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Ipad mini won't turn on? Tried everything?


So, I have an ipad mini. I've had it for six months and it was working fine twelve hours ago. I fell asleep, and when I woke up and tried to turn it on, it didn't. It was plugged in all night because it was on 4% the last time I saw it was working.

I tried replugging it, it didn't work.

I tried using the iphone 5 cord, it didn't work.

I tried pressing the home button and the power button simutaneously, it was still unresponsive.

I tried plugging it into my computer and trying to restore it.. but there's another problem. It won't sync to my computer, so itunes isn't able to read it at all.

Yes, I tried reinstalling itunes and it still remained unresponsive.

Any idea how it can be fixed? If at all?



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we have the same problem. have you fixed it already?

by rhona

I have the exact same problem except my iPad shattered and t was working fine everything was working perfectly after it shattered but then 2 days after I came home from piano and it wasn't turning on at all I tried everything nothing? What is wrong?

by Emma martin

I've tried holding the home and turn off button and still not working

by kieran

I have a first generation iPad which is indestructible and too an iPad mini which I have had for approx 14 months. Yesterday the mini died. I have tried all the recommendations with no resolution. It appears that from the 392 posting s on IFIXIT that surely this has to be a known issue by Apple. I am disappointed that no announcement has been made by Apple to my knowledge . I'll be taking the mini critter into Apple to hear my verdict! Long live the First Generation!

by jamesalfonsomartinez

I have the same problem. I went and put my ipad mini in my room and after one minute I went back in and tried to turn it on but it wouldn't turn on so I put it on charge but it would work and I have tried the power and home button so. What do I do?

by alysha meade

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Looks like this is a common thing. Here are my recommendations to troubleshoot this:

1. Do a hard reset. Hold power and the home button at the same time until the Apple logo appears. If this fixes it, great!

2. Put the iPad in DFU mode. Connect it to your computer, hold down the power button for 5 seconds. While still holding power, hold down the home button for 15 seconds. Once the apple logo appears, release the power button while still holding down the home button. The "Connect to iTunes" screen should appear. iTunes should prompt you to restore, which you should do.

3. If those options do not work, its going to be an internal issue. I would never recommend going to Geek Squad. They don't know anything. Apple will only swap out your device or "upgrade" it for a fee. A good repair shop will be able to fix this. Apple and Best Buy have great stores. They just are not professional repair shops.

4. This one is for repair shops. This is either going to be a bad charging port (likely), a bad battery (not likely if this was abrupt and not a process), or a bad power IC. Connecting the iPad to power and running through the power schematic shouldn't take long at all. There should be an obvious failure at some point. Unless its water damage, in which case you have yourself a nice rabbit hole.

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#2 above, Great tip ! It has worked for me on 2 occasions. For me the computer was on (Siri kept randomly asking me what I said), but the screen was dark.


Mark Anthony

by markahlert

I have had the same problem. #2 fixed mine. I noticed that my iPad mini only has this problem when I have a magnetic case on it while charging. Not sure if it is related but I won't be using that case anymore.

by Eunshil Tustison

I did #2 and I tunes comes up but doesn't ask to restore it just has the icon ! Help

by Stephanie Heeren

Thank you so much.

It was so helpfull i can fix it with your number one solution.

Once again, i thank you so much!

by viktorsanjaya

it helped me just a few minutes ago. Thank you!

by remoreemoh

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mine would not turn on or do anything; I found this answer and it worked for me. "There are a couple of possible causes for this kind of behavior, but in the majority of cases you can solve it by doing a reset. Just hold down the Power button and the Home button simultaneously for 10 seconds. You’ll know it worked when you see the Apple logo." http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/ipad...

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Used mine less than 10 hours ago. This morning wouldn't turn on. No other apple products in the house so we couldn't test our charger.

Did the hard reset and it worked!! Thank you thank you thank you!

