Samsung's Galaxy line of smartphones used to fare quite well in the repairability department, but last year's flagship S5 model took a tumble, scoring a meh-inducing 5/10. Will the newly redesigned S6 lead us back into star-studded territory, or will we sink further into the depths of a repairability black hole? Hop aboard as we tear down the Samsung Galaxy S6!

Interested in the S6's curvy counterpart? Check out the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Teardown.

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This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Samsung Galaxy S6, use our service manual.

  1. Compared with the S5, the S6 certainly looks good on paper. Its specs line up point-for-point with the flashy S6 Edge:
    • Compared with the S5, the S6 certainly looks good on paper. Its specs line up point-for-point with the flashy S6 Edge:

      • 5.1" Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen (1440 x 2560 pixels, ~577 ppi, 16M colors)

      • Exynos 7 Octa 7420 Processor with integrated Mali-T760 GPU and 3 GB memory

      • 16 MP rear camera with HDR, LED Flash, and dual-video recording

      • Built-in wireless charging

      • 32, 64, and 128 GB storage options

      • Corning Gorilla Glass 4 backing

    • It's got more power. It's got more pixels. Still, it feels like something's missing. We can't quite put our finger on it, so let's dig our fingers into it. It's teardown time!

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  2. Just like its edgier sibling, the new Galaxy sports Gorilla Glass 4 on its front and back faces.
    • Just like its edgier sibling, the new Galaxy sports Gorilla Glass 4 on its front and back faces.

    • A view of the edge of the Galaxy.

    • At .27 inches, the S6 comes in just a hair thinner than its sister Galaxy, the S6 Edge (.28 inches).

    • Thinner, but not smaller—the S6 is slightly taller and wider than its sibling, and comes in a tiny bit (6 grams) heavier.

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    • The S6 Edge was monstrously hard to open, and odds are the S6 has the same nasty adhesive. This Galaxy looks sleek and talks tough, but we're packing heat—in the form of an iOpener.

    • After wrestling with a brief bout of déjà vu, our trusty Heavy Duty Suction Cup and opening pick get us inside.

      • Looks like the S6 and S6 Edge are going to have a lot in common inside as well as out.

    The device needs to be heated up using a hot plate or other appropriate alternative before you can follow these instructions.

    Shaya Kutnowski - Reply

    The iOpener is such a heat source, is it not?

    satidragon -

    • The rear panels are so similar we had to put them to the side-by-side comparison test: as we should have expected, the S6 Edge (right) panel is slightly smaller than the standard S6 (left) panel.

    • The adhesive stayed globbed to the midframe this time, hiding the screws. We had a moment of panic, thinking we'd have to go through the display, S5-style.

    • But after peeling up the adhesive, all screws are present and accounted for—and now, removed!

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    • It's time to blow this Galaxy wide open.

    • Removing the midframe reveals... an S6 Edge?

    • Maybe not—but it takes a keen eye to spot the difference. Apart from a slight rejiggering of the vibrator placement, these internals are a dead ringer for that other flagship Samsung smartphone we tore down recently.

    remember to take out the sim card holder before removing the mid frame

    randyknudsen - Reply

    What is the function of the large black thing in the center of the midframe?

    Terri White - Reply

    As in the S6 Edge link, it’s an NFC/wireless charging coil.

    Sam Lionheart -

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    • Who runs the phone? Battery!

    • Removing the battery from the S6 should be a little bit easier than from the Edge. In the Edge, the battery cable was routed under the motherboard before connecting on top, necessitating removing the motherboard to get to the battery.

      • Looks like with the bit of extra room inside the regular S6, Samsung was able to run the cable on top of the board, to save a step for battery removal.

    • Also, thanks to the flat-screen design of the S6, it's easier to push an opening pick straight into the gap between the battery and display assembly, making it easier to cut the (just-as-strong) adhesive holding the battery.

