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UC Davis, Team 2-3, Oliver Fall 2016

Student Team

Team Tag: UCD-OLIVER-F16S2G3

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HP G71t-300 Wi-Fi Card Replacement

The Wi-Fi card is an adapter that gives the device the capability to connect...

Guide Image

HP G71t-300 DVD Drive Replacement

The DVD drive allows the device to read and recognize inserted DVDs or CD...

Guide Image

HP G71t-300 Hard Drive Replacement

The hard disk drive (HDD) is the data storage device that stores and receives...

Guide Image

HP G71t-300 Keyboard Replacement

The keyboard is the panel of keys that allow the user to operate the device....

Guide Image

Acer Aspire 7736Z-4809 Keyboard Replacement

If your keyboard does not respond to your typing, try this guide to replace...

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HP G71t-300 Cooling Fan Replacement

The cooling fan allows air to circulate through the system, reducing the...

Guide Image

HP G71t-300 Thermal Paste Replacement

Thermal paste is the conductive bridge between the heat sinks and device...