MacBook unibody keyboard ribbon cable won't go in

It is only going in less than 1/16" and won't lock down. I have tried a bit of tape for leverage, I have a good angle on it, it just won't go in. I have the midwall off, and I have plenty of room, it just refuses to go in and lock. what am I doing wrong? Thanks.

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Did you release the locking tab?

by mayer

Yes I did release the locking tab

by boo

thank you ifixit .!!! this thread totally saved my rebuild!!!

by Sai G

so here's my problem i replaced the keyboard on a macbook pro 2010 13inch.

when i plug in the power it turns on... problem is my keyboard doesn't work, i think its because i dont have it in far enough so at this point im not sure what to do, i tried releasing the lock and pushing it in as well as i could and still the keyboard wont function

by jairtzinio ortiz

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I finally figured it out, and maybe this will help someone else. The cable is a really tight fit, you have to use an uncomfortable amount of force for it to go in. I placed a piece of tape on the connector and then PULLED it in with that. Good luck!

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Agreed, pulling it in with tape is the way to go. I used to have trouble with that, too.

by Mike Solin

Thanks so much for the pointer! I couldn't get it in using the spudger alone but the tape and brute force worked perfectly!

by Charles Petrosky

Tape was perfect!!!

Thanks for the advice...

by Benjamin

Yes this helped me as well. Used tape and spudger. Thanks!

by robertemcgee

The tape saved my life! Struggled with this on and off for the better part of an hour. Stuck a piece of tape on the ribbon and had it fixed in a few seconds. Marvellous!

by Andrew

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Sounds like tape might be the best way to get the cable back in, but if you don't have any tape handy, what worked for me was tweezers. I carefully inserted one side of the cable into the socket, and then with tweezers, gently coaxed the other side of it into the socket. Once it was lined up, I nudged the cable forward until it was all the way in, and then locked it in place with the locking tab. I also use a lamp with a built-in magnifying glass for stuff like this...makes a big difference.

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I agree. Using tweezers when working with ribbon cables and sockets is a must.

by lemerise

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Thanks for this. The new battery I used, moved this cable caused me to think I had a failed logic board. But I found that this ribbon cable was the culprit.

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I broke off the locking tab on mine. Is there a way to unlock it with some microscopic tools?

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me too. be really careful when you force the cable in.

by Siegfried Loeffler

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