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Can I make a HACKINTOSH?

i want to know if i can make a hackingtosh with a dell computer, it has an intel procesor and i have the mac os x 10.5 leopard install disk. i have try to installed into another computer with an core duo procesor,with windows vista format and it show the bootcamp. i want to know if the computer will support mac os x 10.5 if i make a disk partition. the Dell's CPU has 2.2ghz and 2G of Ram

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Comments: check out this video of how to converted and tell me what you think.


see why I hired this kid?


Unfortunately my Spanish is not good enough to comment on this.


it's easy with the perfect hardware - if you have the right hardware, but as i asked before, none can tell you anything without the proper information about the computer


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Yes but is it practical- that's a whole nother story. You can't just load Mac software into a Windows PC. You need special drivers called kexts which usually have to be modified for each computer and remodified every time Apple puts out an update. I would not begin to teach you how to do this but will include one link to start you. You need to google this subject and study a lot before starting.

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+ life is to short for this


i agree


@richard: osvlado is you and he could learn a lot about the osx architecture. i think it's not a bad idea to learn something about osx. surely my first one was not that easy, but only because of it's special hardware - but we're talking about a dell computer. i don't know the prices for those machines in the us - but here - they are overpriced mediocre machines with almost criminal shipping costs (but, hey - the lowered the shipping costs from over >100$ to 40$ for a notebook/desktop pc - LOL). if he want's to try it - why not?? i like my vaio p with osx - including a working gps/car navigation and build in 3g - did i mention that it only weights 22,5oz ;-). and btw: size does matter (check the picture in my posting)


where can i get those kexts? or how can i get them?


Check out the links in the answers markus and I have give you. You have a lot of studying to do.


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ralph is right - it's not that easy and to give you a correct answer, you have to provide more infos about the computer.


exact mainboard model

graphics card

you wrote that you have a 2.2 ghz core duo in the machine, i guess you mean a core 2 duo (but that doesn't matter at all).

the original leopard disk won't help, get a snow leopard disk and the kexts for your hardware.

but as ralph stated bafore - read, read and read it again - it's most of the times not easy - and the first time will hurt badly (except if a few others had the same hardware and can provide you the kexts and all the other stuff you would need to do it right)

my first hackintosh was a little bit rough - it was a pretty specific machine with some "weird" hardware (like gps & 3g - stuff that no mac ever had) - a sony vaio p11z. my second one was a eee pc 1005ha, made it without all the "netbook maker" stuff - i searched for the kext files for the hardware and it worked, the only thing that wasn't warking was the wifi card, but i replaced it with a original apple card. the third and last one was the easiest one. i have a aopen digital engine and i only connected a cloned macbook hdd to the machine, booted from the chameleon usb drive and started the computer from the hdd - i didn't change any files and it wroked. after that i installed chameleon on the hdd and that was it - a tiny mac with hdmi, 2 vga and all the funny stuff that can be build in from original macbooks (IR,BT, super drive, wi fi..)

the link that ralph provided looks good - you can also search for your computer model.

one other thing - surely you can use both OS's on the same hdd - but it's not recommended and it involves some funny steps - osx only runs on guid partitions and windows only on mbr.

it would be easier to do something like that on 2 hdd's

you would also need transmac and 2 usb pendrives (a small one with less than 1gb and a large one with 8gb (that one should be fast!!!)

but first of all - give us more info about the machine - and then we can point you in the right direction


macbook air vs. vaio p

Block Image

size does matter and since my hackintoshed vaio p has way more features than any regular mac notebook - i'll stick with it

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good answer +


Wow wish I understood this language. A shame I have a bs in computers and it is bs!


Anyone want to hackentosh my felontosh stalkerosh?


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