Sixth iteration of Apple iPhone, announced on September 12, 2012. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, requiring screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Black or White.

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I dropped my 64gb iPhone 5 in the ocean

I have the same error at the moment. This is the story for people to learn / pull apart.

4 weeks ago i dropped my 64gb iphone 5 in the ocean pulled it out still on and powered it down.

took it home pulled it apart using the ifixit tools and guide (absolutely awesome ipad app!) (as i was opening it i accidentally turned it on again and turned it back off) cleaned it down with the polypropyl alchol everyone recommends but i could only get 60% at the chemist at the time.

Put it together, no screen only vibration and restart loop.

Brought a new screen and battery. after more stuffing around and a few more tear downs got it running again! Yeah!

it worked for 3 weeks then turned off dead.

I ended up getting the apple restart loops. tryed restoring and dfu mode restores in itunes 2001 error.

Thought it could be the lighting connector etc.

Took it into apple to see if they could force it to restore past the 2001 error. The guy had a look inside and the moisture detector on the motherboard had been tripped (probably me with the cleaning fluid, rookie!) He wasn't to helpful then only showed me there was some corrosion in the lightning connector and suggested I could do an ow replacement for $330. I declined not that desperate yet! had a few more things up my sleeve to try.

I ordered and replaced the lightning ribbon cable etc. had a bit of trouble putting it back together (For those rookies the speaker goes sits under the stainless connector and pcb board, I missed the under the stainless connector near the mic jack initially).

All done! Still getting the 2001 error so I'm guessing the battery might be dodgy or the mainboard might be a bit corroded.

Next steps in this adventure.

1. Going to charge it tonight and tomorrow night test the battery with a multimeter.

2. I have noticed that the battery connector can be disconnected (pops off) with a little pressure at the bottom. Im not sure if this is all the batterys as this is the only one ive done? has anyone noticed that? I remember it happening when i replaced it originally and it was working then so still don't think its a big deal?

3. Ive been researching ultrasonic cleaners and 99% polypropyl alchohol... seems to be the bees nees for cleaning the mainboards if it comes to it....contemplating investing in one.... thoughts?

Thanks hope that helps those DIYers a bit in my predicament!

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I dropped my iPhone 5 in the ocean. It came alive after 2

Days in rice. Then it didn't charge. Found out after awhile there was a rice grain caught in cell Receiver slot. Got that out with a tiny screwdriver I had stashed away. Success! Cell charged and came on. All works except the home button. Q-is there anything I can do to save this phone without buying a new or refurbished one? Thx Surfer chick


Did you rinse the phone with fresh water before putting in rice? Just dropped phone in ocean and put it straight in a bag of rice


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sounds like you did a lot of things right with your water damage repair.

here's the deal though---90% of the iPhone 5 board is under the EMI shields. You'll just be wasting your time doing anything other than desoldering the shields in order to expose the board. Find the corrosion. Clean it, but at this point even magical isopropanol can't reflow solder and replace damaged components. The solution is to hit the corroded spots with a soldering iron and flux to reflow the corroded joints and replace any components that are damaged. No amount of ultrasonic jiggling around can do this for you.

Throw away your water damaged battery and quit messing with trying to charge it etc. Get a new battery.

just my two cents.

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Thanks for the comment. I have replaced the battery (and screen), it worked for 3 weeks, (that's the one I'm going to test tonight).

Have you found the connector for the battery to be a bit uneven? pressure on one side will pop it open while pressure on the other or middle locks it in place?

Thanks for the comment regarding the shields... I've got a cheapish soldering kit so will consider your wisdom when it comes to it!

Are there different levels of soldering kits or will they all work the same? do you have any recommendations? also magnifying glass recommendations....


Looks like its something to do with the new battery I had installed. Must of been faulty. I tested it with a multimeter after charging it for was dead flat.

I put in the old battery which i thought had died... and started charging it..and its restoring!!!! yeah! 2001 error for those with a similar problem :-)


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