Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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Problems after screen replacement


after the display was broken when my phone kissed the road I today picked up my iPhone 6 from a local repair service. But now the iPhone does not feel like an iPhone anymore.

It seems like the display is higher (or thicker) than usual because I can feel its corners near the frame. Also the home button is 'deeper' embedded and you can hear a clacking sound on touching it. The staff told me its original hardware, something with A++ or A+++, I don't remember exactly. But nevertheless it should fit properly doesn't it?

Hope you can give me some advices.


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I assume there's not a tempered glass screen protector on it? They come in 0.2mm and 0.3mm thicknesses typically and so stand off a fair bit. But I'd guess they'd tell you if they gave you one for free or something.

Otherwise yes, it should fit the same. If it isn't it's likely because the refurbisher (the company that provided the screens to your repair shop's supplier, or the repair shop itself if they did glass-only repairs) messed up. Either the frame wasn't glued properly (most likely) or they have too much LOCA (liquid glue, which they shouldn't be using anyway) or a double OCA (sheet glue) layer. I can guarantee you that they didn't put extra thick glass on the screen.

Bring it back. All of the major parts suppliers will RMA faulty parts and give them a new one so it won't cost them anything other than time. And they should have seen the problem before they started.


I have to change my answer as I recently learned some info that relates to this issue:

There have been a spate of iPhone 6 replacement screen issues as of late, the most common of which is screen to frame separation. The problem is that the design of the iPhone 6 leaves very little area of contact between the frame and the glass. Original Apple screens don't have a problem with this as they use a special type of glue that is held in a press while it sets, which can take hours. Aftermarket manufacturers don't want to deal with that so they use hot glue. But the type of hot glue they were using they found ineffective at holding the frames on, so to increase strength they made the frames thicker. These thicker frames allowed greater glue contact (in theory), but they caused the LCD to protrude past the original. Most manufacturers have since solved this issue by switching to a stronger glue.

As it turns out, this didn't work either, and now there have been numerous failures. So if you find your screen separates from the rest of the phone bring it back and get it replaced. In fact, if you call your installer they may be able to swap yours out for a replacement as their supplier (if they're using a reputable supplier) will likely issue an RMA without any problems for the old screens.

tldr; it's not an installer fault, it's a supplier issue.

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A++++ is the same as D- All the aftermarket screens are not that great for the iphone 6. The quality is low because the price is driven low by Apple's uncharacteristic policy of replacing simple cracked iphone 6 screens in house for $109. This forces all of us pros to stay under that--which isn't possible with quality parts.

Get your old screen back, and go to the Apple store for a genuine Apple screen for $109

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It's possible that the repair technician isn't as skilled as you were hoping him to be. These repairs can be quite difficult, especially for beginners, and it is not uncommon for a device that has been repaired to have slight imperfections like the one you describe. It's difficult to tell if this is down to negligence without inspecting the repair work, however you should expect this kind of result from technicians who are not Apple staff. Maybe the screen was not a genuine part, maybe it was but was damaged a little and they didn't notice, maybe your iPhone chassis was damaged when you dropped it and that's the best they could do. Most repair services have a warranty on their work, if your not happy with their work and you want your issue remedied, you should seek legal advice if they do not comply.

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My 6s screen was replaced and every since the phone has gone bat $@$* crazy going from app to app by itself won't at times let me text has eliminated some of my contacts that I've had for years any ideas


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That LCD was glas replacement before and he selled it to you for a new one it's simple bussines you give him your broken lcd he repair it and sell to anotherone simple as that. Org lcd are perfectly in every corner

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