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iFixit Manufacturer Solutions

We always have repair on our minds.

You may not, and that’s okay—we’re here to support your repair ecosystem. From world-class repair guides and parts distribution to design-for-repair consulting and compliance, we help great manufacturers create more repairable products.

Let’s Build a More Repairable World

Repair is good for people, the planet, and profit.

For over twenty years, iFixit has been at the forefront of the repair revolution, crafting sustainable and profitable repair solutions. Our commitment has led us to collaborate with diverse companies worldwide, from burgeoning startups to established industry leaders, all dedicated to enhancing product repairability.

Repairability starts with design

Repairability means making it possible—and ideally easy—to repair a product. A repairable product is designed with disassembly in mind (it should be easy to take apart and put back together). It must also have parts, tools, service documentation, and software available, as well as no artificial barriers to repair such as parts pairing. Together, these aspects make up the repair ecosystem.

We work with manufacturers to gain insight on repairability and implement feedback into new product designs.

The Fairphone 3 disassembled into modular components and laid out on a white background

Sustainability beyond compliance

At iFixit, we’re not just celebrating a product, but a broader paradigm shift in the industry. This isn’t just about launching a new device. It’s about a commitment to a future where technology is not only powerful but also sustainable—because it is repairable. We help partners go beyond meeting compliance standards; cultivating a culture of repair.

The Road to Brand Loyalty: Repair

Repair isn’t just good for consumers—it offers great benefits to businesses, too. Many companies embrace DIY repair. They know that people who fix their stuff are dedicated customers.

Providing the information and tools needed to fix products cuts down on support costs. Customers love it when they can get their stuff fixed quickly—whether by themselves or at a local repair shop.

Repair Makes Cents

Making products repairable is good for business. Repair offers the opportunity to keep products valuable for longer. And thus, it opens up opportunities for new business models, including parts sales, buyback programs, service programs, refurbished programs, and the sale of modular upgrades. These strategies create new revenue streams that are stable and often have higher margins than the sale of new equipment.

Why iFixit?

As global leaders and thought leaders in repair, iFixit is a prime mover in establishing, shaping, cultivating, and promoting a vision of sustainability through the repair economy. iFixit brings two decades of experience in building robust, successful, consumer-centric repair ecosystems. Our focus is not only on providing a single piece of the puzzle—but the entire solution. We offer customizable, turn-key solutions for developing an entire repair ecosystem—product design to parts distribution—all in one place. In short, we can help your company lead the industry and create a repair ecosystem that is second to none. 

Our global Solutions team is composed of experts who specialize in coming alongside manufacturers at any stage of the process and guide them towards the Gold Standard of Repair—providing easy and efficient ways to design, develop, and deploy a successful repair ecosystem.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services and customized solutions for OEMs of all sizes
at any stage in the development of a repair ecosystem.  

Repairability Assessments

Our repairability engineers can disassemble your product and furnish a technical report evaluating its ease of repair. For certain product groups, like laptops and smartphones, we can calculate a repairability score to provide a quantitative baseline for future improvements. Our large teardown library also provides point-by-point comparisons with competitors’ devices. Beyond just product assessment, we offer assessments on the customer repair experience. Optionally, we can host a workshop to review our findings with a Q&A session for your product designers, engineers, and other stakeholders.

Technical Repair Documentation

Detailed but concise. Accurate but accessible. Visual and descriptive. iFixit’s step-by-step instruction manuals set the gold standard for getting complex tasks done right the first time—whether by end users, technicians, or engineers. With the experience from writing thousands of repair guides in dozens of product categories, we are experts at communicating complex tasks simply.

Repairability Compliance Guidance

As of January 1, 2021, France requires manufacturers of certain products to list a Repairability Index (“Indice de réparabilité”) score at point of sale, and we expect other countries to follow. And beginning in July of 2023, the state of New York mandates availability of parts, tools, documentation, and software needed for consumer electronics repairs. As more legislative bodies craft the Right to Repair rules that consumers demand, our serviceability experts can assess your needs and help you get ahead of the curve.

Here’s what sets us apart 

We use one-of-a-kind documentation software.

We weren’t happy with any of the existing documentation options available on the market, so we created our own custom software platform to enable collaborative creation of technical manuals.