    • This hardly qualifies as a user-replaceable battery, but it is a bit easier than in the S6 Edge. Still, it's a flying leap backwards from previous Galaxies like the S5, where you could replace the battery using nothing but your wits, and you didn't even really need those.

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    • The Galaxy sports a 3.85 V, 9.82 Wh battery, which Samsung claims will provide up to 23 hours of 3G talk time, 12 hours of Wi-Fi internet use, and up to 57 hours of music playback.

    • With the transition to heavier case materials, perhaps Samsung was interested in cutting weight by trimming batteries. The 9.82 Wh battery in the S6 and 10.01 Wh battery in the S6 Edge feel pretty small compared to the Galaxy S5's 10.78 Wh pack.

    • The battery is quite a bit bigger than the 6.91 Wh we saw in the iPhone 6, but arguably provides less talk time. It seems like that extra screen real estate takes a lot of juice.

    What are the dimensions of the battery? (Height x Width x depth mm)

    murronman - Reply

    • The motherboard is still held by the gravitational pull of a pesky daughterboard connector. We quickly set to work with a spudger and lift off to get a closer look.

    two other connectors need to be removed, one twoards the top and another along the side

    randyknudsen - Reply

    We don't write teardowns to be detailed disassembly instructions—they're supposed to provide a fun look inside new devices. If you're looking for step-by-step guides, we do have a complete set of repair manuals that include all the details for individual component replacements.

    Evan Noronha -

    • We grab some tweezers and take a closer look at the Galaxy's cameras.

    • The S6's 5 MP selfie camera is the spitting image of the front-facing camera we found in its sister Galaxy.

    • The similarities don't end there. The 16 MP OIS rear-facing camera looks nearly identical to the one in the Edge. There is definitely some similar hardware on this PCB:

      • Winbond W25Q32FW Serial Flash Memory

      • InvenSense IDG-2030 dual axis gyroscope for optical image stabilization

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    • We scope out the back side of the motherboard first, and find some familiar heavy hitters:

      • Samsung Exynos 7420 Octa-core Processor - 64-bit, 2.1 GHz Quad + 1.5 GHz Quad, with Samsung K3RG3G30MM-DGCH 3 GB LPDDR4 RAM layered in

      • Samsung KLUBG4G1BD 32GB NAND Flash

      • Skyworks 78041 Hybrid Multimode Multiband (MMMB) Front-End Module (FEM)

      • Avago AFEM-9020 PAM

      • Broadcom BCM4773 GNSS Location Hub

      • Samsung C2N8AF (possibly image processor)

      • Avago A7007 (seen previously in the Galaxy S5)


    I am getting very poor network signal since I reassembled. Where are the antenna on this device. I tore off some yellow/orangy sticker accidentally when I took off the back glass panel as it was glued to it. What that part of the antenna? If so where can I get replacement or do I have to buy new chassis ?


    Enda Kirby - Reply

    Hello, can you please specify how thin the motherboard is (I won't do the repair if its too thin, i don't want to damage it)?

    Jernej Perko - Reply

    The teardown does not mention that there is a Samsung Shannon 333 Modem Chip underneath the NAND Flash Chip (Orange).

    Its stacked and soldered with the same connectors onto the board.

    Thor Odinson - Reply

    It Also doesn’t mention that this is the E0B1 Variety. (32GB EMMC Chip)

    Thor Odinson -

    • A few more familiar faces grace the front side of the mobo:

      • Wolfson Microelectronics WM1840 Audio Codec

      • Samsung S2MPS15 (likely power management IC similar to the S2MPS11)

      • Samsung Shannon 928 RF Transceiver

      • Maxim MAX77843 Companion PMIC

      • Maxim MAX98505 Class DG Audio Amplifier

      • Samsung Shannon 600B5D

    Huh.. So that pesky little PMIC is whats burning my hands when my phone charges.

    Cole Feldt - Reply

    tel me sim ic

    saad - Reply

    • We attempt to pry up the daughterboard, but are thwarted by soft button LED cables.

