iPhone 7/7 Plus Home button troubleshooting

Home button trouble shooting when stuck at the "Hello" welcome screen after a factory reset with a broken or unresponsive Home button.

If you've broken your screen and had a screen replacement, cracked and broken the home button, or simply find it unresponsive, and are now forced to use the accessibility button, you may try a factory reset to try and fix your problem, only to find the Home button is still unresponsive, locking you out of your phone to the "Hello" welcome screen. Not to worry, there is a work around. What you can do is physically open the phone as if you where installing a new display, and unplug the "Home" button from the tether where it attaches the tether under the shield plate, then turn the phone back on while the "Home" button is still unplugged. It causes the screen to continue to the next setup screen upon reboot, instead of the original "Hello" welcome screen. From there go to General settings in the Settings, and turn on the "Accessibility" button, then turn off the phone, reconnect the "Home" button onto the board, and close the phone back up for use. Once the phone is back together, it can be switched back on like normal, with the "Accessibility" button on screen to open the phone as the Home button.

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Does not works as mentioned above.

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