iMac smells badlly after burned plastic or something else

after i buyed my 5 years old imac g5 he already had some heavy pixel bugs ( )

then i decided to buy a another lcd display from ebay form another broken imac the ebay seller sad that the display was functionaly ok

after the display arrived i decided to change the displays i made it successfuly(i think) accoding to the display change guide on

but after i build all the !!%* together and closed the imac and startet him display bugs were still there and my imac began to smell badly after burned plastic or something like that. so i shut him down and openend it again but i couln'd see anything the onliest thing that i noticed was that it smells realy hevay

i realy don't know what to do im trying right now to change the display to the old that was orginaly in it

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shorted something and burn marks should be evident (but might be where you can't readily see them behind or on the back of a part)

If you don't find and repair the short and continue to power the machine you'll further damage it, or start a fire.

Going back doesn't seem to be an answer... You'll have to go over the machine piece by piece until you locate the problem, perhaps dismantling farther than you did before.

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thanks for the quick answer my question is are there any hints to find the shorted mark or can you give me some hints, can it be true that the display (what i have bought ) did the short ?


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The first thing that usually goes on this machine is the power supply. I fixed one like it today. Look for burn marks right where the cable runs out to the logic board plug. The power supply is gray and at the bottom and has the power cord input on it. To make sure, plug it in and check the diagnostic lights at the center of the logic board. Press the lower CUDA button (to the left of the lights) to restart the machine. If the second LED lights up then look to the logic board.

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