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  • Answer to: water coming out of the top of the k-cup holder

    If I remember correctly, there's a sharp needle on the top and the bottom of where the K-cups go. If the bottom one is bent/broken and not puncturing the bottom of the K-cup, that would explain why your machine is leaking everywhere. Or the hose that supplies water to the top of the K-cup has a hole in it.
  • Answer to: Why is the LCD of my iPhone not working after water damage

    Did you allow the iPhone to dry out before turning it on? If you didn't allow enough time, it's quite possible that you shorted the circuits that control the screen.
  • Answer to: Why does my Power button work sometimes?

    There might be "JUST ENOUGH" corrosion in it to make it act this way. My Galaxy S2 Skyrocket also does this but mine only stops working occasionally. I dropped mine in a bowl of cereal (please don't ask) and have it's had some hard landings at work onto some big drills without a case on. Sometimes if I give my phone a smack on the back it'll work again normally. Not too hard, but it helps.
  • Answer to: Where to buy good quality iPhone-iPod parts?

    I've bought all my stuff from this site here. I'll pay a bit more for quality and knowing ABSOLUTELY FOR SURE that the part will work.
  • Answer to: Stuck in boot loop, cannot enter DFU and hangs at restore mode?

    Was your jailbreak a tethered or un-tethered one? I remember having to restart mine with it plugged in and having my jailbreak program open.
  • Answer to: songs are skipping on iPod

    Try wiping it out and putting your music back onto it. Is it just skipping on the iPod or is it doing it on your computer also?
  • Answer to: s2 not charging battery to 100%

    I do believe that if you push these these phones hard enough, you can actually drain the battery even if you have it plugged in and "charging." I know one of my buddies did it downloading and gaming at the same one before. 4.16volts is kinda high for a 3.7 volt battery though. I've seen mine max at roughly 4.02 volts, but that's on a Galaxy S2 Skyrocket.
  • Answer to: Maximum Ram upgrade? can it be upgraded to 8gb?

    It supposedly only supports 4Gb maximum, but it's not fully utilized according to this site due to hardware constraints. If you want the whole thing behind it, please read this link.
  • Answer to: MacBook Pro 15" mid-2010 SSD upgrade compatible?

    I'm throwing a suggestion out for the Crucial M4. Took my boot up times from over 2 minutes with a 5400rpm HDD to just 18 seconds, including BIOS/POST screens. Your macbook has a standard SATA interface, so any laptop style drive (or all SSD's) will work.
  • Answer to: Which SSD should I use to replace my HDD?

    OP, My laptop only has a SATA II port and I have a Crucial M4 256Gb sitting in it and let me tell you, it absolutely flies through everything. So much faster than the HDD that was in it. Here's my read speeds on my laptop as a reference, even on SATA II it's still under 20 seconds for a boot up.