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Guide Image

Toshiba Satellite S55T-B5335 Battery Replacement

This guide will walk you through the simple process of removing the battery...

Guide Image

Emerson EM744 Camera Replacement

Use this guide to open your Emerson EM744 and replace the camera on the tablet.

Guide Image

Emerson EM744 Speaker Replacement

We will be showing you how to remove and replace a broken speaker on the...

Guide Image

Emerson EM744 Motherboard Replacement

Use this guide to replace the circuit board on your EM744 tablet.

Guide Image

Emerson EM744 Battery Replacement

The aim of this guide is to replace the battery of our tablet Emerson EM744.

Guide Image

Emerson EM744 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement

In this guide you will open the tablet and replace the Wi-Fi Antenna.

Guide Image

Emerson EM744 Back Plate

This guide will allow you to break down the device to be able to get the to...