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Background and Identification

Released in 2005, the Sony PS-LX300USB is a relatively inexpensive turntable designed for playing records and transferring music from vinyl into MP3 files on a computer. Utilizing a drive belt and pulley motor system of rotation, this device is relatively simple to repair because of the easily replaceable nature of the drive belt and motor. Also, it’s dust cover prevents the rubber pad from getting dirty between uses. Because this model allows users to upload music from its vinyl version to an MP3 file through a USB connection, the SONY PS-LX300USB takes an old technology and upgrades it for enjoyment across all generations. Though Sony recently released the Sony PSHX500, a hi-res USB turntable, the PS-Lx300USB remains popular to his day.

The Sony PS-LX300USB can be identified by its relatively compact size (13.5" x 3.9" x 15.7"), its ash gray tinted dust cover that's slightly angled towards the front, and its USB turntable to computer connection capabilities. It is distinguishable from newer models, such as the Sony PSH500, by its size and color. The Sony PSH500 is 18.5" x 16.3" x 6.2", which is larger than the PS-LX300USB, and the PSH500 features a rectangular and clear dustcover.

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