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Sleeps if battery installed

I picked up a Macbook4,1 2008 2.4GHz that had suffered a liquid spill (well actually salad dressing in a backpack on the left side :-) The display had some oozage (is that even a word) on the left edge so I replaced it with a new display. The other issue was that it would not boot all the way since it always thought it was in sleep mode (the sleep LED stayed lit throughout the boot). I could get it to temporarily wake up by hitting the enter key but it immediately wanted to go back to sleep. There were signs of charring on the battery connectors both on the battery and on the connector itself (I guess salad dressing conducts).

So I have ordered a new battery/sleep connector for it. In the mean time I had a spare battery/sleep connector of unknown status (from the same model 2.4GHz) that I decided to pop in and it seemed to work!!! or so I thought. I had booted it up with no battery and everything seemed just great. Then I shut it down and reinstalled the battery and fired it up and.... same symptom as before... sleep LED stays on, machine partially boots and then goes to sleep. Hmmmm.... removed the battery and it boots fine.

So the question now is... is this second power/sleep cable also defective (came out of a Mac I picked up for parts.... no obvious signs of damage... it looks new) or is it possible that there is an issue with the logic board? Any ideas or thoughts before I get the known good part to swap in?

Many Thanks

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I have tried different batteries as well and the same symptom remains. It is looking to me as if it is something in the logic board circuitry rather than just the battery/sleep connector assembly.

I have a separate 2008 2.4GHz logic board and I tried the questionable battery/sleep connector on that (mounted outside an enclosure). No sleep issue so now I am thinking everything is pointing to the logic board.

This seems to be quite a common issue for spills on the left side so there must be a pattern to this. Anyone diagnosed down to the logic board level for this issue before?


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You don't mention resetting the SMC and PRAM. I would try that next and see if that clears your problem. Ralph

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+ just noticed your 10,000+ rating. Congratulations


Sorry. I should have mentioned that I have reset both power management and the PRAM. One of the first things I try with any Macbook.


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Found it! Although I had examined and cleaned the top side of the logic board I had not done a complete job (slap wrist). I removed the logic board and there was corrosion on the bottom side of the power connector. I cleaned it up with IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol that is... not India Pale Ale since that is for internal cleaning :-)

After cleaning, reassembled and everything is tickety boo.

Note to self... never do a half job.

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