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  • Heat the edges of the phone up so that the back lifts up evenly without cracking. Use many picks to cut the adhesive and take your time and reheat if necessary.

20 minutes! You are dreaming. More like two hours, look how hard the battery is to get out and the back needs heaps of heating and care.

Graham Philip - Reply

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  • Remove screws.

20 screws to be removed.

Carole Vallejos - Reply

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  • Remove middle housing.

Be careful here. The coated display glass is glued to the edges of the mid-frame. During removal, the black coating could stuck to the mid-frame and rip off at the edges. Maybe more heat could help here.

mcbohdo - Reply

Image 1/3: Slowly cutaway at the adhesive on both sides. When that is done the battery should come out with ease. Image 2/3: When the adhesive is cut, the battery should come out and you can put your new battery in. Image 3/3: When the adhesive is cut, the battery should come out and you can put your new battery in.
  • Carefully slip a spudger or something thin and sturdy underneath battery. There is adhesive holding it down on the left and right side. DO NOT try to force it as the screen could be damaged.

  • Slowly cutaway at the adhesive on both sides. When that is done the battery should come out with ease.

  • When the adhesive is cut, the battery should come out and you can put your new battery in.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hi , Sophia

The Back Case after heating, will it be fixable without any adhesive solution


Yes if you over heat the back for a long time. If you just heating it up to remove adhesive you should be fine.

Constantino - Reply

This is ridiculous. I don't know why they changed it so that you can no longer open the back cover and change your battery and expand memory. My note 4 broke and the insurance company railroaded me into getting a 5 because they didn't have the 4 in stock and didn't think they would be getting any more. I'm so upset. I want my money back.

Helena - Reply

That is exactly what they did to me, and they acted like they were doing me a favor.

Kathy -

Lol...note 4 from Asurion isn't a thing anymore for Insurance.

Why are you so mad? it's a HUGE upgrade because your itty bitty battery doesnt just fall out???

get real lol.

cooley -

I feel your pain! This "huge" upgrade is more like a HUGE rip-off! Samsung HAS replacement batteries but REFUSE to sell them to the public so they can charge $70 for you to ship it to them, not knowing what they will do with it ... ex: drop, crack, erase info, then send a "refurbished" phone back instead of your mint condition phone. I'm mad! I want to buy the battery form them and do the replacement myself but they REFUSE so they can take us for more money. NO MORE SAMSUNG FOR ME!

Lucky Lady -

There is a reason why they did this. They can track you as long as the battery is in the cell. If the battery is out they cannot track you. Therefore, if you cannot remove the battery even though it is off, they can track you, listen to you, etc. They have this technology and have been using it for a long time, Helicopters doing surveillance on those they want to know what their doing, by having this they know exactly what everyone is doing and where they are at any time. Not just for criminals.

Lydia Brockmeyer -

Would doing this void my warranty?

Willie contreras - Reply

Ofcourse it will void your warranty..You seriously think opening up fixed battery wont void your warranty lol..

Asad Malik -

By the time you need a new battery, your warranty will be out anyway most likely.

Kathy -

is the battery linked in this post the same one that comes in Note 5 stock? i'm hesitant to buy a battery that might be worse than i currently have.

paul - Reply

Yes the battery is OEM

Jade Davis -

Are there any problems which might arise if I change my note 5's battery?

shayminimyahs - Reply

I installed a new battery and my note 5 never turned on. I re-installed the old one and do not turn on. :(

What I can do nex?

Virgilio Munoz - Reply

check the connections when it plugged in to the main board, see if any prongs are bent or broken. Make sure there are no tears in the ribbon from the batteries.

Dustin Gonzales - Reply

Is there a way to get a larger capacity internal battery? Google has not helped me one bit in the matter. I would like up up the 3000 mah if possible, I don't care if the phone is thicker. I have a 4hr lifespan with 3000 mah at 100% charge right now...utterly terrible.

joinhalo - Reply

I also am having to charge my phone every 3 to 4 hours. Terrible!

dgpaul - Reply

I swapped the battery and saw 24hr use with normal usage. Old oem battery had blown up and was all lumpy. Amazing how much better it is. I don't know how not to break the glass whIle removing the back cover though, would recommend buying a spare back cover just in case since it breaks easily.

joinhalo -

dbpaul, best way to avoid damages is to heat the back cover area and use 2 suction holders. 1 attached to the LCD and one to the back cover. gently pull them appart and the glues will begin to seperate. you can get them on this site for ~$3 a piece.

Suction Handle

Product code: IF145-361

Dustin Gonzales -

What tool are you using to heat/melt the adhesive? I tried using a hair dryer but it did not work :(

Newton Berwig - Reply

Are there any performance issues (ie. Lost info or app data?

Robert - Reply

Thank you so much (: i had to buy a heat gun from my local hardware store the blow dryer just didnt get hot enough . The most difficult part of this process was removing the actual battery it didnt just pop out like the video . it was glued in place i couldn't just rip it out either becaue the screen was on the other side i didnt want to yank it around to much and crack the screen underneath. but i slide a thin card and seperated the glue from battery (: yay all fixed !

mooberries25 - Reply

Hi I need you help!! im planning to buy a replacement battery for my note 5 n9208 but the supplier only has n920 will it be fine to use it? pls i need your prompt reponse.. thank you so much in advance

lem_bads - Reply

I've tried using blow dryer and it doesn't loosen the glue at all. I have a heat gun, but won't it damage stuff inside?

littl-bit - Reply

This is ridiculous...I have heated my phone til it burns my fingers and the glue does NOT release at all. And the hotter the phone gets, the worse the suction cup works!!!! Waste of $ for a battery I can't use!

littl-bit - Reply

Will you have to replace the back if it is cracked when you take it off?

Derrick hardin - Reply

Will you have to replace the back if it is cracked whenever you take it off to replace the battery?

Derrick hardin - Reply

I just did a battery replacement on my dad's refurbished note 5. Getting the back to 450F was enough to seperate it. Do not use a small suction cup. Find something that takes up alot more surface area so you don't have to pull as hard. If your back does crack buy a replacement one its like ~10$ and mine came with pre-applied adhesive.

Matthew Dela Cruz - Reply

I have a Note 4 and want a 5. Can I permanently remove the adhesive from the cover to help aiding the removal process? The phone won't get in the water anyway. Adhesive seems like an overkill.

Tony - Reply

I wouldn´t do that in advance, because it may damage some part and the phone is not waterproof and dustproof anymore.

Claus Gärtner - Reply

My Note 5 Needs a new battery would it be worth it to buy one? seems really complicated to replace, Or just go through insurance for a refurbished phone. I really like my Note 5 there offering me a Samsung galaxy s7 edge, for replacement if I choose to. they dont have Note 5's

Heather - Reply

Hello Heather,

I would recommend you to go through insurance. Its a pity of course to loose the favorite phone, but the repair action isn´t easy. If you don´t have experience on such kind of action, you maybe damage your phone.

Claus Gärtner - Reply

I changed the battery and but forgot to take out the sim initially. I checked the sim on other phone and thats working ok. But on this phone, no sim is getting signals or registered... any idea.. did i spoil something?

Ali - Reply

Did you check the contacts in the phone for the sim? Are they in a good condition und clean? Try to clean them with a clean piece of cloth and a litte amount of alcohol on it.

Claus Gärtner -

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