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MFC Dongle to unlock disabled Ipad

Have a customers that has forgotten her passcode and tried too many times and now the ipad is disabled. She has a ton of pictures on it and wants to recover them, really dont care so much about the device.

Anways, been looking at the MFC Dongle from It appears this device does a bruteforce attack against the device to find the code. Have talked with the distributor in this country and reviewed on forums but was wanting to know if anyone on the forum has used this device and if so was it successful etc.

I did have a question about the credits you can purchase off the website, do you need to purchase them for some reason after you purchase the device? A little nervous about that issue since I cannot find anything out about it even after reading the whole user manual.

Lastly, one of the forensics forum said they had also tried the IP-Box to do the same thing as the MFC Dongle, any input on this device?

I am looking to purchase it from Cell Corner which is the distributor her in the states. Here are the links for these two devices:



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Just an update to those that have answered my question as well as those that may need this answer to solve their own problem. Look at both the MFC Dongle and IP-Box solutions for the passcode issue and with some input here and on additional research of the units I went with the IP-Box solution.

It worked great after approximately 7 hours it found the correct passcode and unlock the ipad mini.

It worked because the ipad mini for this lady was running version 7.1 but there is an adapter for this solution that allows it to work with version 8 up to 8.1.1. Some had stated they had success past this IOS 8.1.1 version but could not confirm for myself.

Just a couple things to think about. The MFC Dongle appears to be a good solution for this issue as well but is a little harder or more complicated to configure than the IP-Box solution. The MFC Dongle does appear to have better support forum then the IP-Box but in my limited opinion the IP-Box and the software that goes with it, to configure the passcode cracker is simplier and more intuitive.

Both units come from China but have US distributors where you can purchase them.

Anyways hope that helps anyone else in this situation. Let me know if you have any other questions that I might be able to answer about this solution.

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MFC dongle only works on older iOS versions.

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Also--Mayer to set your mind at ease, he is not talking about iCloud lock, just passcode lock. This is a data recovery measure. The device will still require iCloud credentials to clear activation lock


Thank you I saw it only works up to IOS 8.1.1 when Apple made changes to prevent this. IOS 8 still works with an adapter that cycles the power after 4 or 5 unsuccessful attempts so it can continue to brute force the password. Have you used the MFC Dongle before?

This lady never had it synced with an icloud account or with itunes so I am also presuming she never updated the IOS so most likely running a IOS 7 version so my hope is that it will have a good chance of success for her.

Thank you for your input. Much appreciated.


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All she has to do is have her original receipt and Apple will unlock it for her.

Beside she says she wants her pictures, but if you read the description the device you want to get it says, "deletes all your data and reverts the device to factory settings."

This is a device to defeat the anti-theft protection. If the device has been stolen and you break that protection you just became an accessory to theft, or Accessory after the Fact:

Accessory After the Fact – Penal Code 32.pdf

Every person who, after a felony has been committed, harbors, conceals or aids a principal in such felony, with the intent that said principal may avoid or escape from arrest, trial, conviction or punishment, having knowledge that said principal has committed such felony or has been charged with such felony or convicted thereof, is an accessory after the fact to such felony.

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tech, I see you down voted my answer. Did you find something incorrect about it?


Dude, relax! The guy is just trying to help someone out. You don't have to get "preachy". What are you, a cop?


Yes I did vote no on the answer because it does not answer the question that I needed answered. Second if you read the documentation on both of these devices it clearly states that they do not erase all the data etc. That statement in the description refers to if you want to restore it via the Apple way etc. So yes I did because I did not want to have someone think that these possible solutions would delete their data etc.

All I need is information on the devices themselves, if someone had used them and had success with them.

I have worked with the lady before and trust her, I am not worried about the device being stolen. I understand what you are saying, I worked in that arena for a number of years.

Hope that makes sense. No offense intended just did not want someone searching the forums to get the wrong idea about what these devices do to the data on the IOS device.


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