      • The soft button LED cables are trapped between the display and the display backing frame.

    • So we pry up the display frame to release the daughterboard.

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    • Once extricated, the daughterboard provides a clear view of its audio jack and space-aged microUSB (2.0) port.

      • This represents another seeming step backwards from the S5, which packed a 10x faster USB 3.0 port.

    • Onboard, we spy a single IC:

      • Cypress 3175 1501 1885 (likely touch or fingerprint sensor controller)

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    • Samsung Galaxy S6 Repairability Score: 4 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair).

      • Many components are modular and can be replaced independently.

      • The S6 doesn't have the S5's display-first entry, but the display still needs to be removed if you want to replace the USB port.

      • Unlike the S6 Edge, the battery can be removed without first ousting the motherboard—but tough adhesive and a glued-on rear panel make replacement more difficult than necessary.

      • Front and back glass make for double the crackability, and strong adhesive on the rear glass makes it very difficult to gain entry into the device.

      • Replacing the glass without destroying the display is probably impossible.

    My samsung s6 dropped in water and only comes on when it is plugged in. As soon as the cord is removed it shuts off. Ive had the battery looked at and thats not the problem. Any suggestions?

    Maurice Lafleur - Reply

    Possibly the daughterboard (assuming charging circutry is on daugtherboard) may be providing power to motherboard but not battery

    Aidan Macgregor -

    The Phone , i.e. Galaxy S6 is onebof the best phone of world. But probably most difficult one to get opened…

    Achena Pothik - Reply

    Samsung is a phone which is one of the best phone of the world. There is no doubt.

    But at the same time …probably the most difficult phone to get opened !!!

    Achena Pothik - Reply


So once the rear glass is removed once the screws are removed the chassis is removed? As I want to replace my chassis on my s6 at some point and don't want to remove anything I don't need to.

Any help is appriated.

Anthony Summerfield - Reply

We have a full set of step-by-step replacement guides for the components in this phone!

Sam Lionheart -

My wife dunked hers in the Pool right after my Daughter's Wedding so we need to get the pictures off.

I tried drying it out for a week before even attempting to turn it on. However it is dead!

Any suggestions?

northandersen - Reply

dissemble it first and replace the dead battery. Usually that's the first component that fails upon touching water. Once dissambled, replaced the dead battery and try again. You will be able to check the rest of component with a minimum investment. Cheers.

kavenzc -

Hello, My S6 G920I 64gb has water damage. I went to iguazú falls and it get wet. I didnt turn on anymore. I sent it to service and couldnt repair, they said they detectes high current on main board and detected two pins of the screen with corrosion. It doesnt start when press ON button. Its completely dead. I conect to the charger and it doesnt even turn on the led. Do you think that it can be de PM IC on the main board?

Iguazu - Reply

I Need to Know if i can put a mainboard g920i in a screen g920f?

Christian -

My son put my s6 in the bath. The motherboard is blown. My data is fine to retrieve. Is there a way I can retrieve my data and how much would it cost? and also without replacing the motherboard? I just want my photos and videos. I'm not worried if my phone does not fixed afterwards.

meshaelzmercedes - Reply

I have the same problem. The cost of a recovery company are around 450 till 600 euro.

But the one I brought it to weren't able to retrieve the data

kirsten -

Theoretically, you can move the flash NAND to another S6 and use it that way, I'd assume. That would be pricy but it is possible to do

AdamA -

Curious would an s6 edge motherboard work in an s6 since they ate essentially the same hardware on board

Edward - Reply

Kindly tell me.

