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Logic board replacement confirmation

Hi. My rMBP 15" from mid 2012 was acting up for a long time and one day I ran into an article mentioning an extended repair program.so I took it to the closest Apple Store in Newmarket Ontario. They kept it and next day they called me saying they saw some issues with the video card and we're keeping it to run some extensive test. A few days later I got a call and was told they replaced the logic board at no cost to me. When I picked it up I asked exactly what parts were on the board that were replaced. He said all of them. Apparently with the retina model everything is fastened down permanently. So in effect I got a brand new computer as the battery and track pad were replaced last year. The bill for the board repair would have been over $650. I asked if I went into About this Mac for a system report if I could confirm the repair was carried out.

Well to my surprise nothing in the system info report gave me a clue about any parts when they were made. Not a single date of manufacture was listed. So I figured that Google would know how I could confirm that I actually got a new Logic board in my Mac. Not a single link to any help I could use. So here I am asking if anyone here knows how to confirm that my new Logic board is just that a new board with all new parts attached, processor 2.3 I7, 16 G of memory, 650 gt invidia video card etc.

I also have a second question regarding the identity of the audio DAC built into the 2012 15" rMBP. I have a Schiit headphone Amplifier and was wondering about the quality of the DAC in the MAC. again no information on the Mac and nothing on Google. Although I did find out that 2014 models and on have an excellent unit. Again if anyone knows anything that can help me it is very much appreciated. Thank you so much for your attention.


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There's a out-of-warranty replacement program running indeed. Your 15"/2012 qualifies if the VGA fails.

Once they determine that, they order and install a new logic board. Not to my knowledge a top case and battery which have nothing to do with the VGA.

On that board, RAM, CPU, VGA are soldered. They are replaced for sure alltogether.

The SSD is not soldered and I'm not sure they replace it, but I do know they usually make you sign a waiver for the data and usually install a fresh OS to avoid any issues from damaged OS.

My 15" retina is suffering intermittently from video issues. A local Apple Certified Service Center tested it and it failed to qualify. They gave it back as is.

In the meantime, I brought them so far 6 laptops 2011/2012/15" for my clients, and 5 of them qualified and had the logic board replaced for free (actually for a handling charge, as is common here). So when the laptop qualifies they say yes, and when it fails they simply give it back as is. No need or urge for them to make up a story about replacing it and make you wait 1 week for it.

On the other hand, and that's not uncommon, you could have another issue with your laptop that they missed and did not solve, such as a display issue. Or you could have software issues. When they got it, and saw it qualifies for the program, mays be someone assumed that was it, replaced the board and missed the remaining issues. It's like when one goes to the doctor for some ailment and doctor finds cancer, forgets about the remaning stuff or pushes them back until cancer issue can be addressed.

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Try downloading and running Coconut Battery. It will tell you the manufacture dates of the machine and the battery, how many load cycles it has.


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Thanks for the advice. I have a few battery programs that provide some information about the Mac beside the battery. None are detailed enough to date the right parts that live on the logic board like the wifi or Bluetooth modules. I will check out the Coconut Battery just in case. Thanks.



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This is too much paranoia. No they do not build features into their operating system for people who do not trust that they replaced the board for you, that is a waste of their time! Is there any reason to not believe them?

If this is that much of a concern to you, buy conformal coating pen like this http://www.all-spec.com/products/cw3300g... and put it under the wifi card where they can't see it. If the green glob is still there when you get it back they didn't replace your board.

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Sorry but im not prone to being paranoid. Simple question without a clear answer. And no i did not expect Apple to supply me with tools to confirm the change in boards. Maybe some developer who might be curious enough to write a script. Your attempt at humour fails miserably but it was enough to waste my time reading your unhelpful reply.



This is not humor, I am dead serious. If you mark the board with conformal coat you will know if they replaced it. I have done it several times with GPU issues I have had to take to Apple to confirm that they actually gave me a new one because they will claim it was a "software issue" and not replace the defective motherboard/GPU chip. But no there is no code or script to tell if your board was replaced.


My apologies ZZZ. Thanks for the advice. My MBPr was at Apple checking for video card issues under an extension program due to a few issues. They assessed it after 5 or more days. They then informed me that it would get a new board which includes expensive stuff even after three years. When I got it back with clean 10.10. Install. It never looked right and now had a couple of different issue but in some ways similar. So I was curious to confirm the fix.

Your suggestion while interesting is a little late. I don't intend on going back to the Genius Bar. But I'm sure very useful for others.

Thanks again.



I would simply check the MAC address. It is also written on the packaging, and the Ethernet controller is soldered on the logic board. So if the MAC address changed, most likely the logic board was changed as a whole.

IIRC, the Intel CPU also holds a unique signing certificate internally, so that could be a thing to look at as well -- but it is probably more complicated than just checking the MAC address.


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