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Fixing an iPod Touch from water damage

I found my son's iPod Touch in the washer machine after the machine had completed it's full cycle.....needless to say, it was submerged at least part of the time.

I dried it off as well as I could (wrapped it in a cloth towel and placed it over a low volume heating device for several hours). All evidence of moisture under the glass screen was then gone.

I then charged the unit for 12 hours and then tried to turn on the unit....to no avail.

Any chance I/you can fix this device...Apple does not address water damaged units as far as I know.


Art Duffy

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What gen do you have?

by rab777hp

5 generation

by Joshua Teshome

I tried to put in rice and it still was not fixed I have a 5 gen iPod and I plugged it in the other day and it didn't break I want to see how much it is to get is fixed but either the prices are out of my budget or the website doesn't address the problem does this really work?

by Isabella

RICE DOES NOT WORK! And will never work. Read my answer below for some actual useful information!

by Ged

Earlier today I dropped my iPod 5th gen in the toilet! It was only in there for about 10 secs after this I dried it off the best I could, the screen and on but I was not able to do anything. Soon after the screen went black I put it in a bowl of rice and I'm going to leave it for about 48 hours. Do u think this will work? If not what should I do?

by Nonomawa

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take a look at some of the other answers with the tags liquid spill and water damage.

step one is to let it dry out for at least several days before assessing what might be dead/damaged, it will likely take much longer than 12 hours. be patient and 'don't plug it in or charge it for a while. it will help to dismantle it to let it dry out. in the other answers you will also see a tip to store in a container of uncooked rice to absorb the moisture.

sometimes drying things out for many days will at least show some life or in best case it may work again. my old cellphone went through the wash and appeared completely dead, until I left it to dry in disassembled state for 4-5 days, then it worked perfectly again. good luck

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I didn't have any rice at the time so now its been about a week and it still doesn't work what should I do

by deseray moore

I dropped my iPod in a lake yesterday it won't turn on what should I do

by Zac Neuman

Hi Zac, check out my answer below on this page. It is a lot more up to date information. :-)

by Ged

Letting it dry out is a terrible idea. Useful information below I posted.

by Ged

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Some pretty bad advice on here if I do say.

First, letting it dry out is a bad idea, this allows corrosion to develop and damage things further.

Secondly, rice doesn't work and never will work.

You should take it to a repair shop which uses an ultrasonic cleaner, this is the professional way of cleaning up liquid damage. If you can't do this or fancy opening it up yourself, then you can use 99.9% isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush to clean up excess water and corrosion that has developed, although this isn't as effective as using an ultrasonic cleaner, it is a lot more effective than rice and leaving it to dry and get worse.

How do I know this works? Because I have cleaned up a lot of liquid damaged phones with a fairly decent ultrasonic cleaner, and have had a fairly high success rate. You can also ask actual professionals how they do it, and if they don't mention at least using an ultrasonic cleaner, then they are not cleaning up liquid damaged phones very well. :-)

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I have posted this, due to the fact that there is some extremely bad advice on this page, advice which will completely destroy your device.

by Ged

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I fixed mmy ipod touch by immediately soaking the device in 90% rubbing alcohol. This removes the water immediately. Actually I put it in a sealed plastic container with about 200ml of alcohol for about an hour. You need to get the water out asap since there is a battery with charge on it and you are fighting corrosion. Then I dried it in a food dehydrator at 120°F for 24 hours then docked it to my computer and wows it worked. It went through a full wash cycle and was very scratched and the screed had some minor blemishes but it works again.

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using a dehydrator is novel... glad it worked

by pollytintop

great answers.

by Pairadasea

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I have fixed lots of cellphones and ipods by immersing the item in rubbing alcohol for at least 15 minutes to completely get the alcohol in all parts of the item; then completely drying the item; even using a hair dryer. allow 24 hours of drying before attempting to charge the battery. this protocol was suggested to me by an Apple technician in the Annapolis Valley of NS, Canada. Lots of my friends have used it and saved many cellphones, mp3 players, ipods.

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would it work days after trying to dry it out? I put mine in rice about an hour after the damage was presumabley done to my ipod, then put it on my charger the next morning, would this affect the results of using rubbing alchohol?

by ave

Can you use perfume and does it matter if you left your iPod for like a year

by empire bozo

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Pretty much follow bac's advice, if it doesn't work after drying it, try replacing the battery, and you might get lucky. Sometimes it's the logic board, which really sucks. However, other times it's just a display replacement. What I've seen the most is display+battery, and then logic board is pretty much unfixable (it's not worth the time money or effort). A common problem is the screen is not backlit, which means the logic board is damaged.

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If it got in the water, wouldn't rubbing alcohol mess it up even more???

by Nicole Bleuer

Using 99.9% isopropyl alcohol removes water and the impurities with it, because it doesn't leave any minerals behind to corrode anything, it is used a lot to clean up electronics.

by Ged

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Just put the iPod in a bowl of rice and please be patient and it will work Thanks

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Soak it in a bowl of rice, worked for a iPhone 3GS!

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