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Repair is War on Entropy

The goal of this group is to stop the insanity of wasting valuable resource by discarding products that are repairable. Repair will keep our hard-earned money in our pockets instead of further feeding the Profit-before-People (Planet) machinery.


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Enough. Is. Enough. We are wasting millions of our hard earned money by continuing to discard devices that are deemed non-fixable by the industry. They do not want us to fix ANYTHING. Washers, Dryers, electronic appliances, almost everything that we purchase is meant to be discarded. Enough already! The industry keeps bleeding us dry by creating more and more barriers to our right to repair. Whatever we buy, we paid for it. It's OURS. If it is broke, we want to at least have a fair share at fixing it. The goal of this international team is to provide as much assistance to anyone that is like-minded. We are refusing to continue being the open wallet for the tech industry.

We need more doers. Active participation in Answers (yes, even on the international sites ;-) is the only requirement to join this group of dedicated fixers.

Here is a link to a Discord server where we can talk / write and discuss the team and our thoughts: