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Why my MacBook Pro keep shutting down?

MacBook Pro 15 Core Duo Model A1150

my MacBook pro A1150 start shutting off without warning, i procceded to replaced both fans because they were not running , after replacing the fans now the fans are working great but my computer still doing the same thing. i will like to know if by changing the heat sink i also may need to replaced the heat sensor? please i just need to be guide to the right direction on this problems. i am about to get deploy to Afghanistan next month for my 3rd tour i my son is in need of this computer . the only computer that we own.thank you for your help.


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Dear Corpsman, you came to the right place. If we can't find a quick solution for you that you can handle, just click on my icon, email me and send me your Stateside shipping address. I will FedEx you a shipping box. I would consider it a honor to repair your Book and set up the software for your son. While you are away he may contact me with any problem I can help him with at no charge.

Meanwhile, can you give me a better description of when your machine is shutting off. Feel the bottom and see if you are getting any hot spots. I have the 2.0 version of this Book. When mine starting getting hot I removed the logic board and found that my vent ports were 70% blocked thus preventing proper cooling. I cleaned the ports and the fans and replaced the thermal paste and have had no further problems. This is an involved procedure so if you're reticent about doing it, I am happy to provide service to you as you do to my country.

See step 29 of this guide for the heat sink and vents: MacBook Pro 15" Core Duo Model A1150 Lower Case Replacement

Here's a guide on replacing the thermal paste: How to Apply Thermal Paste

MacBook Pro 15" Core Duo Model A1150 Lower Case Image


MacBook Pro 15" Core Duo Model A1150 Lower Case Replacement



1 - 3 hours

Electronics Skills Image


How to Apply Thermal Paste



5 - 20 minutes

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Outstanding offer-- A plus for both Richard and "doc" Martinez ++


My heart just melted at your response to CANDIDO. I salute all service personnel and their families, too. Thank you for your lovely offer to show your appreciation to him---and thanks to him for his service to America. God bless you both, sirs, and God bless America.

You sound like you really know what you are doing, Mayer. Do you do this kind of work for others, paid of course? My A1150's fans have stopped, but one tries to work noisily once in awhile. It gets very hot and it will shut down due to the overheating if I don't first close it up and let it cool off. I should probably open her up and clean it and check for blockages and apply this thermal paste you speak of, too. I may not need to buy new parts until I investigate the situation. I need to get over my nervousness about opening her up, following your great manual steps.

One more thing, when is the A1150 keyboard going to be back in stock? I have waited months and months. My "e" key came off and it is killing my typing speed and accuracy.


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If you took off the heatsinks you need to re-apply thermal paste, which I would do anyways (I've heard great things about Artic Silver 5). I would make sure all the wires insode are all securely connected and you're not accidentally blocking the vents

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Mayer did you ever figure this one out? I have the same notebook with the same issues it starts and then shuts down randomly. Sometimes it quits during startup sometimes 20-30-120mins later... Id love to revive my MBP. Someone mentioned to me it may be the pram battery or maybe the logic board?

By the way, I have been in the Air Force for 13 years (started out enlisted, recently got commissioned) and I think your offer to CANDIDO and his son is really really great! I wanted to say thank you for offering your help to him and his family from a fellow service member.

Thanks again for any info you could provide

2nd LT Eric Krispin

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