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Repair is War on Entropy

The goal of this group is to stop the insanity of wasting valuable resource by discarding products that are repairable. Repair will keep our hard-earned money in our pockets instead of further feeding the Profit-before-People (Planet) machinery.


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OBSOLETE - How to Remove a stuck game from an Xbox 360

READ ME: This guide has been archived by the...

Guide Image

Game Boy Advance Back Panel Replacement

How to remove the back panel from a Game Boy...

Guide Image

Motorola V188 Battery Replacement

This guide goes through the steps of accessing...

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How to repair the MagSafe Magnetic End

As you can see by the photos, I took a broken...

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Gentle method - HP Photosmart Plus B210a Printhead Cleaning

If your HP B210a has a clogged printhead, this...

Guide Image

Repairing Acer Aspire 5100 Display Screen

This guide shows how to disassemble the Acer...

Guide Image

Sony Vaio VGN-SZ120P Teardown

This is a full teardown of the Sony Vaio...

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Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit

Use this guide to install iFixit's Red Ring of...

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Microsoft Zune 30 GB Back Case Replacement

Remove the back case of the Zune 30 GB.