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SONY PS-LX300USB Troubleshooting

Released 2005, Identified by model number PSLX300USB

The Sony PS-LX300USB can’t play sound through computers or their speakers. However, the turntable will still connect to a computer for other functions.

If the USB Audio Codec Option is missing from your speaker menu, it was likely chosen as a disabled device. To fix this, go into the Recording Devices, under Sound and Speaker, menu and choose the Disabled Devices tab. Enable the device here.

The platter under the rubber mat on which records rest doesn’t turn or doesn’t appear to turn properly.

Clean the spindle and lubricate it with oil. If the platter now can spin, then the issue was just a matter of friction or a dirty spindle.

If the turning platter has turned before, did you notice any discrepancy between a song’s typical and observed tempos? If so, this could be a sign that your turntable’s drive belt is deteriorated or broken. Remove the platter to reveal the drive belt to inspect it for cracks or major stretch marks. If you see these or if the belt is torn or broken, you need to replace your drive belt. You can see exactly how to replace the belt here: Drive Belt Replacement

Remove the rubber mat and turning platter. Verify that the drive belt wraps around the turning platter and hooks onto the motor pulley. If the drive belt isn’t hooked around the motor pulley, hook it around the motor pulley.

If none of the above solved the problem, you likely need a new motor.

The turntable doesn’t show any signs of powering on.

Make sure your power cord is securely connected to your device. If the wiring is loose, you may need to find a local repair shop to correct the wiring.

Check that the voltage listed in your user's manual under “Specifications” matches the voltage of your outlet. Device voltage depends on for what country it is manufactured. Connecting the device to the wrong type of outlet can fry the turntable’s internal components, forcing you to buy a new device. To avoid this, you can buy a voltage converter that converts the voltage of your outlet to the voltage of your device.

After trying to record, the playback is random noises or voices instead of the desired recording.

In order to ensure that the turntable is recording, go into the sound settings of your computer. Go to disabled devices and look under “recording device” for USB Audio CODEC. Enable this recording device. You can also set this recording device as your computer’s default to ensure that it is enabled the next time you use it.

Computer microphones could be overriding the turntable. Disconnect any external microphones from your computer. Also, disable all internal microphones on your computer. This can be done in the sound settings of your computer.

Audio sounds abnormal, out of tune, or off tempo.

The stylus may be worn or dirty. Clean the stylus of any dust with a cleaning brush or replace the stylus. The vinyl record may be be dirty. Use a record cleaner to clean the vinyl record.

If the audio sounds lower and/or slower than it should be, the driver belt is likely worn out. You can order a replacement belt online. Here is a guide for how to replace the belt: Drive Belt Replacement


I have a Sony PSLX300USB that will not play through my computer. the USB CODEC option does show up on my sound tab and is set to my default but the computer does not recognize the device. Help?

D. Camron Mc Intire - Reply

go to control panel, find hardware, open up the hardware screen, find the USB CODEC and open up the settings window. click update driver. I did this and then it showed up correctly.

larry souder -

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