Sixth iteration of Apple iPhone, announced on September 12, 2012. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, requiring screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Black or White.

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iPhone 5 DIY battery replacement, warranty void?

Hello everyone,

I have a black iPhone 5 16 GB CDMA model and it was working fine untill recently. I was charging my phone, and then i moved downstairs so i took my phone plus cable with me. Olugged it in my PC and suddenly it wasn't charging anymore! I took my wall plug and got the same problem so i turned my phone down, i only had 4% left and figured i would be better off with little charge than with no charge at all.

When i plugged my phone in again after powering it down i got the 'charge your phone screen' with the wall plug sign and electricity. The battery on the screen blinked 3 times and then turned black. I looked on the internet and this means that it isn't charging, but apparantly it does recognize the lightning cable. I tried with another cable and with a higher powered iPad wall plug but the same problem occured.

So here comes the problem, i am still under warranty BUT my phone is jailbroken. Normally i wouldn't have any problems with warranty by just doing a restore begore sending it in, however i can't charge my phone and therefore can't perform a restore before i send it in.

So I figured, hey, i just temporarily change the battery, perform a restore (hoping that my computer will recognize the phone, which is actually a second point of interest) and then put the old battery back in to bring it in for warranty. Because i couldn't find any warranty stickers orso in the guides to replace your battery i though that Apple wouldnt be able to notice.

I want to be completely sure though, and thats why my question is 'can Apple tell that i replaced my battery temporarely and will it void my warranty? Or another question, what will happen if i just give my phone jailbroken to them? I am not able to charge it so maybe they're not to and will replace it?

Thanks in advance!

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Okay so i opened the device to remove signs of jailbreak and then went to the apple store, they opened my device and didnt notice anything! As long as you're careful with the components inside the phone you should be O.K. !


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I dropped my iPhone and the case deformed. Replacing the case and battery with care should not leave any trace. Warranty will not be void if they didn't notice. I did not reset the phone. They test the device with a diagnostic software at the Genius Bar. It didn't find out anything either. Finally they take the device to the workshop, opened it up, they said it's ok. So I still have warranty. My answer would be no. You should still get warranty.

My replacement battery had a seal on it. They didn't even bother to check. All they are looking for is obvious damage/missing parts/red LCI.

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Swapping the battery will void Apple Warranty in Theory. How will the Genius or anyone else notice this? They won't be able to. So most likely fine on this. Jailbreaking will void the Apple Warranty in Theory, more risky when you actually bring the iPhone in still Jailbroken. It just depends on if the Genius checks it thoroughly for a Jailbreak, and if they decide they want to enforce the Warranty Violation or not. I have heard of, both, some users being caught, voiding Warranty, and some users the Jailbreak being ignored or not looked for. If you take your chances, then you take your chances.

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In short yes changing your battery will void your warranty, however factory reset your iphone and no one would be any wiser, just make sure that if you open the device to change the battery take a good look at how things are and make sure it goes back exactly as it was and ware gloves so you don't leave finger prints in the inside of the phone .. they don't come from the factory with finger prints inside them :)

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