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  • Re: Can you operate without door

    This is answer to Elizabeth Holland,s question. Please indicate you have read it. I am worried you might try using the microw...
  • Need to turn off passlock

    Hi all. The passlock feature on my p/u engages without cause occasionally making me sit and wait out the 10 minute delay. Thi...
  • Possible hard drive upgrade

    Hi all, On my latest build I have my Windows 7 performance readings at 7.3 or higher except for the hard drive stuck at 5.8. ...
  • Does any one know of a Windows version of Carbon Copy Cloner?

    Hi, Just completed my latest build and would like to find a Windows version of Carbon Copy Cloner to clone the hard drive. Ra...
  • I can't erase file

    Hi, I purchased this unit at Office Depot and would like to use it fully as a Mac unit. However it came with a 6MB Windows fi...
  • Linux on old Macs?

    I want to extend the life of useful, easy to repair older Macs but need a modern OS for useful software. What I need to know ...


  • Antwort auf: Power button rarely start laptop on its own will

    Hi, Here is a link to Dell's troubleshooting guide for your computer. If this doesn't solve your problem you may have a on/off switch going bad. Good luck.
  • Antwort auf: How do I fix the Insert Media pop up?

    Hello Jessica, I'm hoping you still have your recovery data on your hard drive. Go to the link provided from Acer. I believe the second choice (more information) is the one you need-- good luck.WARNING---reloading the software may delete data on the computer.
  • Antwort auf: Installing Windows 7/8 in a Chrome book

    Hi, Not knowing your exact Chrome Book I am including a link to several answers to your question. I expect one of them covers your Chrome Book. Good luck.
  • Antwort auf: Why doesnt my computer work properly?

    Hi, It sounds to me that your hard drive was damaged when you dropped your computer. You probably need to replace the hard drive and install a fresh copy of the operating system. If you don't have a disk you can probably get one from Dell for a low cost. I am providing a link on replacing the hard drive. Hope this helps.
  • Antwort auf: use liquid wrench or other method to loosen screws?

    Hi, Here is a link for a video on removing stuck screws. And no I would not recommend using liquid wrench. Good luck.
  • Antwort auf: Toshiba Satellite L655D-S5164 fan makes a lot of noise. How to replace

    Hi here is a link to an article on removing and replacing the fan in your computer. Video and writeup. Hope it helps.
  • Antwort auf: failure of antivirus to load

    Hi, Here is a link to a wiki article on repairing your error. Hope this helps you.
  • Antwort auf: Replace linux hard drive with windows hard drive

    Hi, Here is a link to installing W-7 in a Studio One. Hope the helps. Scan down to the install guide.
  • Antwort auf: How much RAM can I add?

    Hi, According to this supplier the computer will see 4 GB of ram however with a 32 bit OS it will only see 3GB. If you have 64 bit it would see all 4 GB. Link provided-- hope this helps.Be sure you read the upgrade tips.
  • Antwort auf: I lost all of my hardrive file, even mac os x

    Hi, I am including a link for the purchase of your operating system from Apple for $20. Hope this helps.