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  • Answer to: Multiple problems with HTC.

    no , one has answered, so, sounds like your USB port is bad. its not terribly uncommon for this phone, if stress is put on that port. not terribly hard to fix, but need solider skills etc. the power button, i dont know, you could find out once you go to fix your usb port. replace that too. lastly, sounds like the USB port is just gone now since it wont turn on ? it wont charge? i'm not clear on that, so, try finding another way to charge the battery and see if the phone works or powers on again. these phones do get warm, when doing navigation with GPS on, while playing music etc..... seems like based on your description, like its not " dead" as it has started once, after crashing per your description above, hope this info provides some help for your issues, I would be more specific , i only have so much info and with the info I provided here, should be able to diagnose it further and fix it, or provide more info as your testing progresses.
  • Answer to: Sprint activation, need stock ROM for rooted phone.

    It seems after talking to some people and researching ODEX vs DEODEXED, and even some IRC channels talk I found what I need. I found a sense based ROM that won't upset your rooting or change your HBOOT etc. located here: I have not confirmed some of this, like if 4G is working yet, since 4G was not on during activation its not currently working, maybe thats the issue, however the point was to activate the phone which worked fine. Of course following the normal steps when applying a new ROM applies and I plan on doing a "fresh" install of my ASOP based ROM just to ensure the backup wont apply old system service info. Hopefully this info will help someone looking for info on new service for a rooted android based Supersonic device. I may add some info later about 4G service if needed or if my HBOOT or other info was changed. ( its working why change HBOOT version etc ).
  • Answer to: Is the cpu replaceable?

    This is a macbook 1,1 far as I know the CPU is soldered in. You could upgrade to an SSD , nice improvement, even thou its not part of your question its a pretty easy upgrade for your macbook, assuming your RAM has been upgraded.
  • Answer to: Tools for MacBook and iPhone and iPod

    You can check online for Wiha ESD model tools, its what i use, not expensive in my estimation for the quality and usually sold separately, which makes sense as you wont need an entire set of all size drivers + standard apple spudger and regular plastic opening tools found here on ifixit. You may also consider Wihas magnetize, demagnetize tool to help with those small screws. Lastly, for approx. $20 or so you can get jewelers or dentist glasses, they fit like a headband with the glasses flipping up. I forget the exact term but I have a pair they are great for working on very small electronics and look just like what a dentist wears to see fine details. if this info helps, please mark the question answered, thank you.
  • Answer to: Salt water damage, what to replace, repair tips?

    I didnt see another response, so thought i would offer an opinion. i could be wrong its happened before, however others i have known with salt water damage, it never ends very well, Salt water corrodes things quite badly, so im not sure a long term repair is something that would work for a long period of time. This is just my opinion thou, also based on the experience of others. you can try and clean every single thing with a solution safe for electronics and it may work and if used to taking apart already it might be worth a try.
  • Answer to: Hard disk low frequency noise/humming

    Just a thought, but you may consider loosing the screws? ( making sure they have a tiny bit of blue threadlocker of course, if not already on there), they dont need to be that tight...... in fact in my standard regular non mac PCs i only use two screws. Also they are some silicone grommet solutions to reduce vibration, i have not done this for an imac, but thought it might give you an idea of a product to look for. lastly, check for anything too tight, or loose that may cause it during the taking apart and putting it back together. If possible having the computer on while u track down the source of the noise. just some thoughts, again i have not taken this approach for your specific computer.
  • Answer to: puppy linux os on a acer

    Im not running puppy linux, i have used it before but mostly on USB keys in the past so I cant give much specific insight for this distro. You can try a audio mixer called pavucontrol not sure if that will help. There is more then one option for controlling audio, most use ALSA. Ive never had a linux machine leave the speakers on if another analog device was plugged in, headphones etc. also you should be able to see if your SDcard hardware with the lsmod and dmesg command dmesg | grep card or MMC in Terminal. If the hardware is there, it might not be. you may have to mount the SD card manually if an usual format your system is not setup for automatically, ( mount commands or a mounting program graphically) althou it should just appear on your desktop just like a external hard drive would. If you continue to have problems with puppy linux you can also try Linux Mint -MATE version (its what i use). Or the Mint XFCE edition, a more light weight desktop environment version. This or another distro might work bette...
  • Answer to: When was this MacBook Pro bought?

    I might be wrong but the genius bar people should have detailed records about the system, I would make an appointment since you have to in order to get more info from them and since your there , might as well bring the laptop and have them see if the laptop qualifies? ( I was not aware of a time limit for the nvidia recall ? )
  • Answer to: Directions for special firmware upgrade

    well i went for it ...... upgrading via the stock firmware GUI directly to one of the newest TomatoUSB - Toastman builds for this router..... a VLAN version for me. 30/30/30 reset before flashing the *.bin file and after the upgrade is complete. you must change your ethernet port to Manual IP, sub and gateway NOT DHCP as DHCP is not enabled by default with this firmware. You CAN NOT use wireless to flash, you must use ethernet. thats about it, make and leave the thing alone for awhile after flashing it and then doing your final 30/30/30 reset...... and of course enable DHCP for the IP Range your on.... wireless security etc. maybe this will help someone in the future. some info on the web for the various builds and DD-WRT wiki page for your model router.
  • Answer to: How can I dismantle Sennheiser MM70 iP?

    I have a pair of CX-200..... i would see if you still have a warranty left? ( if bought from a authorized retailer i would contact Sennheiser). I can't really comment on how to take it apart, ive not done that before esp. for something so small, repair would be quite difficult..... just thought i would point out another option even thou it doesn't answer your question about taking it apart. I cant see a way into my pair. and of course check audio settings for your computer/ipod etc.... i'm sure you checked this but can't hurt to make sure your audio source is behaving correctly or the settings have not been changed.