• Answer to: suddenty turn off and dont turn on

    Try new battery, hopefully it is as simple as that.
  • Answer to: White Screen Of Death

    Typical white screen is fixed with new LCD display. When working on iPhone 3GS you need to make sure it is powered OFF, or you risk damaging the screen or the LCD chips on the logic board.
  • Answer to: I want to unlock my I-phone 4S

    You need to contact the cell phone carrier that the iPhone was originally built for and ask them to unlock it for other carriers. If it was an ATT iPhone 4S you must contact ATT. Since it was given to you, if there are any issues, the previous owner can easily contact the original carrier and unlock it for you.
  • Answer to: Screen blank after dropped. Periodically vibrates when charging.

    Disconnect battery for a few moments and then reconnect it. Then try to restart the iPhone. If still problem, you may need new front screen assembly.
  • Answer to: Why iPhone is not connecting to computer?

    If screen is stuck on Apple Logo, you need to Restore iPhone with iTunes on computer in DFU Mode. It must be real DFU Mode Restore. If screen shows connect to iTunes, you need working SIM card or old disabled SIM card with computer having WiFi connection to activate the iPhone.
  • Answer to: So, Why is my iPhone 5C not turning on?

    Take to repair place and have them open the iPhone and simply disconnect the battery for a minute, then reconnect it. After this you may need to charge the iPhone. See if this helps. If not you may need a new front screen.
  • Answer to: My phone won't turn on

    Open iPhone and carefully disconnect battery for a minute. Then reconnect battery. To turn ON, connect to charger or computer. If still problem, consider replacing battery.
  • Answer to: Screen ribbon connector broken during reassemble

    I agree with Brian. The torn cable you describe, seems to be the digitizer flex cable. The power wires are part of the LCD flex cable.
  • Answer to: My iPhone does'n on

    Connect iPhone to power, with Wall Charger and USB cable. Let it charge for 10 minutes. It may turn ON itself. If still not, keep connected to charger, and Reset, hold both home and power buttons for at least 20 seconds until the iPhone begins to respond.
  • Answer to: Why wont the LCD cable stay in?

    Remove the rubber bumper from the top of logic board, it may not be installed correctly. Fold the flex cable properly, many have the dotted lines where it should be folded.