Apple Watch (42 mm) Adhesive Strip

  • Apple Watch (42 mm) Adhesive Strip
Apple Watch (42 mm) Adhesive Strip



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Once you're in and out of the Apple Watch and it's time to seal everything back up, use this adhesive strip to ensure a tight seal between the case and the display.

This replacement adhesive strip fits the 42 mm case Apple Watch Original model and Series 1, and 2 models.

Part Assembly Includes

Part Assembly Includes

  • One Adhesive Strip


Apple Watch
42 mm Original Model A1554
Apple Watch Series 1
42 mm Model A1803
Apple Watch Series 2
42 mm Model A1758 or A1817

Repair Stories

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My Problem

Replaced broken screen

My Fix

After pulling screen off and cleaning it all as instructed with a little bit of alcohol I thought I was doing well. So then I continued with the repair by placing the adhesive on he watch under the force touch, placed the force touch sensor on top of adhesive. Continued by putt . . .