Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Combo problem of my backlight disappearing and random sleep mode?

Model A1181 mid 2007 Black Macbook, software all up to date.

Background: Twice last week I was on Facetime and the display went black (not sure if it was dim ala backlight or black) I could still hear the person speaking, hear my music, but no display.

Friday night I threw in two new memory sticks. Not related to any issues, just wanted to upgrade from the 1gb of factory RAM. Everything was working fine.

Saturday night. I was browsing the internet and about 10 minutes in, my screen went dim (not black, ala looking with a flashlight and you could still see some display.) After the display went black about 10 seconds later the machine went into sleep mode. I hit the space bar, it came out of sleep, the display did not come back (dim, not black) but after about 5 seconds it went back into sleep mode.

If you power down and power up via the power button the display will flash a dim white for about two seconds then go completely dim. I can barely see the apple logo. Tried to turn the brightness all the way down and all the way up trick numerous times. No dice.

Last night I got a flashlight out and tried to boot up and "get in" so I could see if there was anything I could do. Regardless of activity the machine just keeps going into sleep mode. Also, I noticed that upon boot, once it goes into sleep mode, two things... 1: It only goes into sleep once the log in screen shows up. 2: If you open and close the lid, it does not wake or sleep the machine.

What I've checked: I took out the new RAM and replaced with the old. Triple checked that it was seated right. Same problem. I've reset the PRAM and SMC multiple times.

Would it make sense that all at the same time my backlight or inverter or inverter cable took a dive the same time as the sleep sensor?

If it is the logic board, is there a means for me to test it?

I'm assuming my board is toast. But, it would make sense to repair/replace the cheapest options first. Right? This screams hardware failure. But right about the same time I noticed a few people posting the same thing on various other forums. No one is answering. I wonder if people are too afraid to send them the telegram that their soldier has died in combat.

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I saw this problem many times on machines that had a liquid spilled on them. Is it the case with yours ?

First troubleshooting step would be to boot from your installation disk (or external drive) to try to determine if the problem is software or hardware related. If you can boot successfully with the installation disk then the problem is software and you'll need to reinstall the system.

Don't want to be the guy that send the telegram about the dead soldier but most of the times the problem you describe is hardware related. If you're lucky, replacing the battery charging board could solve the problem (this part also manage the sleep system) but before replacing it I would take off the top case and try to boot the MB directly from the logic board by bridging the two power pads located at the base of the fan. It's an easy way to know If the problem comes from the top case.

I know it's a "technical" answer and maybe you're not ready to open the machine and work in it but that's what I would do and it's the only answer I can post other than "bring it to a shop". Good luck...

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Good advice--the OP can obtain a set of the original disk from Apple for about $15 each. +


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I bought this laptop used a few months ago. The fan was a bit noisy so I had it open in less than a week of owning it. I'm not scared :)

I did not spill any liquid on it. Unless my girlfriend or dog spilled something on it and haven't told me.

And guess who doesn't have their install discs? This guy. I've been meaning to get some replacements. Just haven't got around to it. I'll try all of this and get back to you. Thanks for the response!!!!

EDIT: Also, I saw that the sleep sensor is "mated" with the battery charging unit. Funny thing because my physical battery shows 3 green dots, yet when plugged in it's a no go. Maybe I'll get a double dose of goodness if I replace this part. But, I'll start with the software.

Thank you!


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,try to connect your macbook to an external monitor, if its work good, then you got a video chipset problem, ive encounter such problem like this before.


A slip of the pen I think--if the external monitor is good its likely there is NO video chipset problem. Most likely cause would be in the LCD or cable to the LCD.


I tried the software, no dice. I just replaced the inverter and the inverter cable, no display still. I did try to go cheap and buy parts off an auction site. I don't know how to test the board and cable so I suppose I should either learn how, or buy more reputable parts.

My new battery charging board should be here tomorrow or Thursday. I will update as that goes in.


why is that mine powers on but there is no light in the screen only the power buttons lights?


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