Samsung Galaxy Phone Battery Draining Fast

Samsung Galaxy Phone Battery Draining Fast

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Is your Samsung Galaxy battery draining fast? This problem page will go over several common occurrences when it comes to your Samsung Galaxy battery draining fast. The problem can be caused by either software or hardware causes, so read on to determine the right solution for you!

Restarting your Galaxy phone is a good first step to ensure it’s not a random software fluke.

  • Press and hold the power button and tap Power off on the screen when it appears. After waiting until it powers off, hold the power button until it powers back on.

Updating your phone is necessary as some bugs are addressed in recent Samsung updates.

  • To check for updates, open the Settings app > System updates. Tap Check for system updates or something similar.



Samsung includes a built-in power saving mode that will limit background network processes.

  • To enable power saving mode, open the Settings app > Battery and device care > Battery > Power saving. Toggle the setting to enable power saving.
  • One step further, Samsung has a built in function to optimize your phone’s battery automatically by tweaking various settings. Open the Settings app > Battery and device care > Tap Optimize now.

View what apps are taking up your phone’s battery the most. Uninstalling those apps if you aren’t using them is the best action to take.

  • To view these stats open the Settings app > Battery and device care > Battery > Using since last full charge. A list of apps will appear ranked by the most energy greedy. Uninstall apps from the Settings app > Apps section.
  • Another option is to put unused apps to sleep. This prevents apps from running in the background which results in less power used. Open the Settings app > Battery and device careBatteryBackground usage limits. Toggle Put unused apps to sleep to enable.

Several Samsung Galaxy phones use AMOLED displays which are more energy efficient.

  • Open the Settings app > Display. Select the Dark mode.

The Always On Display eats away at your phone’s battery

  • To disable it, open the Settings app > Lock screen. Toggle off the Always On Display or schedule it to be on during a certain time. You might need to turn off Power saving mode before you can disable Always On Display.

Certain Samsung Galaxy models use a higher display resolution. While this does produce a better quality image, it uses more battery.

  • You can lower the resolution by heading to the Settings app > Display > Screen resolution. Select either HD+ or FHD+. WQHD+ is most likely already set which is the highest quality and most battery hungry display type.

Some Samsung Galaxy phones are able to display higher than 60 Hz, creating very smooth animations. This display refresh rate can be lowered for better battery life.

  • Open the Settings app > Display > Motion smoothness. Change to Standard from High.

Your phone’s battery life may be severely degraded.

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