• Answer to: I dropped my phone, now I can't make calls. Why?

    Try each of these one at a time to see if you can make a call. Take straightened paper clip, remove SIM Tray, replace SIM Tray. Open Settings App and toggle OFF and ON Airplane Mode, leaving it OFF. Reset, hold both Home and Power buttons for about 10 seconds until the iPhone begins to restart itself. Open Settings App > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  • Answer to: How to determine the exact issue behind power button malfunctionning?

    While both can be complex issues, the most common fault for both is faulty internal button, the flex button. The fix for the home button then would be replacement of the home button flex cable which you need to remove the front screen. While the front screen is off repair the power button. I would just replace the top portion of the internal button, it is just a sticker with the top metal half of the button and the small important nub which aids in making the button click and work. Most others would just recommend replacement of the entire flex cable. But I just fix the button itself in my repairs.
  • Answer to: Having somewhat intermittant loss of sounds. Is it fixable?

    Clean the iPhone charging port very well with isopropyl alcohol and a clean toothbrush. See if this fixes it. If not, consider replacing the iPhone charging port with flex cable, it contains the lower mic and the home button flex connector, all a single part.
  • Answer to: fogoten passcode how can I reset phone

    Put iPhone into Restore Mode and connect to iTunes and Restore iPhone. Turn iPhone OFF, open iTunes on computer, hold iPhone home button while connecting iPhone to USB port of computer, keep holding Home Button until iPhone is recognized in Restore Mode. Restore iPhone.
  • Answer to: Can you reuse the iPhone 4S power cables?

    Yes. iPhone flex cables are inexpensive. But even new ones can be faulty. Original parts are best. If it is intact and not damaged, original parts are best. It will even be prefolded which will make things a bit easier.
  • Answer to: Difficulty pryig battery from phone

    Pry only at the lower frame side of the battery. Do not pry from the logic board side ever, unless you want to damage logic board. Do not pry from upper frame side, because the volume and vibrate/mute buttons are there. Also the under the upper battery there are flex cables. As you have found, the plastic tool you have is useless. Get a wide thin metal tool, like the non-blade side of a razor blade. Put it between the battery and the lower side of the iPhone frame and carefully and slowly pry the battery up. Do not go near logic board, buttons, or cables.
  • Answer to: iPhone shut down when it reaches 48% charge

    Sure seems like it. Replace battery.
  • Answer to: iPhone 4s hangs a lot every time and needs switched off

    Backup your iPhone to iCloud. Then restore iPhone with iTunes on computer, when asked, allow iTunes to backup your iPhone so you can get your data back.
  • Answer to: iPhone 5 won't respond after water damage, teardown & screen replace

    Check your work, maybe flex cables are not perfectly attached to motherboard connectors. Liquid damage, may have been completed by trying to fix the iPhone at this late date. (Liquid damage makes solder joints very fragile). Maybe battery finally failed. Disconnect battery and connect iPhone to power, you should get minimal response from iPhone at least, if battery problem.
  • Answer to: iPhone 4S motherboard went out

    No. Unless the pictures were saved to iCloud. Otherwise the pictures go with the motherboard.