S6 Plus 920f main board replace with S6 Edge928A?? Please Help me

Muhammad hamad khan Lodhi - Reply

hi. my daughter drop milk on Samsung s6.

and I find it when it start pop the multi windows. n also the key to bring the windows. is not working or its light I turn it off. put it in front of fan.. what I should do.

nida - Reply

hello my Samsung s6 does not go fast charging. what is the component on the motherboard that handles the fast charging?

lapizone87 - Reply

I am looking for the same thing I have replaced the USB port and board but still no fast charge

Jamie Sendall -

Hello! I had recently dropped my phone on a hard surface. My screen did not crack but my whole screen went black & now it will not read my fingerprints or anything. Is it possible to get it replaced? (Censor?) Underneath your screen? & If so what would be the price range?

Thank you!

Khalleigha - Reply

It think you broke the digitizer (in other words, your screen is no longer useful). Although, t here is a chance your screen connector just got disconnected, you should take it to a technician, and see if there is a solution for it!

kavenzc -

Does someone know how to recover photo from a samsung galaxy s6? It fell in water.

I brought it to a data recovery company but they say they don't have the algorithm to read the data from the chip. Does any one know where to find that algorithm? Or another solution.

Thank you. Kirsten

kirsten - Reply

4 out of 10??? 1 or 2 out of 10 I think...

If broken micro usb connector: need dissasembly lcd and battery cover. Significant risk of breakage

if broken microphone: need dissasembly lcd and battery cover. Significant risk of breakage

if broken mini jack connector: need dissasembly lcd and battery cover. Significant risk of breakage

if broken battery: need dissasembly battery cover; the paint of cover is broken in old phones. (if battery inflated lcd broken)

Samsung make this phone bad for repair; bad durability, bad for the environment...

Very bad for Earth.

El CAÑON - Reply

0 out of 10 in practice!!!

Achena Pothik -

Phone screen is broke completely, I took that glass off and the copper looking piece behind the screen is also cracked, I can get the phone to come on, but no screen, so I cannot unlock the phone to transfer the pics, is there any way to get my pics off the phone without unlocking the phone ?

kathleenherring198225 - Reply

So I have a Samsung S6 edge 64gb and it works fine besides 2 things

1. The phone gets a bit hot not sure if it's normal? Have had the battery replaced

2. When it comes to network...4g works 100%,H works 100%,2G works 100% but H being hsupa doesnt receive any signal....I see it sending but nothing recieves and it's like the phone is in network limbo until it finds H or 4g

Any explanation or fix would be appreciated

Wesley - Reply

Does the s6 use the same audio codec as the s5? Any help would be appreciated thanks

Eoin Coleman - Reply

Can i put my s6 motherboard into a locked s6 there any way it can be done or can I unlock my s6 edge

Brian hall - Reply

Hello my son was using my galaxy S6 one morning and I the screen is black no noise no lights or vibration I am wondering if he might have yanked on the charger cord to hard and maybe the battery just died but since nothing happens when I plug in a charger( Wich iv tried multiple different cords ) it does nothing I try looking at the inside of the micro input and it seems tobe intact but I think there might be a missing pin as I can see three but one of those three is not as long i wonder if a wireless charger would be worth a shot or not since I cannot turn on the phone I don't know if I need to turn on any wireless charging options please any info or options, ideas for charging it some how to see if that is the problem thank you.

Joshua Parrow

phishhead1986 - Reply

Trying to fix a broken back button… Which part should I replace? The daughterboard, the cables? What?


dave - Reply

Hi Dave! The button won’t “click” or work? Does the back button still light up? The Daughterboard button cables are just for the LEDs, the button function should be part of the digitizer in the display assembly. You can try opening the phone and reconnecting the digitizer cable, but I think it will likely be more trouble than it’s worth, I’d suggest an on-screen accessibility button. But if you want to try the connector, or fully replace your screen, check out our step-by-step display replacement guide!

Sam Lionheart -

My s6 finally died today. Can the SD card be put in a refurbished s6 phone or s6 casing so i can retrieve my photos and texts? My last backup was two months ago but i have important stuff post-backup which i really need. Pls advise, thx

angelnavidi - Reply

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