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  • Answer to: Unresponsive keyboard & trackpad

    I had a similar problem with a 15" MacBook Pro i7, no response from the trackpad and keyboard, no green light on the "caps lock key" only the power on button was functional. Replacing the trackpad and cable solved the issue for both the keyboard and trackpad functions.
  • Answer to: The keyboard has a bright spot in the middle keys

    Do you know if this computer is a liquid damaged one ? If all the keyboard keys are working well you just have to replace the keyboard backlight assembly. Check on ebay I think it's about $30.
  • Answer to: MacBook Pro Restarts randomly

    Could be a problem with the power switch. To check it out, remove the bottom panel, disconnect the battery (always disconnect battery when working inside the machine), disconnect the keyboard cable, find the two power pads, short them with a small flat screwdriver (charger connected), fan should start rolling and you'll hear the startup chime. If the machine function normally without restarting then the keyboard (power switch) is faulty and has to be replaced. Added Info:
  • Answer to: A1278 not starting and faint/dim light on charger

    If you don't get a steady green light on the magsafe tip it's because the charger sense circuit gets an error from the logic board who don't give the OK needed to the charger to send the adequate voltage to power on the machine. Check the voltage on one of the two power pads near the logic board keyboard connector. You need 3.42 volts on one of the two pads. If the logic board is still in the machine, disconnect the keyboard cable before checking the voltage on the power pads because a faulty top case can give you wrong voltage reading. One of the pad is ground so 0 volt and the second pad is G3Hot so 3.42 volts. To troubleshoot the logic board circuits you'll need the board schematic and the boardview file to identify the components you want to measure on the board. No green light or faint green light means that the "Onewire circuit" is faulty and doesn't provide the 3.42 volts needed to get the steady green light and adequate communication from the SMC to the charger. Also a good visual inspection of the bo...
  • Answer to: USB Port power rating

    Use this cable with two USB connectors. Some externals HDs need more power to function properly.
  • Answer to: Can I use a MacBook A1181 Magsafe dc instead of an A1342?

    Yes you can use a A1181 DCin board to troubleshoot A1342, A1278, A1286 and many other logic boards but you wont be able to install it in any of theses machines cases without bottom case modification and this could be a big hassle for à $10 part in the used market.
  • Answer to: Fan sockets popped out

    Any electronic shop will solder back that socket on the board for cheap but if you want DIY you'll need a solder iron with a fine tip. Clean the socket and it's board location with 90% isopropyl alcohol, let dry, apply a SMALL drop of super glue under the socket and align it over the 6 solder pads where it was before it was snapped off. Hold it firmly in place until the glue is hardened. All the 6 board pads should be well aligned with the socket legs (4 at the front, 2 at the rear). You don't really need to add solder just briefly touch each solder pads with the fine tip of your solder iron. If there's not enough solder left on the pads to do a good contact you'll have to add some and use flux to prevent bridges between the pads. To solder back this type of socket you cannot use a hot air station. The socket would melt on the board. Now to check if everything's fine use a multimeter to check continuity between the solder pads and the metal pins inside the socket.
  • Answer to: Random Shutdowns Preceded By a Grey Screen Of Death

    I once had this problem with another MBP model and found out the KPs were caused by a bad optical drive cable. When i want to test a logic board I remove it from the computer case and only connect a known working DCin board on it, USB keyboard and mouse, external screen, external HD then I test the board. If the board works OK then the problem is inside the computer case.
  • Answer to: Replacement ribbon cable clamp?

    The ribbon cable socket is desoldered from the logic board. It can be soldered in place but this have to be done by a pro. Find a place that repair iPhones and ask them to do the job.
  • Answer to: Backlight dies, it's not the inverter or LCD

    Did you try to boot from another OS, from the installation disk or from an external hard disk ? If you then get a constant backlight you know that the issue is software related and you'll need to reinstall the OS on the internal drive.


  • MacBook Unibody Model A1278 Logic Board Replacement

    to remove and put back the ribbon cable in its slot I use a piece of scotch tape. Easier to remove or insert the cable in the slot.

  • MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Logic Board Replacement

    Since this kind of connector and very fragile and easy to damage even with a spudger I use a needle that I insert in the front side of the connector, between the connector and the socket and only apply a little pressure while lifting up the needle. The connector will then pop up from one side. Repeat the procedure for the other side. With this method it's impossible to damage the connector. I adopted this method after ruining two or three connectors using the spudger.