• Answer to: Continual restart after battery change

    OP said, "I'm pretty sure its something with the battery, or the replacement process...I reinstalled the old battery and it started working fine again, but I'm back to having a phone that holds no charge." Get another definite iPhone 4S battery and install it.
  • Answer to: Lines across bottom of screen

    Original iPhone front screen replacement is among the most difficult iPhone repairs there is. Watch a few youtube videos to see the process. Unless you have extreme skill, you will not even be able to open this iPhone without permanent damage to the iPhone case. In the future, if the battery eventually fails, battery replacement is much easier, but again, a very difficult process. The Original iPhone is not a repair friendly iPhone.
  • Answer to: My aux plug in seems out of reach?

    Clean out the headphone jack port, possible some lint or fuzz ball is stuck down in there.
  • Answer to: Wont turn on anymore

    Yep, time for a new front screen, LCD and Digitizer. Since your home button is not perfect, get a new entire front screen assembly with all the parts, including a new home button.
  • Answer to: On IOS 8.3 cell Boots everytime I connect the power adapter

    Restore the iPhone with iTunes on your computer. Updates can sometimes cause problems.
  • Answer to: People cant hear me when I put on loudspeaker

    Blow out (very well) the top pin hole, top microphone port, it is next to the Headphone Jack port. See if this helps. If not, take a small straightened staple and clean out this pin hole.
  • Answer to: Why is my flashlight not turning off even with the battery dead

    Restore iPhone with iTunes on computer. If still problem, replace main back camera.
  • Answer to: Recover lost audio files data from last one year

    If the files are in your iCloud account or iTunes on your computer you can easily recover from there. If not in one of those places, they are gone.
  • Answer to: What is this part called?

    The torn, damaged part is the Flex cable of front camera and sensor cable.
  • Answer to: I have a iPhone 5 and go to remove battery

    You have separated the front screen, which is basically bad. If you get everything working eventually, this will have to be repaired with adhesive, to reattach the screen. To get the front screen plate off, take a very thin sharp blade and insert tip down about half mm between frame and the screen plate just above the headphone jack port, and pry the screen frame up, being careful not to damage either component. Hopefully you remembered to remove the two pentalobe screws at the dock at the start.