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Hamilton Beach 70740 Troubleshooting

The Hamilton Beach 70740 two speed, 8 cup food processor released in 2010.

Processor Does Not Turn On ¶ 

The food processor is switched to ON but there is no power.

Food Processor is NOT Plugged In ¶ 

Confirm that the processor is plugged into the outlet and outlet has power.

Bowl and Lid NOT Locked in Place ¶ 

Check to see that the bowl and lid are locked in place by setting the bowl into the preset slots with the handle facing the right side of the processor. Then rotate the bowl clockwise until locked. If not the processor will not run.

Damaged Power Cord ¶ 

If processor is plugged into a working outlet and bowl is locked into place but the unit is still not working, then the power cord may need to be replaced. Inspect the cord for any damages and if replacement is needed consult the replacement guidefor the power cord.

Damaged Motor ¶ 

If the above does NOT apply and the processor is still not working, then the motor may be damaged. To replace the motor follow the replacement guide.

Blade does NOT Cut Well ¶ 

The blade is not effectively chopping food.

Blade is Dull ¶ 

If the blade is dull there are two possible solutions. One is to sharpen the blade using a sharpening tool, however if you do not have access to a sharpening device simply replace the old blade.

Blades are NOT Spinning ¶ 

The blades are not spinning even though the processor is running.

Blade Not Locked in ¶ 

The blade may NOT be spinning if it is NOT securely locked onto the main shaft of the processor. Make sure it is locked before turning the processor on.

Food Build Up ¶ 

The blade may begin to slow down or completely stop. If this occurs clean out bowl and clean off blade thoroughly. Also use smaller portions of food in the food processor to help prevent any build up.

Damaged Gears ¶ 

The blades may not be spinning because the gears that run the shaft have been broken or stripped. If the motor can be heard running but the blades are not spinning then the gears may need to be replaced. If this is the case please consult the replacement guide for gears.

Damaged Motor ¶ 

The blades may not be spinning because the motor is damaged. If the processor is plugged in correctly and the motor is not making any noise or spinning the blades properly then the motor may need to be replaced. If this is the case follow the steps in the replacement guide.

Buttons Not Working ¶ 

Switch is unresponsive.

Device Power ¶ 

Make sure that the processor is plugged correctly into a working outlet.

Damaged Switch ¶ 

If the processor's switch is unresponsive in one or multiple modes then the switch may be bad and need to be replaced. Follow the replacement guidefor the processors switch. It is helpful to keep this area free of liquids and food to prevent it from going bad.

Hamilton Beach Parts ¶ 

Where can Hamilton Beach parts be purchased?

Hamilton Beach Home Page ¶ 

The Hamilton Beach website sells most of the parts to their products, but if a specific component cannot be found on their website consider looking in a local appliance store that may have the part you need.


The bowl is locked in and won’t unlock so I cannot reove it. What can I do?

Brenda - Reply

The bowl on my food processor is locked down. I can't get it unlocked to take it off to wash it. What should I do?

Brenda - Reply

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