Our manuals get things done.

Every step shows precisely what to do, without ambiguous diagrams or superfluous instructions.  Clear and concise, we communicate in the fewest words possible—no jargon, no flipping between various instruction sets, and no confusing cross-referencing. 

Bigger, better photos.

We capture high-resolution, instructive photos for every step. No Escher-esc, unintelligible line drawings. We integrate hands and tools into each shot to clearly show the action. We even built an image markup tool that intuitively connects photos and text.

Motorola Edge Battery


We serve all audiences.

Whether for use by your internal team, your service provider network, end users, or to share with the world on iFixit, our guide writing team can create class-leading guides for repair procedures relevant to the audience.

Our documentation never dies.

 An outdated manual can be worse than no manual at all—incorrect information causes expensive mistakes. For a document to be truly useful for years to come, it has to get better with use. In our manuals, every single step has an edit button that allows field technicians to fix errors, update procedures, and make improvements. Field edits are queued for our review—and, once approved, our system automatically updates the document in every format we offer.

Parts Distribution and Sales

We can sell and fulfill replacement parts from our warehouses in the US, Europe, Canada, and Australia. We manage inventory planning, distribution, and customer support. We handle the logistics and provide you the reports. With guides in place, our parts distribution creates a seamless repair experience for your customers, giving them access to parts and service information from a central resource.

Design for Repair Workshops

With technical analysis and market-driven discussion, we can help product engineers and sustainability teams better understand how design choices impact the longevity and repairability of their devices. We offer virtual and on-location workshops to help make your products more repairable, durable, and sustainable. 

Repair Ecosystems Workshops

Prefer to take things in-house? We can train your team on the tactics of technical writing, repair ecosystem planning, repair legislation compliance, or sustainability principles behind repair. We offer virtual and on-location workshops to help your team tackle the topics and projects to build an in-house repair ecosystem.

Custom Solutions

Not seeing what you need? Over the past 20 years, we’ve seen a lot in the repair industry. We are happy to discuss your needs and translate our experience into a custom repair solution.

Our Portfolio



Motorola’s been building repairable phones since 1928 — that’s why they’ve chosen us to be their repair ally. In 2018, Motorola became the first major smartphone manufacturer to offer official replacement parts to customers, and we’re proud to distribute those parts to DIY fixers around the globe.

It’s proof that OEMs and independent repair can thrive together. Motorola led the industry by looking forward—not just a quarter or two, but years ahead when today’s devices are destined for the shredder. If you’re a Motorola customer, you can either send your broken device directly to Motorola for repair, or fix it yourself with the highest quality parts and tools, plus a free step-by-step guide—all included in our Fix Kits.

Customers rave about their experience fixing their own Moto, and 70% of repair kit customers say the experience makes them more likely to buy a Motorola phone in the future. They also feel confident knowing that iFixit tools and OEM parts come backed by the manufacturer.



Worn Wear Billboard

Patagonia sets the bar high when it comes to making clothes that last. The outdoor gear retailer not only resells its own used clothes through its Worn Wear program, but it also hosts repair events around the world where people can bring their favorite Patagonia apparel to get fixed by professionals.

Our collaboration with Patagonia features online sewing tutorials that help people perform basic repairs. We worked with Patagonia’s materials experts to create a lengthy Product Care Guide on iFixit with detailed instructions for laundering rain jackets, reapplying waterproofing, removing stains, and caring for the wide range of fabrics and materials that the company uses.



iFixit is Google’s go-to choice for providing comprehensive coverage for the entire Pixel product family. We’ve worked side-by-side to provide an entire repair ecosystem—from a repair hub and repair guides to parts and custom fixkits—for Google’s DIY repair service. The program offers multilingual, global coverage—and has received high praise not only from customers in a satisfaction survey but from the tech press.   

Expanding their offerings, Google launched Pixel phones in 2016—creating a seamless user experience integrating their software and hardware. Out the gate they had industry leading camera performance and unique designs—but that wasn’t enough. Google saw the importance of connecting their devices to their users and the importance of repair on that process. First collaborating around design for repair and then building out resources for Pixel users with an appetite for DIY solutions. 

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