A running cistern can waste a lot of water - a repair is urgently needed. Actually, this can have two causes: either the seal is leaking at the outlet of the box (the bell seal), but more often the seal is defective at the inlet valve, this case is described here.

Lift pressure plate from bottom to top, then remove
  • Lift pressure plate from bottom to top, then remove

  • first unscrew the outer frame

  • then the inner cover. Carefully pull away to the front.

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Grab left and right and pull up quite vigorously.
  • Grab left and right and pull up quite vigorously.

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  • Be sure to turn off the water inlet, e.g. at this corner tap.

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  • The filling valve. Photo 1 with the surface box.

  • Photo 2 shows the valve in the flush-mounted box.

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  • With a water pump pliers, you loosen the union nut on the valve. So it is separated from the water inlet.

  • Remove the hose slowly so that no part falls out.

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  • With the surface-mounted box you can simply push the valve upwards.

  • With the flush-mounted box, lift the valve upwards and set it aside. then push on the upper part until the float releases.

  • Now you can lift out the parts.

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  • Here you can see the parts of the valve. The seal is the red dot!

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  • Now the seal has to be removed and replaced. It is sometimes difficult to find out. Try a small screwdriver.

  • Figure 2 shows a defective seal (here black). Clearly a ring is pressed into it.

  • If the seal is still elastic, you can just flip it over. A new seal is really not expensive.

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  • When reassembling you have to make sure that the release lever engages correctly again. Use a screwdriver if necessary.

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Repeat the steps in order to reassemble your device.

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