All apps and everything still there!

by marie leopardo

Thank you. It worked.

by Dathambi

Thanks alot it worked yesssssss

by Chaudhary Omer Waheed

thank you your a gift!!!!

by abegirlpioroda

Mine is not working it does not have a power button

by winterandemily

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The battery almost never fails in iPad mini. The Power ic fails commonly for no reason--not feasible to repair. But also the charging logic ic, U2 chip, fails---this means the iPad will power on with a new battery, but can't charge. That chip can be replaced.

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I have the same issue with my iPad Air. It stopped respond to the charger. Then, I changed the charging port, and the device started to respond to the charger but it won't start charging. It started to show a flashing (Connect to charger screen) each 2-3 seconds. After that, I tried to press the Home with Power buttons to make a hard reset without luck but after keep pressing the both buttons for about a minute, it stopped showing anything at the screen. It like a dead iPad Air. Yesterday, I charged the battery externally fro about an hour then I tried to turn it on. It turned with 3% battery charging, but it is still doesn't respond to any charger (PC, Wall, itunes). Any suggestion please?

by Ahmed Samir

This is starting to be really common in the iPad Air. I don't think it is a simple as changing the U2 chip. I have a stack of Air's just like that here and I'm knee deep in the schematics trying to figure it out. Post back if you make any progress on this :)

by jessabethany

@jessabethany Have you figured anything out? i bought an iPad air gen 1 that didn't power on thinking i could fix it.

by balegg7

my ipad refuse to on, what can i do

by musicafricamedia

my ipad wont turn on. my power button is broken so how will I turn my ipad on? even though its charging it wont show anything the screen wont open

by triciamaevelasquez

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First have a look inside the dock connector and check for any dirt or other objects and clean them out if there is any

Second I would recommend leaving the iPad mini on a AC wall charger for a few hours and then have another look to see if the iPad is working

Failing all that, its time to send your iPad back to Apple as it will still be covered by the warranty and since you have not damaged it, you will not want to pay out for any repairs

Let me know how you get on and which method leads to success, if you need any more help please ask


Brendan Mills

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Hey it work, press power button and the home button at the same time for 10 seconds, and it came back on! Still don't know why it would not power up!

by Joseph Price

my power button is not working so how will I turn this on?

by triciamaevelasquez

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I went to the apple store and got it exchanged for a new one under warranty.

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Did you pay for the unit they exchanged?

by Janine Dela Vega

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I'm currently having the same issue. It worked fine this morning, and when I tried rebooting it (internet problems), it wouldn't restart. The apple screen keeps coming up, and nothing. We went to Best Buy (Geek Squad) and they couldn't figure it out, but told us to take it home and plug it into our computer and do a restore. Well, iTunes won't recognize my iPad mini, because of 'trust' issues. We're taking to Apple store tomorrow.

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what happens if you try to connect it to iTunes? if nothing happens when you connect it to your computer it is most likely going to be that the battery is dead and needs to be replaced.

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I have the same issue on my mini iPad. Charged it up overnight but zero yesterday. Reboot not making any difference, and trying to charge from computer isn't working either, my mac is not seeing that anything is plugged in. It isn't the charger as both my leads and chargers are working fine on my iPhone. I took it to local Apple store who could test the iPad to see if it was receiving any charge. It wasn't. Also nothing on the iPad can be retrieved (unlike a computer) other than what has already been backed up to your computer. They did say however that even if my warranty has expired I may be entitled to a replacement. This adds to some other comments on the internet which refer to it being a design fault. I will be taking my receipt in on Monday and see what happens...

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I have had tried everything pushing down on the home screen button power button nothing charge it over night nothing I really give someone help me my ipad mini wont work

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help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

by boobies

my ipad mini 4 is brand new and i've only opened it a couple of times...today, after a couple of minutes, it went click click click OFF!...and hasn't come back on since despite trying everything mentioned above except connecting to my macbook...gah!...

by thelma

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