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Mid 2006 / model number A1181 / black or white case / 1.83 or 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo processor.

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No display, onboard or external

2006 A1181 MacBook 2.0 GHz Core Duo MacBook.

Same issue as Cort. Touch the Power Button, the screen flashes immediately for a split second and goes out. Then I can hear the hard drive and SuperDirves being accessed, but that’s it. Hold the Power Button and it shuts down. However, I cannot get the screen to even flicker nor do I have a signal for an external screen.

6 months ago, after the Cover was closed too firmly it would no longer start. It was diagnosed with a bad Logic Board and was quoted $400 - $700 for repair so we bought a new MacBookPro (with Lion). Then I went to the Apple store where they sent it to the Depot where the Logic Board, SuperDrive, Battery and other parts were replaced for only $280. When I picked it up, the Apple store guy told me how to restore files from the MBP's TimeMachine backup. That caused major software issues because the MBP was running Lion and some Lion system files migrated to the Snow Leopard MacBook.

Last week, the cursor froze 3 or 4 times a day requiring a restart. The last time, it didn't restart. I disassembled the Top Case to retrieve the CD so I could use a startup CD only to find the CD inside was an Apple Care Hardware Test that includes a startup system.

The Cable between the Track Pad and the Top Case Cable sticks out a little further than it should, but that's all I could see. I do not have the equipment or expertise to try to power up by using the above mentioned power tabs (the ones on this computer are tiny). What else should I look for? The Apple Store says this MacBook is now "vintage" and they no longer offer repairs. I called Apple to say it took more than 3 months to resolve the software issue they caused so I felt my 90 day repair warranty didn't start until my last call with them in January 2012. They disagreed. What next?

BTW, there appears to be a grounding spring on the Logic Board that contacts the bottom of the Keyboard. Can the computer be started as suggested above without this making contact?

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I'm not sure I'm following things here:

You had your older '06 MacBook serviced after getting a new MacBook Pro (new). The Apple Store accepted the system for repair and they replaced almost the entire guts for $280 (which is way to low a price for all of this work to be done).

Some time later once you got your old MacBook back you decided to migrate everything from the new MacBook Pro back and went through the dickens trying to deal with migrating the Time Machine backup files from Lion back to Snow Leopard. - Did I get this right here so far???

Now last week system X's cursor started to freeze up (you don't state which system) I'll assume the older MacBook. You then decided to take take the keyboard case half off to gain access to the CD drive to remove a stuck CD. Why didn't you use the keyboard eject key or f12 key, or hold the trackpad button down when rebooting (or cabled mouse button) to eject CD. - As you don't give much detail here why you did this I have to assume the system was no longer working at all, is that correct??

Why are you using a CD to start up your system? Why are you moving it to the other system?

Assuming you have put your system back together again why aren't you using the battery or even the AC power adapter to power the system (systems battery contacts) - power tabs?? Not sure I understand why you had left out any parts (grounding spring), Oops!!

Now 6 months later from when you had brought in your system for repairs and dealing with all of the software snafus you decided to bring it back to Apple. They are now telling you the system is no longer being serviced by them as its'Vintage'. I would ask them when the last service date notice was put put out.

I think what Apple did to you older MacBook system to start with given the price they charged does not make any sense given what you stated they did. I suspect all they did was reset the SMC/PRAM and replaced the PRAM battery (MacBook Core Duo PRAM Battery Replacement). or they have exchanged out your battery and reset your SMC/PRAM if you had bought a newer batt and it needed replacing (

I would like to understand why your not using your newer MacBook Pro instead. Do you have some software which won't run under Lion?

I think your options here are very limited. I would have demanded my money back if they didn't warn you an EOF notice had been issued when you first brought in your system for service and the repair warranty had not expired.

The rub here is all of the time you had software problems. Do you have any paperwork from Apple on them helping you with it? If not your SOL.

There still is the issue of the Time Machine backup why didn't you use the image you created for the MacBook Vs try to use the MacBook Pro's image. If you had things would have been different here.


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No video on external display=shot VGC (video graphics chip). Replacing the entire logic board yet again is an answer. (Replacing only the VGC is not really a DIY sort of repair-it requires special tools, skills, solder & iron). You might find a place that does this repair via internet. Only you can determine how much more $ you want to put into this vintage machine. You can use the HD in an external case... part out the rest of the laptop.

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