBook? PN: LP133WX2-TLC7.

    Considering that iFixit lists the part as being compatible with all unibody macbooks and some macbook pros, I'd say yes. The first part is likely the model/part number, the second part is related to the build and such (ie. what factory, date made, etc.).
  • Answer to: How to fix scratched gorilla glass

    You probably can't do anything about it. If it has warranty I'd investigate that.
  • Answer to: when I power my ps3 on its in a different language

    一つ。(設定)>(本体設定)> [システムの言語設定]に移動し、xmb™ホームメニューのボタンを押してください。 二つ。メニューから選択するために使用可能な言語のリストを提示します。お好みの言語を選択し、確認ボタンを押してください。
  • Answer to: Need to upgrade my battery too?

    Go here for the full list of what you need to upgrade!
  • Answer to: Are the board contacts finally broken?

    Yeah you can fix that, I made the same mistake, accidentally ripping the volume button flex cable from the board. If you know how to solder SMD you're set, but you wouldn't be asking that question. It's not too difficult to learn, get yourself some very very fine solder, and search youtube for video tutorials this one is good. All you have to do is solder the connections back.


  • iPhone 4 Verizon Teardown

    I'll be very interested to see what modders can do. Maybe with asimple hack or accessory it'll be a world phone

  • iPhone 4 Teardown

    Isn't the term "iOS" not "iPhone OS"

  • Mac Mini Mid 2010 Teardown

    I wish this was shaped like the logo

  • Mac Mini Mid 2010 Teardown

    I want the Apple shaped hole. With the bite!

  • Apple A4 Teardown

    Looks like it's official, the iPad IS just a giant iPod Touch. Nothing special here, move on.

    But nice work on this teardown, was cool to look at how these "micro-teardowns" are done.

  • Apple A4 Teardown

    Hey, you might want to let WSJ know about this, I read an article in which Kyle Wiens gave an interview about the A4 and I remember it clearly stating that samsung made/designed the A4. May want to correct them on that.

  • Apple A4 Teardown

    Quote from Kyle Wiens:

    The exact quote in the article is "The proximity of the chips suggests that Samsung also manufactured the A4 for Apple." I think that's a fair assessment. Hopefully we'll find out tomorrow for sure.

    Ah, ok, I was misremembering the article then. Thanks for the clear up.

  • Apple A4 Teardown

    Quote from luwoze:

    The author was ambiguous - if your unit of measurement is in 'bits', it should be the same unit throughout the text (and it's equivalent in 'Bytes' given in parenthesizes).

    Well know, because different things are measured in different units.